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How to choose the best taxi in Gdansk

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

As passengers, we usually choose a taxi company at random, choosing the first number found on the Internet or on leaflets. This is often not the best idea and we shouldn't leave such an important decision to chance - especially if we travel long distances or do it often.

So how to choose the best taxi company and travel comfortably, safely and financially? You can read about all this below.

Lampy Taxi na świecące na dachach taksówek
Taxi Gdańsk

Reputation and opinions

First of all, if we want to choose a good taxi corporation, the first step is to check the opinions and reputation of individual companies. Why do you check store reviews and equipment tests and reviews when you buy a new TV? And when it comes to your safety while traveling, don't you do it too?

The company's reputation is one of the best indicators of whether we will be satisfied with taxi services. On the taxi market, especially in large cities, there are many corporations that operate in different ways. Their activities can be radically different in many respects.

It is therefore worth reading the opinions of other people who have already had the opportunity to travel with a given transport company before choosing a taxi company.

Knowing that the internet is a good place to abuse and add fake reviews, we should check the reviews of taxi companies in various independent places. These can be Google maps, internet forums, company ranking on groups on Facebook or local pages and comments on blogs or YouTube. Thanks to this, we will form an opinion about the taxi company based on many opinions, and we will also be able to verify whether these opinions are credible.

We should pay special attention to the strengths and weaknesses of taxi companies that appear in the opinions. If some issues are raised many times by a large group of independent people, they can indeed exist and be a plus and minus for a given taxi company.

The quality of the taxi service

Another important element when choosing a taxi corporation is also the quality of the service. When using a taxi in Gdańsk, we most often want to drive comfortable, convenient and safe cars that will take us safely to our destination.

It is important that the driver is experienced and knows the city and not just mindlessly relying on navigation. Many people, when the transport applications entered the market, predicted the imminent end of the taxi as we know it.

Meanwhile, yes, companies outdoing each other for the lowest price began to fall like flies, unable to withstand the competition of Uber or Bolt. However, as practice has shown, inexperienced drivers "tz. innovative companies”, often just learning to drive a car, do not find themselves in the city as soon as the navigation starts to fail.

What's worse, their blind faith in the fact that Google Map certainly leads well led to situations in which you met such a delinquent driving against the current, or along the promenade.

We taxi drivers also use Google navigation. Personally, I often turn on Maps even when I am moving in a straight line between Gdańsk and Sopot, the only difference is that I know exactly where I am going, Google only tells me where I can expect traffic difficulties, thanks to which my service is better.

Another point is that different taxi corporations approach the condition of their fleet in different ways, and the culture, hygiene and quality of the drivers they represent. Some corporations may even require maintaining a certain level of "White shirts, sometimes a suit, tie, cars regularly inspected by an audit committee" or a quality standard.

And others, on the contrary, do not have any requirements for taxi drivers who want to work in a given corporation.

So how can we check the quality of services provided by taxi corporations?

First of all, we can check their websites, social media profiles, and search for independent photos about a given taxi company on the Internet. This alone will show us what cars are in the fleet of a given taxi company and how comfortable we will travel.

We can also take a closer look at taxis at stops or when they will come next to us. Based on such observations, we can come to interesting conclusions about the condition of the drivers' vehicles.

“Once, during a conversation with one of my colleagues, I heard opinions that this is not the case at all. Because, for example, if the company is very large, when it has 200,300-400 drivers, there will always be a black sheep.”

The truth is, dear friends, that I do. The more drivers work in a given company, the statistically more often you will come across someone who is not professional. This is everywhere, not just in taxis. But this is not an argument for taking this state of affairs for granted.

In large companies there must be a large number of so-called functionaries. More simply, it is important that a large number of employees are responsible for maintaining quality. The President/Owner is not able to check each driver separately when there are more than 200 of them.

In a well-managed and well-organized company, the black sheep are caught by the structures responsible for this within the company. And even if an employee has a bad day, in a good company the passenger knows perfectly well that one call to the head office is enough to put the driver in order. In a good taxi company, he is encouraged to do so, because only such actions on the part of passengers are able to bring the taxi company to the top.

