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Airport Transfer

What is the largest airport in Europe?


The largest airport in the European Union is Paris' Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport. It handles around 72 Chinese travelers annually. They are being chased by Amsterdam Shipol Airport with a traffic of about 71 people. Not so long before Brexit, the largest airport was London Heathrow with 80 million people checked in.

Lotnisko w Wietnamie
Image by Jakob Rosen
Widok z Gdańskiego lotniska na oczekujący samolot

Airport transfer


We offer transport to all major airports in Europe. Transfer to the Lech Walesa Gdańsk airport and transfer from the airport.


It may seem that the times of ordering a taxi for transport to the airport on the other side of the country or even further are a thing of the past.


Nothing could be more wrong.


We have carried out transfers to the Lech Wałęsa airport in Gdańsk Rębiechowo countless times. As a taxi company with Tri-City roots, this is not surprising.


But what about transport from Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot to Katowice Pyrzowice, Kraków, Poznań, Rzeszów or from Sopot to Berlin Branderburg (BAR).

Despite the really excellent network of bus connections (PKS, FlexiBus, PolskiBus) or railway connections (PKP Intercity), it often happens that the customer lacks a convenient time of transport.


PKP will not take you from your house exactly at the time when your child returns from school.


Polski LOT will not always have a seat on a plane on the route to Warsaw Chopin Airport.


It happens that everything fits perfectly, but a 10-minute delay means that we have to book a plane for the next day.


Of course, it is not a problem to book accommodation at Hampton by Hilton Gdańsk Airport, spend the night there until the morning and arrive at 6.00 am for the morning flight to Krakow Balice.

Na lotnisku

Transport to / from the airport

But isn't it better to spend this time at home with your family?


This is just one of many potential situations in which direct transport even to the other side of Europe makes sense.


We offer services of getting to the house for many people as well as individual taxis. Transfer from the airport is a pleasure with us.


Of course, this is not everyday, but when the need arises, it is worth having contact with a really good taxi company.




How to order a transfer to the airport or a taxi to the hotel?


Nothing simpler.


We provide you with several options for direct contact or ordering a trip without having to talk.


  • Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, we will send you a complete set of information soon or we will contact you to arrange the details of the service.

  • Use the telephone contact button, our consultant will answer the phone after a while and set with you the possible date of travel, the cost of travel, additional attractions and other information needed for booking.

  • Use the order online tab, we have an automated system for booking passenger transport, transfer from the airport, taxi rental or transport in Kashubia. With a few clicks you can order a taxi with access to the address.

  • write an e-mail or contact us via Whatsapp chat, for many people it is still the simplest form of contact, this way you can easily order all our services, we will answer your questions in any language about transport, transfer to the airport, payments, difficulties or possibilities accommodation and tourist attractions. Don't be afraid to ask us tough questions.

  • You will also find us on social media, we are present on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin. There we talk about our most interesting transfers, evaluate visited attractions, travel reports, we also have interesting facts for many people.


Airport transfers are a pleasure with us.


Many satisfied people have rated us highly for the highest quality of taxi services, travel comfort or hourly car rental with a driver.


This high rating is no accident, but our hard work that we have been doing in taxi transfer services for years.


Become our next satisfied customer.


Order your transport today.

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