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Widok na Bydgoszcz

Transfer from Bydgoszcz to Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk

Are you planning a flight from Bydgoszcz airport or want to quickly get to Gdańsk? Or perhaps you're wondering how to efficiently, swiftly, and comfortably reach Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk. The key to success is the right mode of transportation, especially when every moment counts. If your priorities are comfort, safety, and punctuality, read carefully, as we have prepared something special for you.

We offer transfer services designed for those who expect the highest quality. With us, your journey from Bydgoszcz to the airport in Gdańsk or vice versa will be pure pleasure, and you can focus on the most important matters.


Discover Bydgoszcz, a City of contrasts and endless opportunities


Not far from Gdańsk, there is an incredibly dynamically developing city, yet charming, and that city is Bydgoszcz. This city tempts with its rich history and modernity in one. Walking around the Old Town, you can admire stunning monuments and charming streets that tell the story of this place. Nearby, on the Brda River, the picturesque Mill Island welcomes visitors with another set of historic buildings and a peaceful park, perfect for a moment of relaxation.

One cannot ignore the Granaries on the Brda, which testify to the city's rich trading history. For culture enthusiasts, Bydgoszcz offers the modern Opera Nova with impressive architecture and the District Museum, which presents the fascinating history of the region. It's also worth visiting the Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin and Nicholas, where beautiful stained glass windows and organs transport you to another, spiritual dimension.

But Bydgoszcz is not just about the past. The city is an important industrial center, with factories in the machinery, chemical, wood, and food industries. Moreover, the developing IT sector attracts many young specialists, making Bydgoszcz a hub for modern technologies in Poland. Shall we take you on a journey to Bydgoszcz, where history meets the future?

Individual taxi transfer is the best choice between Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk

Planning a trip from Bydgoszcz to Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk can be challenging, especially when every minute counts. Considering the available options for various modes of transport, choosing the right one can seem extremely difficult.

Fortunately, since you're reading this, you already know that the Rabbit-Trans taxi corporation offers individual transfers to/from Bydgoszcz. It stands out from the competition by providing top-notch services at an invariably attractive price.

Above all, by choosing our taxi, you opt for a direct connection between Bydgoszcz and Gdańsk. Your journey will be quick and efficient, without unnecessary stops or picking up other passengers. This, combined with our experience, ensures that you will arrive exactly when you need to.

The route from Bydgoszcz to the airport doesn't have to be a challenge

The taxi journey between Bydgoszcz and Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions. The distance between these two places is about 140-160 km, as you can see, it's not that far.

Many passengers choose public transport on this route, but unfortunately, buses or trains are not the ideal choice when heading to an airport.

Comfort, privacy, and individual approach to each passenger are the advantages that come with choosing a taxi transfer. An individual transfer allows you to relax, prepare for a meeting, or simply enjoy the scenery during the ride without paying attention to other passengers. The driver will adjust to your schedule, meaning you don't have to adjust your plans to public transport timetables.

Speaking of Rabbit-Trans drivers, they are highly experienced, know the best routes, and ensure to avoid traffic jams to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. The fleet consists of comfortable passenger cars and vans for 6-8 people, regularly serviced, and meeting the highest safety standards.

Another argument for choosing our offer is the fixed price. With us, there's no risk of unexpected fees or additional costs; the price is fixed and unchangeable, allowing you to plan your travel budget. Moreover, 24/7 service availability guarantees that you can count on a transfer regardless of the time of day or night.

By choosing a taxi transfer, you invest in quality, certainty, and peace of mind. It's an offer for those who value comfort and don't want to worry about travel logistics.

Image by Szymon Shields

Price list


650 PLN / 140 EUR

Bus 6 Pax

750 PLN /  160 EUR 

Bus 7-8 Pax

800 PLN / 170 EUR

* The given price applies to travel from/to the airport. Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk Rębiechowo from any point in the Bydgoszcz commune.

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