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Olsztyn stare miasto

Taxi from Gdańsk Airport to Olsztyn,
transfer Olsztyn-Gdańsk

Before you embark on the journey between Gdansk and Olsztyn, it's worth considering how you wish to cover this distance. There are many options, buses, trains, shuttle transport. But true comfort at the highest level and certainty of reaching your destination is what our company offers.


We specialize in inter-city, international, and airport transfers. With us, you'll travel from Gdansk Airport to Olsztyn in a comfortable, fast, and hassle-free manner.

Why opt for airport transfer? And not a shuttle bus on the Olsztyn-Gdańsk route?

The first thing that catches your eye when you land at the airport is a crowd of people. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, except for one person. It's our driver waiting for you with a welcoming sign. Always on time, always smiling, and always ready to assist. The pleasure of the ride begins from the moment you see your name elegantly displayed on the sign in our driver’s hand.

Our priority is your satisfaction. That’s why we always emphasize quality, and our fleet of modern cars is the best proof of that. Who would have thought that the journey between Gdańsk and Olsztyn could be so enjoyable?

Not everyone from Gdańsk to Olsztyn is just staring at their smartphone screen. Are you a tourist? We can offer something special for you too.

Have you ever wondered how many interesting places are hidden along the route of your journey? Our team is always ready to recommend interesting places and tourist attractions worth seeing. Who knows, maybe the journey with us will not only provide comfort but also a few unforgettable memories?

Why is it worth to choose our offer for a taxi Olsztyn - Gdansk?

Are you flying out for a vacation, going to an important business meeting, or just returning from a business trip? The road to your destination does not have to be bumpy. With us, the journey becomes as relaxing as the moments spent on vacation. Check why by choosing our transfer from Gdansk to Olsztyn, you can gain more than you expect.

Comfort of travel, higher than in a taxi

Your satisfaction is our mission. In our cars, the temperature is always ideal as you wish, and the soft seats make even a longer journey pass unnoticed. We choose vehicles for our fleet so that everyone, regardless of age or height, can sit down and relax in them. You know, that feeling when you get out of the car more rested than you got in? This is exactly what we want to offer you.

Taxi always where you need it, at the time you need it

No one likes to waste time, especially when new, exciting experiences appear on the horizon or when an important offer awaits finalization and you have to be there in person. Thanks to an efficient reservation system and experienced drivers, we can offer you a ride without unnecessary delays. Our route is carefully planned to avoid any obstacles on the road. And thanks to experience, we are able to change these plans on the go, to adapt to the current situation on the route. There is nothing better than a transfer that goes smoothly and without problems, right?

Taxi to Olsztyn? Or maybe a bus or a luxury van?

Every journey from Gdańsk Airport to Olsztyn or on our other routes is different. Each client has their individual needs and requirements for their journey. Maybe you need extra space for luggage, or you have special wishes regarding the route? With us, everything is possible. Your individual comfort is our priority.

Let us know exactly what you need, and we will surely rise to the challenge. So, shall we pick you up from Gdansk Airport?

widok na starówke w Olsztynie

Price list


700 PLN / 175 EUR

Bus 6 Pax

800 PLN /  200 EUR 

Bus 7-8 Pax

850 PLN / 215 EUR

* The given price applies to travel from/to the airport. Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk Rębiechowo from any point in the Olsztyn commune.

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