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Trip to Hitler's Headquarters
The Wolf's Lair

Discover the secrets of the Wolf's Lair, one of Adolf Hitler's most secretive headquarters, located in the historic village of Gierłoż, near Kętrzyn. Join us on an extraordinary, full-day taxi journey from Gdańsk, which will transport you to the heart of the Third Reich, a strategic location of World War II.

What to Expect from Your Visit to the Wolf's Lair near Kętrzyn

The Wolf's Lair was one of the most famous yet secretive headquarters of Adolf Hitler. Situated in the village of Gierłoż, known since the Teutonic Knights' era, near Kętrzyn, the area was one of the most heavily fortified districts of the Third Reich, including fortresses in Giżycko, Toruń, and Piława.

In the autumn of 1940, the decision was made to build the headquarters in the Kętrzyn forest (the forest provided year-round cover for the structures), a strategic location due to the planned attack on the USSR.

It was decided to move the headquarters of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces closer to the border with the Soviet Union. The Great Lakes of Masuria, stretching to the east, were a natural obstacle for land forces.

The construction of the Wolf's Lair was conducted under the guise of building the chemical plants "Askania." The total construction cost exceeded 36 million marks. Adolf Hitler first arrived at the Wolf's Lair on June 24, 1941.

The German command left the Wolf's Lair in November 1944 as the Soviet offensive approached, and the retreating troops blew up the headquarters.

Where Does the Name Wolf's Lair Come From?

By naming this headquarters "Wolfsschanze," Hitler used his pseudonym "Wolf." He started using it in 1919 while staying in Munich, where he was giving lectures and speeches propagating Nazi slogans. Since the Reich government referred to them in its statements as "a gang of criminals and traitors," he might have feared arrest.

When he came for a holiday to the Obersalzberg hotel "Platterhof" in 1920 and organized mountain excursions from there, he did not introduce himself as Adolf Hitler.

He believed that even there, he was in danger. Everyone knew him here as Mr. Wolf. His friend Dietrich Eckart, a lover and expert of German mythology, with which this word is associated, suggested using this pseudonym. He explained that the name Adolf comes from the old Germanic word "Adwolf," meaning "noble wolf." Hitler believed he had a lot in common with the wolf, which was for him a symbol of strength, boldness, predation, and relentlessness.

The word wolf is not only in the name of the Wolf's Lair but also in the names of three other of Hitler's headquarters: Werewolf (Werwolf), Wolf's Gorge (Wolfsschlucht), and Wolf's Gorge 2.

Construction of Hitler's Headquarters in Masuria

From 1940, a "camouflaged town" was erected on an area of 250 ha - 200 buildings: shelters, barracks, 2 airports, a power station, a railway station, air conditioning equipment, waterworks, heating plants, two central teleprinters. Some of them had special security, e.g., Hitler's quarters and the highest commanders had reinforced concrete walls 8m thick and additional underground tunnels.

The Wolf's Lair was divided into III concentrically located security zones: Zone I was located in the center of the headquarters, north of the railway line.

There were, among others, bunkers of Hitler, Bormann, Keitel, Göring, and Jodl. Members of Hitler's Personal Guard, doctors, secretaries, stenographers, and drivers also lived here. They had two officers' casinos, two tea houses, a cinema, and a sauna at their disposal. Zone II included the area around Zone I. There were, among others, the buildings of the Armed Forces Command Staff and the commandant's shelter.

Zone III was the area surrounding Zones I and II from all sides but located within the fence. Here were, among others, facilities occupied by the Führer Protection Battalion and positions of anti-tank and anti-aircraft guns.

In total, over 80 buildings were constructed in the Wolf's Lair: eight heaviest air-raid shelters with concrete walls and ceilings 5-8 m thick, many smaller bunkers with walls about 2 m thick, numerous houses with windows secured with steel shutters, and finally wooden barracks.

What Will Your Excursion to Hitler's Headquarters in Gierłoż near Kętrzyn Look Like

Fancy an extraordinary journey through time, but without the formalities associated with typical excursions? How about a trip to the Wolf's Lair, where you can experience history on your own, without a guide, but with complete freedom of discovery.

Departure from Gdańsk? No problem. Our taxi will provide you with a comfortable and safe journey straight to the heart of history. It's not just a ride, but the start of your personal adventure in a place that had a very important impact on the course of history.

More than just a museum awaits you at the Wolf's Lair. It's an immersion in real history, in the place where Hitler had his main headquarters. You will discover bunkers, shelters, and remnants of secret structures. You will have time to traverse the terrain of the Lair at your own pace, stopping wherever you wish, immersing yourself in history according to your own scenario.

Of course, you can easily purchase a ticket with a guide on-site.

You don't have to worry about time. Our driver will wait for you, ensuring flexibility and comfort for your return. You can spend as much time in the Wolf's Lair as you need, without rushing, exploring every corner of this historical site.

This is the perfect proposition for those who value independence and prefer to explore on their own terms. No guide, no tour groups, just you, history, and the Wolf's Lair.

The duration of this full-day excursion is about 12 hours from the moment of departure from Gdańsk. Therefore, we recommend leaving right after breakfast. The comfortable car ride will take about 3.40/4.00 hours one way, plus about 3 hours of visiting and 1 hour for lunch at a nearby restaurant. The price of the excursion includes transport costs, driver's waiting time, road and parking fees.

Don't wait, book your taxi excursion to the Wolf's Lair today. Discover history on your own terms and experience an unforgettable adventure. 

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Price list


1200 PLN / 300 EUR

Bus 6 Pax

1400 PLN /  350 EUR 

Bus 7-8 Pax

1450 PLN / 360 EUR

* The tour price includes; transport from any place in Gdańsk to the Wolf's Lair in Gierłoż near Kętrzyn,  driver waiting for about 4 hours, return to Gdańsk.

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