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Open'er Festival Gdynia - what will surprise in 2023?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

It's definitely Orange Open'er Festival is one of the most anticipated musical events every year. No wonder, it offers as many as four days of great fun with the rhythms of various music.

Every year, it brings to its stage famous, world artists. In addition, the participants of the event confirm that it is distinguished by a wonderful, festival atmosphere.

What is its charm?

The coastal climate, good energy that accompanies the participants of the event, as well as the attractive festival town, certainly have an influence. The most important element, however, are organized at the highest level concerts ! Impressive stages with excellent lighting and sound system and the biggest music stars.

View of the Orange Oen'er Festival 2022 stage
Orange Opener Festival

Open'er - a festival that turns you on!

Over twenty years of history of the Open'er festival obliges, and it must be admitted that it maintains a really high level. It is often the first, and sometimes the only place in Poland where foreign artists of great caliber perform.

This was the case with Prince, Coldplay, The Strokes, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Kings Of Leon. In addition, Open'eris a pioneer of many festival solutions and continues to surprise participants.

In its programs it also offers a dose of art - exhibitions, theater or cabaret performances. Undoubtedly, it provides great emotions, is a prestigious and appreciated event by artists and much awaited by the audience.

Among the world's musicians that Open'er has already hosted on its stage were: Depeche Mode, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, The Weeknd and Kylie Minogue.

Open'er Festival 2023!

Another dose of emotions ahead of us! So another edition of Opener. It was scheduled for June 28-July 1, 2023 and will invariably take place at the Gdynia-Kosakowo airport. Importantly, tickets for the festival have already started selling. You can buy tickets for single days or packages. What concerts will take place at Open'er 2023? The program promises to be very interesting and diverse as usual!

On the first day we will hear from the stage an exceptional vocalist and rapper - Lizzo. In addition, known from the hit "Old Town Road" Lila Nas X, as well as the formation of Christine And The Queensl and Paolo Nutini. The star of the evening will be OneRepublic.

The second dayof the seaside festival will feature the sounds of the girl band Los Bitchos. We will also hear American artist Machine Gun Kelly. Nothing But Thieves and Touché Amoré will also play their concert.

The third day promises to be just as interesting! The most important headliner of Open'er 2023 - Arctic Monkeys will perform! Also on stage will be: Love Joy, Queens Of The Stone Age, Alyona Alyona, Caroline Polachek, and Thundercat.

The fourth,, which is the final day of the musical feast, will treat you to another dose of delicious pieces. They will be served by the American duo Sylvan Esso, the Scandinavian singer Girl in Red, and the rapper Destroy Lonely. The star of the evening will be a hip-hop artist: Kendrick Lamar. In addition, there will also be: Rina Sawayama, Warhaus, Young Fathers.

View of the stage and the Open'er festival logo
Orange Opener Festival

How to get to Open'er festival 2023?

Of course, as always, one of the most convenient means of transport will be Taxi. Remember, however, that the worst thing you can do is order a taxi at the last minute. It's worse to just take the fare from the taxi rank near the station.

You know, city events are always harvest time for us taxi drivers. Unfortunately, not only the honest ones earn then, but also the scammers who often impersonate a taxi.

The best way to get a taxi to the festival area is to order transport directly from the hotel or apartment where you are staying. Many people will make the mistake of thinking that it will be cheaper and combine SKM transport with a taxi. This is a good idea, but on a normal day, not on a festival day, when thousands of people are pouring through the station square.

As every year for 11 years, SKM in Tricity, Polregio and ZTM Gdynia will prepare a rich transport offer. As soon as official information becomes available, we will update this article. It will probably be a few weeks before the festival.

Rabbit-Trans Poland, as every year, will drive you home after the concerts. We will deliver our passengers directly to the festival gate. As always, we encourage you to book your rides in advance. A few days, and sometimes a few weeks before the start of the first concert, free taxis will no longer be available.

We have prepared a very attractive package for you for the entire festival and for individual festival days, including transport and return transfer by taxi.

The timetable of the bus transporting people to the festival
Getting to the Opener festival

Man does not live by festival alone. What is worth visiting in Gdynia?

Gdynia has a lot to be proud of, and trips around its area can provide an unforgettable experience for each of us. There is no shortage of interesting buildings and places in this city that captivate with their beauty. Where is it worth going to see the most beautiful face of this city?

Here are some suggestions for those who came to Gdynia for Opener, but wanted to see something more besides the concerts. I put here a list of the most must-see attractions in the center of Gdynia. You can easily visit these attractions on your way to the festival, without having to order a taxi.

