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Ludzie na konferencji w Amber Expo

What was the biggest concert in history?


Known to all, Copacabana Beach has been the site of several huge musical expressions. but the biggest was the concert: The Rolling Stones in 2006 (1.6 million people) and Rob Steward's record-breaking concert in 1994 (3.5 million people), compared to the population of Norway 5.43 million and Lithuania 2.8 million.

Scena muzyki pop w Ergo Arenie
Bawiący sie ludzie czekający na przejazd taksówką grupową

Group taxi transport


Occasional transport with airport taxi Gdańsk & transfer is the best option for you when you need to organize a ride for more people.

We offer you a comprehensive service, tailored to your needs as well as the expectations of the people we will transport.


According to your needs, we can book any number of passenger cars, buses, minibuses or coaches for the hour indicated by you.

Cars will be waiting exactly in the place indicated by you.

We can organize shuttle courses or take each guest directly home.


There are many benefits to using a group taxi service


First of all, it gives you the opportunity to travel to your destination in a common group, without worrying about the price or waiting time. Our experienced drivers are professional and punctual, which makes getting around the city even easier.


In addition, it is a very economical solution - instead of paying for expensive plane or bus tickets for each guest individually. By ordering a taxi group transport, passengers can travel together and thus the price of the service is more attractive.

Our company served the largest Tri-City conferences and fairs; among others; Amberift, Aber Expo, Trako, Tattoo convention, Guns N' Roses concert, Sopot Festival, Poland Rock, Dolina Charloty.


We are not afraid of any challenges - no matter if you have 10, 20 or 450 guests, we will transport them.


For whom - taxi group rides?


Group taxi rides are dedicated to everyone who needs to organize the transport of people to or from mass events, such as: fairs, conventions, music festivals and others.

Thanks to our services, you can safely and efficiently transport your guests to their destination - even if their number reaches hundreds!


Our "taxi group rides" will also be useful when organizing international conferences, fairs or expos, including Amberift, Aber Expo, Trako or Tattoo Konwent. And during large musical events, such as concerts at the Amber arena stadium, musical events at Opera Leśna Sopot, we organized trips to performances at the musical theater in Gdynia, and to the Gdynia Film Festival. We are also present every year with our buses at Camerimage Toruń.


As you can see, group transport by taxi is for almost everyone, the only condition is the need to transport a large number of people in a short time.


What does it look like and how to order - taxi group transport?


Group transport is always a challenge for every taxi corporation. Most often, such orders are carried out at the peak of the tourist season, during large conferences. And even the service of wedding guests is a real challenge, if only because weddings and later weddings usually take place in the spring and sometimes last until dawn.


With the ordered transport of several hundred guests, it is necessary to ensure that everyone is equally well served.

We are here - so you don't have to worry about it.


From your perspective, it looks as simple as ordering a taxi, which is why it's called - taxi group transport.


  • You send us a question via: e-mail or form, or you call us.

  • We need from you: the number of people to scroll through the details or plan of the event.

  • We will determine the scope and cost of the passenger transport service

  • After the event, you will receive information or a report on the trips of our taxis

  • Finally, we will send you a VAT invoice

Finally, it is worth mentioning what cars we will use to carry out the passenger transport service


  • Most often it is optimal to use many individual passenger taxis, it is convenient when you want to deliver your guests directly to their homes. Unfortunately, this is the most expensive option.

  • Another option is to use 7-8 passenger buses or minibuses with about 20 passengers.

  • We provide a car or several to the agreed place, after completing the passengers, the driver will set off on a shuttle ride to the hotel or drive guests home.

  • The last option is to hire a coach. It is a super economical option to transport people.

  • Unfortunately, it also has its limitations. The coach is not good for transporting guests home, nor will it be a good option for transporting guests during banquets or weddings.

Remember that at events that do not have a clearly defined end time, and when alcohol is consumed, many guests need transport at different times.


As you can see, group taxi rides are for everyone.  It is convenient and saves your time and nerves.

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