So if someone ever tells you that it was bad because statistics. Then answer him that if it were so, then, for example, statistically, every Apple phone would be defective. After all, millions of devices and inexorable statistics.

However, by far the best idea to assess the quality of services provided by taxi corporations is to personally test specific corporations. Therefore, if we choose the most promising ones, we can travel with them and evaluate the quality of the services provided.

After using the services of a given taxi company several times, we will be able to point out the shortcomings, shortcomings or weaknesses, as well as the travel time, pluses or other elements that are important to us.

I recommend this form of testing, especially before signing a long-term contract for the provision of services. If we travel privately and there is a shortcoming, let's say you can ignore it. Everything has to be perfect when it comes to transporting your strategic client.

Szofer w taksówce siedzący za kierownicą
Doświadczony kierowca jest najważniejszy

Taxi price

The price is also important when choosing a taxi agency. It is often decisive for many people, and although it should not be, we can also be guided by it - once we have initially selected several taxi agencies that meet our requirements.

At this point, not knowing which agency to choose, we can bet on the one that offers the best rides on a given route.

And in my opinion, when we talk about "price", we should really talk about value for money.

Not every passenger needs a black, several-year-old Mercedes, just to drive, for example, to the store or to the university. A fleet consisting only of hybrid cars will not be an argument for everyone. The most important thing is that the price should be adequate to the quality of the proposed service and at the same time be within your budget.

As it happens in life, the cheapest is not always the worst and the most expensive is the best. Often it is the companies in the middle of the pack that offer the best price-quality ratio. This is for many reasons. One of them is that they have the competition of the cheapest companies on their backs, and at the same time they have to fight for the client who is occupied by these large but expensive corporations.

Privately, as a small business owner, I would also like to draw your attention to companies like mine. Having several vehicles and a few trusted drivers in their fleet. Of course, we will never be perfect for everyone. In large cities such as Gdańsk, the number of vehicles in the fleet will also often put us in a losing position in competition with huge companies.

Small companies, on the other hand, have other Aces up their sleeve. With 5.10-20 drivers in the fleet as the owner, you are able to personally oversee the quality of almost every trip. The introduction of a solution that will improve quality often takes hours, and not weeks or months of discussion as in large companies.

Small companies such as mine are able to customize the offer for almost each client individually. For such companies, each client is at a premium, which can be seen from the first contact. Sometimes it's worth giving a chance to small family businesses. Based on my example, I can say that it often ends up in constant cooperation for several years.

When it comes to pricing, there is no one specific factor. The taxi price list consists of several elements. First of all, it is the initial fee for entering the taxi, as well as four fees in different zones at different times of the day.

Companies also have their own individual strategies when it comes to applying tariffs and zones. The fact that a taxi driver has the right to include a return fare as soon as he crosses the administrative borders of Gdańsk does not mean that every company allows it in its internal regulations.

In the Tri-City, the offer for agglomeration journeys in one tariff zone is slowly becoming a standard. Some companies also have a special offer for passengers from outside the agglomeration, living on the outskirts, e.g. in Banina, Bojana, Kowale or even Tczew.

This means that some taxi corporations can transport customers around the city cheaper during the day, others at night, and others over longer distances. It is therefore worth considering for what purposes we most often use taxis and check the price list in this respect.

Often, by the way, it will turn out that the company offers flat-rate prices on some routes, known in advance when placing the order.

Many corporations also have loyalty cards, seasonal promotions, or recently promotions for passengers using orders through the company's application.

Corporate size and additional services

When we initially check various taxi corporations to choose the best one, it is also worth paying attention to the size of the corporation and the additional services it provides. Although, as I mentioned earlier, it should not be decisive when choosing a given corporation and it is not the most important factor.

However, in the case of orders "for now", in rush hours, when we have several taxi corporations pre-selected, this may be useful information.

It is definitely worth choosing the largest and most numerous taxi corporations in the first place. Thanks to this, we gain greater predictability and shorter time of ordering a taxi. Even with a high demand for taxis at specific times of the day or on specific days of the year, e.g. holidays, the taxi corporation will still have a certain number of free taxis that will be able to come from further parts of the city.

