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The perfect wedding? Sea, sand and a young couple

Even 20 years ago, weddings and receptions were very similar. Nowadays, young people make sure to provide their guests with plenty of attractions at their wedding and to have something unique. There are also numerous event agencies that advise how to organize an unforgettable wedding.

At the same time, for several years now a trend has been observed where some newlyweds give up the traditional and lavish wedding and instead choose a wedding in an exotic place abroad. Below we show you how to organize a paradise wedding

A wedding under palm trees at the end of the world

What is worth knowing about foreign weddings?

Paradise weddings are organized in such beautiful regions of the world as the Dominican Republic, Croatia, Seychelles and Mauritius. They are chosen by couples who do not like large and boisterous Polish weddings, which, as we know, are also expensive. Instead, they prefer to spend the money on an intimate but unique wedding in some beautiful corner of the world.

For many young couples, this special day in their dreams looks like this: they go to a warm country, where good weather is guaranteed, they get married outdoors in a beautiful scenery and are accompanied only by their closest people.

The number of guests invited to the wedding varies. Many couples decide to get married just the two of them and the witnesses are selected on site. Large event agencies are also prepared to provide transport to such a wedding for even several dozen people.

To organize a wedding abroad, it is best to contact the organizer about two months in advance. Young couples often wonder whether a wedding abroad will be automatically legal also in Poland, or whether formalities will still have to be completed later in the country.

Here it all depends on where the wedding will take place. For example, in a country like Croatia it is very simple and such a wedding is automatically valid in Poland.

At the same time, there are also countries such as the Maldives where it is not possible to legally get married. Usually, the wedding takes place in a neighboring country and then it is legalized in Poland.

There are also couples who get married in Poland and go to a selected exotic place to have a symbolic wedding, have a beautiful photo session and go on a honeymoon.

Wedding and reception under palm trees

What formalities must be completed in connection with a wedding abroad?

In popular locations where young foreign couples are eager to get married, local authorities do everything to make it easier for them. Usually, only basic documents are necessary, such as a copy of the birth certificate and a certificate of no contraindications to marriage.

In turn, if a divorced person gets married, you must provide a document confirming the fact of divorce.

Young couples should, of course, remember that the documents must be translated by a sworn translator into the local language. Then the apistillation procedure takes place.

It is done at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a special stamp appears, thanks to which the documents become legal in the selected country.

A paradise wedding abroad is an interesting option for people who do not care about a large number of guests. Paradise weddings by far most often have a modest ceremony. This is related to distance, logistics and costs.

The choice of beautiful places is huge. Most weddings take place on paradise beaches, but weddings are also organized in tropical gardens or even under a waterfall.

If you were to decide to get married in Poland and you would need transport for wedding guests then I recommend our services.

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