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VIP Transport

VIP transport & Luxury Taxi


What is the VIP service? Often in American movies we see a picture of a couple of businessmen getting out of a long white limousine in front of some casino or expensive hotel.


We may think it's because it's a service only for a Prada-wearing customer wearing the latest Versace collection and eating only at Micheline-starred restaurants.


Nothing could be more wrong.


VIP transportation is for everyone


Of course, if necessary, we will help organize transport by Bentley or Rolka Rolka. We can arrange a private helicopter. We can organize the transport of your friends in a comfortable 6-seater Mercedes V-Class directly to your yacht.


For us, everyone is a VIP


Under the name of VIP, we offer you transport with increased comfort.

Instead of the Passat station wagon, a black Mercedes, Audi or BMW will come for you.

The driver will be dressed in a white, perfectly ironed shirt and your favorite music will play in the background if you wish.


We delegate only the best and most experienced drivers who know at least one international language for this service.

This is a service that will be useful to anyone who needs to go to an important business meeting or wedding ceremony.


Sometimes an ordinary yellow taxi is not enough, sometimes you need something more in transport to the airport or hotel.


In what situations will the VIP taxi service be useful to you?


  • transport of a business client, when you need to order a pick-up from the airport of your key client.

  • transport of speakers, when you need to organize transport for key people to the fair or conference area.

  • Picking up wedding guests When you want to impress your mother-in-law, there's nothing better than bringing her in a black Mercedes S-class.

  • airport shuttle, do you run a luxury hotel or spa? Or maybe a prestigious dental clinic? send our limousine for your client.  

As you can see, VIP transport is not only a white wedding limousine.


Renting a car with a chauffeur is often an investment in your image, and sometimes comfort that you can afford.


What cars transport our customers in the VIP standard on a daily basis?


Our company focuses on cooperation only with the best partners.


Most often for transport we use:


  • Mercedes E-class S-class V-class

  • BMW 5-series 7-series

  • Audi A6 A8

  • VW Arteon Caravelle Multivan


Our company can organize one-time transport of more people. We will do it using buses and coaches provided by our partners.


How to order a VIP transfer to the airport or limousine rental with a driver?


  • Call us, our consultant will provide you with an offer tailored to your needs.

  • Write an e-mail, contrary to appearances, it is still one of the best forms of contact. write exactly what you need and we will prepare a car rental offer with a driver for you.

  • use the contact form, for a simple order such as hotel pick-up or transfers to/from the airport, just use our contact form. Just indicate that it must be a VIP transport and who will be the payer, the passenger or your company.

  • use whatsapp or telegram, they are very secure, security and privacy conscious messengers. Write when and where and our company will provide a car with a driver.


Don't wait, don't hesitate. VIP transport is for everyone, you certainly don't have to be a millionaire.


Order the best transfer today.

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