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AmberSky Gdańsk observation wheel

A visit to Gdańsk is not only a journey through its rich history and picturesque streets, but also an opportunity to experience the city from a completely new perspective. The Ambersky observation wheel, rising above Ołowianka, offers not only unforgettable views, but also an interesting history.

Since its opening, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions, attracting those who want to see Gdańsk from above and admire the panorama of the city and the Bay of Gdańsk in all its glory.

The design of the Ambersky observation wheel was inspired by the desire to add a modern accent to the city's historic landscape, while creating a point from which you can admire its unique architecture from a completely new perspective.

The structure, whose name refers to the rich history of amber in the region, quickly became a symbol of modern Gdańsk, connecting the past with the future.

Observation wheel on Ołowianka Island in Gdańsk

What you will see using the AmberSky observation wheel

By boarding one of the air-conditioned gondolas of the Ambersky observation wheel, get ready for a unique journey over the roofs of the old town of Gdańsk. From a height of over 50 meters, a panoramic view of the city opens up, which is breathtaking and allows you to see details invisible from the street level.

From above you can admire the historic architecture of Gdańsk, including the famous Crane against the Motława River, Granary Island and the picturesque moraine hills located further away.

The view also extends to the modern parts of the city and former shipyard areas, showing the dynamic development of Gdańsk, including facilities such as the European Solidarity Center or the Polsat Plus Arena Gdańsk Stadium, which resembles the amber structure.

In turn, looking towards the Bay of Gdańsk, you can see ships and yachts passing by, adding a maritime accent to this unforgettable landscape.

Be sure to visit the Ambersky observation wheel at different times of the day to experience how the skyline of Gdańsk changes at dawn, noon and dusk. Each time of day offers a unique experience and perspective, from the golden hues of sunrise to the romantic hues of sunset, painting the city anew.

Why is it worth visiting the Ferris Wheel on Ołowianka?

The Ambersky observation wheel in Gdańsk is not only a tourist attraction. It's an opportunity to experience the city from a completely different perspective and discover its charm from a height without the tiring climb of stairs. Why is it worth adding this place to your sightseeing plan?

A unique perspective, the Ambersky Ferris wheel offers views that no other attraction in Gdańsk Główny can provide. It's a chance to see the city's well-known and beloved corners and its hidden gems from above, which is an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Accessibility for everyone, regardless of whether you are a resident of Gdańsk or a tourist, the observation wheel is an attraction that everyone will like. Children will be delighted with the opportunity to see the city from above, and adults will appreciate the picturesque views and the opportunity to take unique photos.

Undoubtedly educational, by visiting the observation wheel you can not only admire the views, but also learn more about the history and architecture of Gdańsk. This is a great opportunity to combine entertainment with education and get to know the city better.

A perfect idea for a romantic evening. For those looking for a romantic atmosphere, the observation wheel offers special night rides. Admiring Gdańsk illuminated at night from a gondola is a perfect option for spending a special evening for two.

You see for yourself, the Ambersky observation wheel is a place that connects people through shared experiences and views that remain in the memory for a long time. Regardless of whether you are looking for a new perspective on already known places or want to make your loved ones happy, Ambersky is a place worth visiting during every visit to Gdańsk.

Tickets and Directions: How to Plan a Visit to AmberSky Gdańsk

Planning your visit requires knowing some important information that will make your experience as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

Getting to Ambersky shouldn't be a problem thanks to its central location on Ołowianka Island. For those who prefer public transport, Gdańsk offers an extensive tram and bus network that allows you to easily reach the Observation Wheel from various parts of the city. Applications such as Google Maps or can help you plan your route and indicate the nearest stops and the estimated travel time.

For those traveling in their own car, it is important to check parking options in the area. Even though there may not be a large number of parking spaces directly at the attraction, nearby parking lots, such as on Nowe Ogrody Street, may have free spaces, just a few minutes' walk to the attraction. Just remember that there is a downtown paid parking zone here.

Moreover, for people who value ecological methods of transport, Gdańsk also provides Mevo city bike stations, which are a convenient way to reach the observation wheel while enjoying the charms of the city.

I won't even mention the countless taxis circulating throughout the city.

AmberSky Gdańsk price list:

  • Normal ticket – PLN 37

  • Reduced ticket (children up to 1.40 m tall) – PLN 27

  • Free ticket – for children up to 3 years old

  • VIP cabin rental – PLN 350 (30-minute journey)

  • VIP PLUS cabin rental – PLN 400 (30-minute journey + bottle of Proseco)

  • People with disabilities – PLN 27

  • Caregiver for people with disabilities – PLN 27

  • Student Mondays – PLN 27 * (Offer valid during the academic year)

  • ULG School Offer (up to 5th grade) – PLN 22 ** (Offer for groups of at least 20 people)

  • NOR School Offer (from 5th grade) – PLN 32 ** (Offer for groups of at least 20 people)

  • Group – PLN 32 ** (Offer for groups of at least 20 people)

  • Normal Plus – PLN 49

  • Standard for 6 people – PLN 300

  • Standard for 6 people PLUS – PLN 350


  • With the Gdańsk Large Family Card - 10% of the ticket price

  • With a Tourist Card - 10% of the ticket price

This detailed information will help you better plan your visit and budget. Remember that you can further reduce the cost of your adventure by taking advantage of the various discounts available.



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