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Parowóz w muzeum kolejnictwa w koscierzynie

Trip to the Railway Museum in Kościerzyna

When the modern individual thinks about travel, airplanes, cars, and even space voyages often come to mind. However, there is one mode of transport that has captivated with its unique character for centuries – the train. The Railway


Museum in Kościerzyna is a place where the history and technology of railways come to life, allowing visitors to embark on a unique journey through the ages.

What is the Railway Museum in Kościerzyna?

The Railway Museum in Kościerzyna is located in Kościerzyna, a city in the Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland. It is a museum dedicated to the history of railways and railroading, showcasing a rich collection of steam locomotives, carriages, and other exhibits related to the history of rail transport in Poland.

The museum houses various types of locomotives, including many historic steam engines, which are carefully restored and preserved in good condition. Among the exhibits, one can find locomotives that once operated on Polish tracks as well as those used in other countries.

The museum also offers interactive exhibits, allowing visitors to better understand the history and technology of railroading. For train enthusiasts and those interested in the history of rail transport, the Railway Museum in Kościerzyna is an intriguing place to visit, offering a unique educational and cultural experience.

Additionally, the museum organizes various events and displays, including steam locomotive parades and rides on historic trains, making it an attractive tourist destination not only for railway enthusiasts but also for families with children and all those interested in the history of technology.

What will a trip to the Kościerzyna Locomotive Depot look like?

A trip to the Railway Museum in Kościerzyna is a fascinating journey through time, providing deep insight into the history of rail transport and technology.

What does a trip to the Railway Museum in Kościerzyna look like?

Transport and Access: The trip begins with convenient transportation from a selected location, from any point in Gdańsk, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey to Kościerzyna.

The total duration of the trip is about 5-6 hours, including time for travel, museum visit, and return. The museum itself offers around 3-4 hours of engaging exploration. During the tour, participants have the opportunity to admire a rich collection of railway exhibits, including impressive steam engines, passenger carriages, and other rail vehicles.

Particularly memorable are exhibits such as historic steam locomotives, which impress with their design and history.

Throughout the tour, the driver will wait for participants at a designated location, ensuring flexibility and comfort for the return to the departure point.


The tour price includes round-trip transportation to/from the chosen location, approximately 4 hours of driver waiting time, as well as all road and parking fees.

A visit to the Railway Museum in Kościerzyna is not only an opportunity to deepen knowledge about the history of railroading but also a chance to directly experience the culture and technological heritage of Poland.

We invite you to book and discover the rich history of railways in this remarkable museum, located in the picturesque region of Pomerania.

Muzeum Kolei w Koscierynie

Price list


500 PLN / 125 EUR

Bus 6 Pax

600 PLN /  150 EUR 

Bus 7-8 Pax

650 PLN / 160 EUR

* The tour price includes; transport from any place in Gdańsk to the Railway Museum in Kościerzyn driver waiting for about 4 hours, return to Gdańsk.

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