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widok przez przedni膮 szybe taks贸wki
The word Taxi - Where did it come from?


The word Taxi as well as derivatives Taksa "fee" come from the founder of the first global modern courier/postal company. Mr. Franz von Taxis lived at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. We owe to his family the postal service as we know it today.


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widok przez przedni膮 szybe taks贸wki
Tanie Taxi service in Gda艅sk Sopot Gdynia Vip transfer Taxi Banino 呕ukowo P臋powo

Rabbit-Trans Airport Taxi Gda艅sk


We are a company with taxi roots, which we are proud of and never forget about. The company was founded in 2015 in Gda艅sk as a one-person taxi, the founder is Damian Brzeski, today CEO of Rabbit-Trans Poland.


Over the years, we have forged our experience on the passenger transport market, we have undergone gradual evolution as a taxi company. Today we offer you more than just a taxi, we give you an integrated platform for ordering business and individual rides.


You can order us in the Tri-City and its vicinity by:


  • Telephone - the fastest and most reliable way to order a taxi so far, no application will give you as much as a conversation with an experienced customer assistant.

  • WhatsApp, Telegram - a super convenient and secure way to place orders, no matter where you are or what language you speak. Write to us

  • Order Online - a new convenient way to order a taxi on regular routes. Find your ride options, add options "seat" "bus" "combi", order and pay immediately or with the driver.

  • Contact form - send us a completed form, describe the details of the transport and after a while our consultant will write you back.

  • e-mail - do you bet on traditions? We also like this form of contact very much. We used to write letters, today we write e-mails. Tell us what you need and we will send you an offer.

Taxi Kaszuby - New quality of intercity taxis


A taxi company must constantly develop, follow what the customer needs. The taxi market in the Tri-City has changed a lot in recent years due to new technologies, changes in the habits of our customers and due to the expansion of the Tri-City agglomeration.


Our company wants to be always where you need us, since our clients live more and more often outside the strict fabric of the city, we have also adapted our offer to these changes.

Today we have a Taxi Kaszuby service for you, specially prepared for customers living in the closer and further area of the Tri-City. Wherever you live, we will always take you in the Airport Taxi standard to the Tri-City or to the airport.


When ordering transport from us, you will know the price in advance. You will make the payment via the Order online taxi system, or with the driver in cash or by card.

Taxi Gdansk price list 2024

Additional services in a taxi

what more does a taxi have to offer?


Taxi Gda艅sk is not only transport to the airport or pick up a tourist from the hotel. It is also the prose of everyday life. Taxi drivers and their services are always present in the city, thanks to which in crisis situations they will save more than one resident from being late.


Taxi corporations such as ours provide a number of services not directly related to the transport of passengers.

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