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Kaliningrad Transfers

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Wodok na kaliningrad.webp

Taxi transfer to Kaliningrad

One of the specialties of our company are direct taxi transfers to the Kaliningrad region (Oblast 39).


Our customers most often choose the service of Transport to Kaliningrad city, Transfer Airport taxi to Kaliningrad Khrabrovo airport (KGD), transport to Bałtyjsk and Gusev.


Taxi transfers are performed by our drivers with Russian visas as well as by our Russian partners.


We cooperate only with the best taxi transport companies. Always the highest quality Rabbit-Trans Airport transfer. With us, the journey will be quick, comfortable and safe.

Kaliningrad taxi Transport

Königsberg - Królewiec 

How to order transport to/from Kaliningrad?


There are several options for ordering a transport service from us on routes from and to Russia.


  • Telephone, call us and our consultant will accept the order and answer all questions (service in English, Polish).

  • e-mail, write us a message and soon we will write you back with all the details and the taxi offer.

  • Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger, find us on social media and instant messengers. It is a safe and cheap way to get in touch in your language.

  • Contact questionnaire, complete the survey at the bottom of the page with the exact details of your trip and we will send you an offer.


Remember that a trip to Kaliningrad involves crossing the external border of the EU, therefore you must have a set of documents and an entry permit. 


What will my trip to Kaliningrad look like?


Taxi transfers that we make to or from the Kaliningrad region look exactly the same as ordering a taxi in the middle of the city. The only difference is the need to cross the Polish-Russian border.


  • At the agreed time, our taxi driver will come to pick you up from the airport, our employee will be waiting for you with a welcome card in the arrivals hall.

  • on the way to the border, the driver will ask you a few questions; regarding the transported cash, excise goods or documents you have. This information will be important when crossing the border.

  • After crossing the border, our driver will take you directly to the address you need.

  • If there are any problems while crossing the border, you can count on our help, our drivers have a lot of experience.


The whole journey is: Gdansk Airport - Bałtyjsk 240 km, Gdansk Airport - Khrabrowo Airport 200 km, Gdansk Center - Kaliningrad Center 180 km.


What is worth knowing, what do you need when going to Kaliningrad?


For our part, a trip to Königsberg is not much different than any other taxi trip in Europe. However, you must remember about the constantly changing regulations and the situation at the border. If you have any question, visit our Blog or contact us and we will explain everything to you.




  • Check the expiration date of your passport

  • Check Visa if you need it

  • Check your residence permit

  • Check the current transport limits

  • Check the current Sanctions for the carriage of goods

  • Check current sanitary requirements


You can always get the most up-to-date information on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the website of the Polish Border Guard. You can also find a lot of useful information in the Q&A tab. It is also worth consulting with us before departure if you have any doubts about transport.


Is Kaliningrad safe?


Without the slightest doubt, it should be written that it is safe.


The Russians from District 39 are very friendly and kind to tourists visiting it. It doesn't matter if you are Polish, German or Dutch, you can always count on friendly service in stores or help in various situations.


In fact, there are other factors to consider when it comes to security.


  • Third-party liability insurance, in Russia often does not work. European motor insurance (Check with your insurer) The problem is also sometimes the ban on driving a car in a loan or leasing.

  • Health care in Russia is free, although its standard is not always the same high, for specialized treatments you may be asked to pay. (it is best to buy travel insurance)

  • Language barrier, many Russians, especially the older ones, do not speak English, although many speak Polish perfectly. It is worth learning at least the basic words in Russian before leaving.

  • Different culture and law, remember that the Russians are very kind, but we are culturally different. But the biggest differences are found in the legal system and security institutions.

History of the city of Kaliningrad what is worth seeing?


Kaliningrad is a very interesting city, it resembles Gdańsk a bit, it is literally steeped in history. Every step of the way, we will see his next story in it as on the pages of the book.


A city founded by the Teutonic Knights in honor of King Przemysł II Ottokar II. Later, it was incorporated by King Casimir IV Jagiellon into the Polish state (Królewiec), and then returned to German hands as the capital of Ducal Prussia (Königsberg), which was a Polish fief. After World War II, the city was finally incorporated into the USSR under the Potsdam Agreements.


Once one of the richest and most beautiful cities on the Baltic Sea, it was almost completely destroyed during the war and never rebuilt.


Today it is a special place, a thoroughly Russian city, although not like Moscow, but when we delve into it, we will find traces of its ancient history.


In Kaliningrad, it is worth seeing:


  • Center - Plac Pabiedy, there is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

  • forts

  • Kant's Island, a lot of authentic tenement houses

  • House of the Soviet

  • Amber and World Ocean Museums

  • Central Market

  • Like Kaliningrad is Immanuel Kant and his history


Kaliningrad as a gateway to Russia - Where can I get via Kaliningrad?


Kaliningrad is not called the gateway to Russia for nothing. You can take a train from the Kaliningrad-Passazhirskij train station or catch a bus right next to it from the bus station to many places in Russia.


Near the center is the Kaliningrad Khrabrovo (KGD) international airport, from which you can fly to cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belgorod, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Minsk.

It is also a great shortcut on the way to Klaipeda to Lithuania or further transit to the Baltic States. Transport to Kaliningrad or transit is facilitated by a good quality network of main roads.

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