1. Kosciuszko Square and the Southern Pier

Sightseeing in Gdynia is not complete without a walk around Kosciuszko Square and a visit to the Southern Pier. These are the most important points on the tourist map of the city and its business cards.

Why? Because you can not only spend your free time in an interesting way, but also enjoy the most important attractions of Gdynia. The aquarium, historic ships and beautiful views of the Baltic Sea - all this makes a walk around this part of the city an interesting experience for every tourist.

Kosciuszko Square, aerial view
Kosciuszko Square

2. Stone Mountain

Whoever wants to look at Gdynia and the local port from a unique perspective should plan their walking route around the city in such a way as to find time to visit Kamienna Góra. It is a sensational vantage point that can charm all lovers of beautiful panoramas.

The hill can be climbed on foot, or you can bet on a train ride.

Regardless of how we get to Kamienna Góra, one thing is certain - a visit to its top will make a great impression on each of us.

Kamienna Góra and the panorama of Gdynia that stretches from it
stone Mountain

3. Emigration Museum

A bit off the beaten track, at the end of Polska Street, right next to the new ZPMG Ferry Terminal. It is worth taking a taxi here in order not to waste time, although a short walk from the side of the square will certainly be interesting as well.

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia raises a rather unusual problem, and because it does so in an interesting way, it enjoys the name of one of the most interesting museums in this part of the country. This place focuses on the history of Polish emigrants - people who started their journey from the port of Gdynia to other countries, tempted by the vision of a better life.

There is no shortage of touching memorabilia and materials, thanks to which you can get acquainted with the most important achievements of those Poles who managed to succeed in emigration.

Gdynia Emigration Museum
Emigration Museum

4. Naval Museum

One of the most interesting objects located at the Seaside Boulevard is the Naval Museum, which is worth visiting. The pride of this institution is an interesting collection of weapons from World War II and an exhibition devoted to the history of the Polish Navy.

Torpedoes, water mines and anti-aircraft guns - here are selected exhibits that you can meet here.

Gdynia Naval Museum - View of the entrance
Naval Museum

5. Orłowski Cliff

Another attraction worth recommending when the weather is nice - Orłowo is worth visiting, if only to give your ears a little rest, listening only to the sound of the waves.

While visiting Gdynia, it is worth relaxing by the sea. The Orłowski Cliff and the pier are an exceptionally interesting place. The cliff captivates with its power and length reaching 650 m. The pier is one of the most charming in Poland, especially at sunset.

This steep coast captivates with its appearance, and the views of the Gulf of Gdańsk, extending from its top, can impress even the most experienced travelers.

Pier in Orłowo - view from Gdańsk, with the Orłowski Cliff in the background
Orłowski Cliff

6. Sea Aquarium

Whoever wants to broaden their knowledge about the Baltic Sea and the animals living in it during a trip around Gdynia should visit the local Sea Aquarium.

It's also the perfect place to sink into silence after a few days of concerts. It is really worth resting a bit, and the Gdynia Aquarium will be a great place for this.

This place is full of aquariums with Baltic fish. There are also interesting boards here, thanks to which you can get a lot of valuable information about them. A real treat for many people is the model of the bottom of the Baltic Sea presented here, which is worth stopping for longer.

Gdynia Aquarium - view of the building from the marina side
Gdynia Aquarium

7. Museum ship ORP "Blyskawica

The ship, which played such an important role in the history of World War II, is now one of the most important objects you can see while walking around the South Pier.

Currently, the legend of the Polish Navy works great as a floating museum, and a visit on its board can turn out to be a unique adventure for each of us.

Museum ship ORP Blyskawica
ORP Lightning

8. "Gift of Pomorza

Dar Pomorza" is a unique museum facility. The historic ship, moored at the Southern Pier, intrigues not only with its appearance, but also with its interesting history. Those who decide to visit it will be able to walk around its deck and look into the rooms that were once used by students.

This training ship, with a history dating back to the 1920s, still makes a great impression, and the interest in visiting it has been at a very high level for years.

View of the training ship Dar Pomorza from the side of the boulevard
Gift of Pomerania

Gdynia is an ideal city for those who dream of unforgettable trips around the Tri-City, as well as for those who want to spend a successful holiday by the sea.

In this unique urban center, each of us will find something interesting for ourselves, and the time spent in Gdynia will not be wasted time for anyone.

Remember that Gdynia is not just a point on the map that you have to pass through on your way to Babie Doły. It is worth spending a few moments exploring this city, especially that thanks to the compact urban fabric, you can visit most of the above attractions without ordering a taxi. Because as I mentioned before, a taxi during Open'er is a scarce commodity ;)

See you at Open'er, of course in Rabbit-Trans taxi ;)



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