If we use the services of a small corporation, all taxis may be busy and we will have to wait longer for the order.

From the back, it looks like that in small companies, we adjust the fleet to the needs of our regular customers, and to the working conditions in which we specialize. Occasionally, the number of customers exceeds the number of available drivers. In addition, the customer who has a contract with us will always be served as a priority. The result is that on New Year's Eve or on holidays there may be a shortage of free drivers for a client from the city. With good organization of work, even a micro-company is able to cope with such a situation, it is enough to have contracts with good partners.

Sometimes, after accepting the order, I transferred the client to a friendly company without earning a penny, just to make the passenger happy.

It is worth checking corporations in such difficult moments, most often it is then that we will see who is serious about this business and who is just pretending.

What are the additional services at Taxi Gdańsk?

When choosing our favorite taxi corporation in Gdańsk, which we will use for a long time, it is also worth checking the additional services offered by a given transport company.

  • They may concern special cars for the transport of disabled people, larger 6-8 passenger cars that can travel a large number of people or premium cars that provide higher travel comfort.

  • Additional taxi services also include purchases on request, which can be extremely helpful when we are sick or we are pressed for time and we cannot leave the house. Some taxi corporations also provide basic roadside assistance in the form of delivering fuel or a new battery, as well as "firing with cables". This can be beneficial if you have a car and use taxis occasionally. In such a situation, it is also worth having a good taxi corporation saved in the phone, which will save us in the event of unforeseen events.

  • Many taxi companies also offer "taxi courier services", it is a very nice service when you need, for example, to deliver a product to your client urgently and you cannot do it yourself at the moment. It is also a great option when you need to deliver an important contract to the client for him to sign it and return it to you in the original on the same day.

  • VIP Taxi companies almost always offer additional services in the field of handling weddings and transporting newlyweds. This is a great option, if only because on one invoice you will get a service for a young couple to travel in a luxury limousine between the chapel and the wedding hall. And at night, the same company will handle the transportation of your wedding guests.

  • There are also companies that specialize in a certain industry, this applies mainly to smaller companies, although it is not a rule. For example, many smaller companies specialize in airport transfers. Here I will add from myself that no large corporation will perform an airport transfer or hotel transfer as well as a company that has been specializing in it for years.

  • Some companies specializing in handling a certain category of passengers "such as the carriage of seafarers".

  • Finally, it is worth noting that not every company has a taxi service for pets. Here, the most difficult is when it comes to the transport of a large dog. While often small animals transported by the guardian in special transporters are not a problem, a 30-40 kg dog is a challenge.

Lampa taxi na dachu taksówki
Zadowolenie pasażera jest najważniejsze

Ranking - Top 10 Taxi Gdansk

To make your decision easier, I decided to create a "subjective" ranking of the best taxi companies in Gdansk.

Here you will find out what are the pros and cons of the largest taxi corporations operating in Gdańsk. This is my subjective ranking of companies, I created it based on my experience and thoughts as a driver and as a passenger.

As a rule, I include only large corporations with an established position in it. As I mentioned, certainly not one small company will provide you with a better service, better suited to your needs, I know it because I run one of such companies myself.

Unfortunately, the assessment of small companies due to their specificity is not so simple, and moreover, there has been a lot of turmoil on the market recently, which would make the ranking literally consist of several entities.

Evaluation criteria

In the ranking I include companies with a minimum of 30-50 cars.

The company must be on the market for at least 5 years, must have the ability to traditionally order a ride by phone to the dispatcher.

Due to the many abuses committed by the drivers of the so-called innovative corporations, I do not include similar trips in the ranking.

By ordering a ride with any of the companies included in this ranking, you can be sure that they meet safety and legal standards.

Top 10 Taxi Gdansk

  1. City Plus Neptyn

  2. Hello Taxi Gdansk

  3. City Drivers

  4. EcoCar Tricity

  5. SuperHello

  6. iTaxi

  7. Ace Taxi

  8. OptiTaxi

  9. Dayan

  10. Comfort

1. City Plus Neptyn 19-686


In my opinion, currently the best taxi corporation operating on the Gdańsk market. It is no accident that they practically dominated hotel transfer services in Gdańsk.

