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Paczki i przesy艂ki
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Szybka przesy艂ka taks贸wk膮 rusza w drog臋(1).webp

Taxi as a courier, Fast parcel - express shipments


There are situations in which ordering a courier is impossible, there are shipments that need to be delivered by express.

Often important documents that need to be delivered to the contractor before the end of the day.


In the times of parcel machines and international courier companies that carry out shipments even in 24 hours,

there will still be situations where it is too long.

Fast parcel is the transport of any shipment from your doorstep directly to the recipient's hands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Thanks to this service, you are able to deliver your product or documents as quickly as you would do it yourself, with the difference that we will do it for you.

Fast taxi parcel

door to door

What is the advantage of delivering parcels by taxi?


Taxi shipments differ from standard services offered by courier companies mainly in the delivery time.

When ordering a package or letter to be transported by taxi, you can do it now.

None of the leading courier companies have such a service.


  • The shipment in the taxi is as safe as if it were a person and not a parcel.

  • The package is transported in an air-conditioned, heated car, which is important when transporting some sensitive products.

  • The journey is monitored on an ongoing basis, you can contact the driver at any time, and if necessary, we will provide you with GPS.


Taxi document transport service what does it give me?


  • Imagine that you have to close an important project today and for that you need the original signature of the client from the other end of the city or even the province. You can go in person, but how much is your time worth?

  • We will take your documents for you, if there is such an order, we will ensure the signature and deliver them back immediately.


You can work or rest during this time, you don't have to waste your precious time in the car.


What is the pick-up and delivery time?


Even for just 5 minutes, we just can't do yesterday.


The pick-up time depends on the availability of cars, we work with some of the best taxi partners.

From accepting the order to collecting the shipment by the driver usually does not pass more than 10-20 minutes. The easiest way to calculate the delivery time is to simulate the route in Google maps.


Although remember that our drivers are the best professionals, they often know the city better than the best navigation.


What are the restrictions on transporting parcels by taxi?


Transportation of shipments is carried out by passenger taxis, sometimes these are premium cars. Now we'll pick up your package in half an hour, the businessman will put a freshly laundered suit on the seat.


  • The package must not be dirty

  • The shipment must fit in the passenger cabin or trunk

  • The shipment has no right to damage the vehicle

  • We do not transport animals without a guardian

  • We do not transport chemicals and ADR

  • The shipment should not be too heavy

  • What is the price of fast taxi courier services?


Taxi courier price list:


Taxi shipments - in the Tri-City, the cost of transport from PLN 50

Taxi shipments - from/to the Tri-City throughout Poland cost from 3 PLN/km

Taxi shipments - international service price from PLN 2.5/km

Taxi shipments - to Russia the offer is set individually, for example Gda艅sk - Kaliningrad 150 EUR

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