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Kaszubski park gigantów _ miniatur Strysza Buda

Trip to the Kashubian Park of Miniatures / Giants Strysza Buda

Imagine a place where each step takes you to a surreal land of giants and miniature wonders. Kaszubian Giants Park in Strysza Buda is just such a place - a fantastic world where huge insects, airplanes, and even everyday objects await to amaze you. Nearby, the Kaszubian Miniature Park offers a journey to experience the architectural masterpieces of the world in miniature.

Both parks are an ideal proposition for a family outing, where both children and adults can enjoy unforgettable attractions, discovering the world from a completely new perspective. Don't miss this unique adventure!

What to expect visiting Kaszubian Miniature Park

Kaszubian Miniature Park is a place where you can admire over 70 models of famous architectural objects from around the world and Poland, made in a 1:25 scale.

You will find both international wonders, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Mayan Pyramid, or Stonehenge, and Polish architectural pearls: the Basilica of St. Mary's Church, the Gdańsk Crane, or the Bytów Castle. It is a real feast for lovers of architecture and history.

What attractions await you in the Giants Park in Strysza Buda?

Kaszubian Giants Park in Strysza Buda, located near Mirachowo, is like a place from a fairy tale! Here, surrounded by nature, you can feel like a tiny guest in the land of giants. The park offers encounters with gigantic insects, boarding a huge Tupolev plane, or even standing next to a monster truck. There will also be the Land of Dwarfs and Forest Inhabitants.

Additionally, you can see huge everyday objects, such as a cup in ethnic patterns or a giant shoe. This place provides extraordinary experiences, making us feel like heroes of a children's story.

How will the trip to Strysza Buda go?

When going on a trip from Gdańsk to Strysza Buda, prepare for an extraordinary adventure in the Kaszubian Giants Park and Miniature Park. Your journey will start with a comfortable ride from Gdańsk. After about an hour's drive, you will reach Strysza Buda, a tiny Kashubian village that hides these two amazing family parks.

The first stop will be the Kaszubian Giants Park, where the natural surroundings and gigantic installations will make you feel like you're in a fairy-tale land.


Next, you will visit the Miniature Park, offering model versions of famous buildings from around the world. You will spend a total of several hours here, admiring not only works of art but also the surrounding nature.

The whole trip, including the journey there and back, will take about 5-6 hours, giving you enough time to fully enjoy these two extraordinary places.

This trip is especially recommended for families with children of all ages and groups of friends looking for both education and entertainment. I invite you to book this unforgettable adventure, which will surely provide you with countless impressions and memories!

Kaszubski Park Miniatur w Strysza Buda

Price list


500 PLN / 125 EUR

Bus 6 Pax

600 PLN /  150 EUR 

Bus 7-8 Pax

700 PLN / 175 EUR

* The tour price includes; transport from any place in Gdańsk to the Kashubian Park of Miniatures / Giants in Strysza Buda, driver waiting for about 4 hours, return to Gdańsk.

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