Neptun Taxi has exclusive contracts with the largest and most important hotels in Gdańsk. For years, it has been the official taxi at the airport. Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk Rębiechowo. City Plus Neptun is a company that has been operating for decades and has its roots in the early 1990s

They speak in favor of Neptune

  • A large number of 6-7 passenger cars

  • Lots of station wagons

  • It is currently one of the largest corporations, thanks to which the waiting time for a car is decent even during peak hours

  • The fleet consists of quite young cars, mostly of the middle and upper classes

  • They have a VIP service

  • They use flat rates on major routes

  • Very experienced drivers with a very good knowledge of the Tri-City

  • Well-functioning corporate discipline

  • The Taxi application is promoted through significant discounts on orders

2. Hello Taxi Gdańsk 19-666


Another so-called The old corporation in Gdańsk is Hallo Taxi Gdańsk, known in the environment as sixes because of the characteristic telephone number for the switchboard.

Just as Neptun Taxi focused on serving tourists and hotel guests, Hallo Taxi is strong in serving business customers. The company has several key partners, moreover, it works quite well in Tczew.

Until recently, Hallo Taxi, together with Super Hallo Taxi, rented a stop in front of the Main Railway Station in Gdańsk at ul. Podwale Grodzkie. Unfortunately, due to the never-ending renovation of the station, we have already forgotten about it.

In favor of Hallo Taxi they speak

  • Good quality cars of the middle and upper class

  • Lots of station wagons

  • Still, despite many turbulences on the market, a large number of drivers, thanks to which the waiting time for a taxi is decent

  • Flat rates on the most popular routes

  • For customers who value low-cost travel, the Hallo Lite service

  • Taxi app with big discounts

  • High quality of service and high discipline in the company

3. City Drivers 881 344 886


A company originating from the gray zone of night, ridiculously cheap, like taxis for students and Sopot party people. Today it is a full-fledged mature corporation with a large number of satisfied customers. The advantage of the company has always been the price.

In favor of City Drivers they speak

  • Price - Quality ratio, undoubtedly one of the best low-cost companies in Gdansk

  • A large number of drivers, so waiting for a vehicle during peak hours is acceptable

  • For a low-cost company, they have quite a lot of Kombi vehicles and larger sedans

  • The fleet of vehicles, although not the newest, looks at a decent level

  • taxi app

4. EcoCar 123456789


In the environment, we call them "peas" due to the characteristic green veneer.

Quite an interesting alternative thanks to its own fleet of low-emission taxis, in Eco Car the driver is an employee and the company is the owner of the vehicles. Thanks to this solution, the car fleet is very young as for Polish conditions and, moreover, they are almost identical cars.

Unfortunately, the company got a lot of breath during the pandemic and almost disappeared from the market.

They speak in favor of Eco Car

  • Unified fleet of new cars

  • A company that promotes ecology

  • The easiest phone number to remember

  • Pretty well thought out Taxi app that works in many cities.

5. Super Hallo 19-191


It's sad to write this, but another company that will sooner or later disappear from the Tri-City market.

And Super Hallo Gdańsk is still one of the most recognizable brands in the industry, not so long ago a quite good alternative to Neptune or "Okrągły" Hallo. Today, everyone is surprised how it is that this company is still functioning, since we have organized its premature funeral more than once.

It's a real pity, SuperHallo has always been a good company with a good base of hotel and business clients.

6. iTaxi 737 737 373


Polish Taxi application currently operating in most major cities. For a good few years, the "former Mytaxi", known mainly by Varsovians, has been competing in Free Now almost on an equal footing, because for years it was clear that the capital city was the most important for this company.

The corporation has been operating in the Tri-City for several years, but until recently it was practically unnoticeable, since Mytaxi entered the market it was practically marginalized.

Currently, iTaxi is experiencing its second youth in Gdańsk. Just a few days ago, it finalized the acquisition of one of the most recognizable companies, As Taxi, and a year ago Taxi Komfort.

