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Sofitel Grand Hotel w Sopocie

Airport transport - Sopot, Sopot - airport

Are you spending your vacation in one of the main coastal cities and have a return journey home ahead? Or perhaps it's one of your destinations where you're stopping over before flying further afield?

Rabbit-Trans Polska offers assistance in transportation to the Lech Wałęsa Airport or other locations within the metropolis from the third city of the Tri-City. We organize airport transfers from Sopot to local airport facilities or vice versa, depending on the needs of our clients.

We transport both private individuals and business or VIP clients using an extremely comfortable fleet of passenger cars, limousines, or minivans. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer and to book a transfer several hours or even days in advance!

Why choose professional airport transfer with Rabbit-Trans Polska?

Professional organization, comfortable and safe transport, comprehensive service by an experienced driver, and above all punctuality - these are the hallmark features of the transfer service offered by Rabbit-Trans Polska!

We offer transportation to the Lech Wałęsa Airport in Gdańsk Rębiechowo from the hotel or vice versa. We especially encourage those who prioritize quick and hassle-free arrival at their destination, ensuring they don't miss a scheduled departure, important meeting, or business visit in the city.

Passenger transport to the airport in Sopot and other coastal towns is a top-tier transport service designed to meet the expectations of our clients.

Booking transportation to airports in the Tri-City

At Rabbit-Trans Polska, we prove that passenger transport organized by our company can be more convenient and cheaper than transport services offered by local taxi drivers.

By making a telephone or online reservation for a transfer several days or hours in advance, you can be sure that the driver will definitely arrive at the pickup location at the agreed time, and the price will be adjusted according to individual agreements made during the booking process.

Molo w Sopocie

Price list


130 PLN / 30 EUR

Bus 6 Pax

160 PLN /  35 EUR 

Bus 7-8 Pax

180 PLN / 40 EUR

* The given price applies to travel from/to the airport. Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk Rębiechowo from any point in the Sopot commune.

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