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Discos in Gdańsk - where to go for an unforgettable party?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Gdańsk is a city full of history, culture and charm. This is a place where you can admire monuments, museums, sunbathe on the beach or go out for a day's shopping. It is a city that is alive and full of energy around the clock. And also a city that knows how to have fun. Recently, in my opinion, Gdańsk outclassed Sopot in terms of nightlife.

You no longer have to go to Monciak to dance and have fun until dawn. In Gdańsk you will find discos for every taste and climate. From big and loud clubs, through alternative and original places, as well as cool pubs and restaurants with locally brewed beer.

In this article I will present you the best discos in Gdańsk that are worth visiting. You'll find out where to go, what they're playing, what the prices are, and what to do before and after the party. I invite you for an unforgettable journey through the discos in Gdańsk!

The interior of the Wolność disco in Gdańsk

List of the most important clubs and discos on the map of Gdańsk

Below I will present you a short list of the most important places on the club map of Gdańsk. As you can see, despite the fact that I have listed only the most important discos in my opinion, there are quite a lot of them.

Most of the places are within a few minutes walk from the most important hotels and apartments in the old town.

Old Town - clubbing between tenement houses in the heart of Gdańsk

  • Parliament Club - a three-story nightclub in the Old Town, offering variety of music and performances by famous bands and artists. During the week there are often live music concerts, cultural events and cabaret performances.

  • City of Angels - a music club at Chmielna Street, which is headed by to a more mature audience and provides an elegant atmosphere and high-quality drinks. The selection in this club is quite rigorous, thanks to which this place has been appreciated by regulars for years.

  • SASSY - a new music club at Chmielna Street, on the top floors , which combines a café and a concert hall. It organizes many interesting events, concerts with live music and stand-up performances. The club promotes itself as a premium place, the prices are high and the selection is very rigorous. The level of club events here is also at the highest level.

  • Tkacka Music Club - a modern music club at Tkacka Street, which specializes in electronic music and invites DJs from Poland and abroad.

  • Gorzko Gorzko - a music club at Korzenna Street that organizes discos in a wedding atmosphere. The fun is led by the leader, and there is no shortage of typical group games and snacks. A specific atmosphere like from a traditional Polish wedding, some Polish hits, some RnB and some Disko Polo.

  • Klub Bunkier - a club gallery in a former shelter from 1941, which offers five floors of culture and entertainment, two bars, two concert and event halls, a gallery and a pub. A nice facility in an interesting atmosphere, the offer is directed rather to a younger audience, but definitely worth seeing.

Sassy club in Gdańsk at Chmielna Street

Gdańsk Shipyard and its immediate surroundings - A bit of industrial atmosphere

  • 100cznia - a place in the Gdańsk Shipyard that offers industrial interiors , several dance floors and a variety of music from rock to techno. It's not really a club, but a party cluster in an industrial post-shipyard atmosphere.

  • Centrum Stocznia Gdańska - culture and art center in the area of the Gdańsk Shipyard which offers exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops and events.

  • B90 - a music club in the Gdańsk Shipyard, which offers an unusual scenery of historic cranes, ramps and industrial facilities. It organizes many concerts of famous bands and artists.

  • Klub Wolność - a music club near the Gdańsk Zielonka skyscraper, which offers modern interior, great acoustics and a variety of music from rock to hip-hop.

View of the interior of the 100cznia club in Gdańsk in the former shipyard area

Gdańsk Wrzeszcz - a bit of student atmosphere

  • Klub Kwadratowa - the academic club of the Gdańsk University of Technology at Narutowicza Street, which organizes many cultural events, concerts, cabarets and theme parties. One of the oldest and longest continuously operating student clubs in this part of the city.

  • Stary Maneż - a music club at Słowackiego Street, which is located in the historic building of the former stable. It offers delicious food, excellent locally brewed beer, an extensive menu and many concerts by famous artists.

  • Clockwork Orange - student club of the Gdańsk University of Technology at Traugutta Street, which renewed in 2017. It offers cheap beer, good music and a nice atmosphere.

Dance floor in the Kwadratowa club near the Gdańsk University of Technology


As you can see, the offer is really super rich. Parties usually last until about 4-5 am, but sometimes it can happen that until dawn. Most of these places are located in the Old Town and the main city, within a few minutes walk or literally 5 minutes by taxi.

Entrance to the Bunkier club in Gdańsk

Now you know that you don't have to go to Sopot to have fun. See you at the bar.



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