Unfortunately, the company of its time followed in the footsteps of its biggest competitor "Free Now", and started a large-scale cooperation with the so-called. cooperatives employing drivers on a large scale, sometimes from very exotic destinations without the slightest verification.

Placing a company in this ranking is a proof of recognition and a bit of encouragement in exchange for recent actions aimed at putting its structure in order. I hope that the company will go further in the right direction and return to its roots as an application for taxi drivers and not for leftovers.

No less, it is worth appreciating the efforts of iTaxi, in my opinion, in the near future it will be a fully deserved competitor on the Tri-City market, beating on an equal footing with the "old" corporations.

They speak in favor of iTaxi

  • A good taxi app for ordering rides

  • An offer of rides with a price set when ordering

  • Attractive prices

  • Quite a good quality fleet of cars, "I only judge cars branded with company veneers"

  • A good offer of cooperation with business, basically the only company in the "Taxi for Applications" category that can handle business orders.


Unfortunately, placing a company in this category in the ranking condemns iTaxi to almost being eaten by old eaters.

Due to the focus on competing with other "Transportation of People", the company has lost a lot of the quality of the service. While comparing iTaxi to Uber, Free Now or Bolt, we would be talking about a completely different quality, compared to traditional corporations, iTaxi stands out only by having a good Online Ordering Application.

A big drawback is the lack of drivers who identify specifically with this company, thanks to which they care about quality. In addition, the form of cooperation with carriers allows for freedom in discussing the car "once a car without stickers will come to you, another time an iTaxi car and then a fiat tipo with the Uber logo".

7. As-Taxi 19-660


Unfortunately, that's in the past. The company that operated on the Tri-City market for about 11 years was bought by the already mentioned iTaxi.

As has always been associated as the cheapest real taxi corporation in Gdańsk. For over a decade, it has carried countless passengers. Due to low valuations, it was often chosen for intercity transfers.

As taxi, thanks to the fact that it was a private company and not an association, run by a charismatic owner, kept its quality despite the low price.

Unfortunately, as with all low-cost companies, sooner or later someone will come along who will offer a lower price. The ace could not withstand the competition from Transport Applications, and the nail in the coffin was the pandemic.

8. OptiTaxi 58 771 12 22


Probably the most underrated player on the local market. A company that apparently assumed that when there are four in Taxi for applications, OptiTaxi uses it.

OptiTaxi is a company similar to iTaxi, but incomparably smaller.

9. Dajan Taxi 19-628


A very distinguished company, operating for over 20 years on the Gdańsk market. Unfortunately, Dajan Taxi has grown old with its history, drivers and customers. Not so long ago you could find their taxis on every corner.

Like one of many companies, Dajan could not stand the competition with Transport Applications. Today, the corporation is a shadow of itself, it is saved basically only by regular customers, which, unfortunately, are decreasing year by year.

They speak in favor of Eco Car

  • Low price, it is currently one of the cheapest traditional corporations in Gdansk

  • Experienced drivers

  • Possibility to order a taxi using the application

10. Comfort Taxi 19-621


Privately, one of the companies I do not like the most, although due to its long history and the number of transported customers it deserves a mention.

Taxi comfort was bought by iTaxi last year.

In my opinion, the company has always had one of the worst fleets of vehicles, and too often there were drivers who should not be in a profession that requires direct contact with the customer. However, it is worth noting that my opinion about this company was established even before Uber entered the Tri-City.

Today, the level of mediocrity in passenger transport has been raised to a new level thanks to these companies "Uber, Bolt, FreeNow".

Podium top 10 taksówek w Gdańsku
Dla każdego pasażera inna firma taxi będzie najlepsza


I am perfectly aware that Rabbit-Trans Poland's offer will not be suitable for every passenger. For me Taxi is more than just a job. My mission is to make the taxi again associated with safety, comfort and a satisfied passenger. So, dear customer, it doesn't matter to me which company you choose, it's important that you choose among those that are the best.

Personally, there is nothing worse for me than competing on the market with "just any companies" for which the only argument is the price.

I hope that in this guide I have brought you a little closer to choosing the best company for your needs.

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