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Cennik Taxi Gdańsk tanie taxi w trojmiescie

Price list Taxi Gdansk & Airport Transfer


The best Gdansk Airport taxi services, at the best prices, always in excellent quality


  • Are you looking for transport from Gdańsk GDN Airport to the Hotel?

  • You need to organize transport for seafarers, and a regular taxi will not help with border guard formalities?

  • Do you need a comfortable ride from Poland to one of the European cities?

  • Or maybe you just need a reliable taxi…?


Through years of experience and development of the taxi company, we know how different the needs and expectations of customers ordering rides are.


For one customer, it is only important to get from point A to point B, another customer needs a black Mercedes, and another customer has to organize a ride for 8 employees, each with several large suitcases plus specialized tools.


Today, we are able to meet almost all, even the most unobvious challenges faced by our wonderful clients.


We are proud that over the past few years our cars have visited almost all major ports and shipyards of the Baltic Sea, from Tallinn to Kiel.


We are constantly present in the Tri-City with "Taxi to the airport" services, with us you can order a trip from the hotel to the station, a "business class" bus from the expo to the center or a comfortable station wagon with a course to the airport.


With us you can order a taxi from anywhere in Kashubia at any time of the day or night. We have prepared an attractive travel price list based on lump sum prices. We have an automatic online booking system.


Some of our drivers have a visa allowing them to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, which allows us to service the Khrabrovo KGD airport and the port in Bałtyjsk. We regularly carry out orders for bus and taxi rides from Kaliningrad.


We carry out crew exchanges on the Kiel Canal, not only while locking, but also taking into account the "handover" during the journey between Brunsbüttel and Kiel.


During pickups from any airport in Europe, our drivers are always waiting with a welcome card in the arrivals hall terminal, no matter if it is the local airport in Bydgoszcz BZG or the huge Amsterdam-Schiphol AMS.


Do not wait, order the best Rabbit-Trans taxi now.

Image by Mathieu Turle

Price list

1 / Gdansk Airport Lech Wałęsa - local transfer 

Airport transfer from/to the hotel, apartment or to the indicated address in the city:

  • Gdańsk 25 EUR

  • Sopot 30 EUR

  • Gdynia 40 EUR

  • Kartuzy 40 EUR

  • Wejcherowo 50 EUR

  • Tczew 55 EUR

  • Kościerzyna 55 EUR

  • Władysławowo 65 EUR

  • Stegna / Stutthof 65 EUR

  • Lębork 65 EUR

  • Elbląg 75 EUR

  • Bytów 85 EUR

  • Łeba 85 EUR

  • Hel / Półwysep Helski 100 EUR

  • Malbork Castle Trip 110 EUR

2 / Gdańsk Sopot Gdynia - short distance
Airport transfer from/to the hotel, apartment or to the indicated address in the city:

  • Słupsk 110 EUR

  • Grudziądz 110 EUR

  • Braniewo - Mamonowo 2 PL  / Grzechotki RU 110 EUR

  • Bezledy - Bagrationowsk PL  / Bartoszyce 150 EUR

  • Chojnice / Miastko 120 EUR

  • Ustka 120 EUR

  • Ostruda 130 EUR

3 / Tricity / Gdansk Airport - medium distance
Airport / intercity transfer from any address in the "Tricity" of Gdansk Sopot Gdynia to any place in the city:

  • ​Bydgoszcz 140 EUR

  • Toruń 140 EUR

  • Olsztyn 150 EUR

  • Koszalin / Mielno 150 EUR

  • Kołobrzeg 170 EUR

  • Szczecinek / Czaplinek 170 EUR

  • Poznań 240 EUR

  • Szczecin 250 EUR

  • Kalliningrad 200 EUR

  • Świnoujście /  Międzyzdroje 260 EUR

  • Warszawa 260 EUR

  • Suwałki / Budzisko 280 EUR

  • Białystok / Kuźnica / Bobrowniki 300 EUR

4 / Tricity / Gdansk Airport - long distance
Airport / intercity transfer from any address in the "Tricity" of Gdansk Sopot Gdynia to any place in the city:

  • Kibarty 300 EUR

  • Berlin 340 EUR

  • Wrocław 340 EUR

  • Katowice 360 EUR

  • Lublin / Dorohusk 360 EUR

  • Kraków 380 EUR

  • Rügen / Sassnitz 390 EUR

  • Rostock / Wismar 430 EUR

  • Rzeszów / Korczowa / Hrebenne 450 EUR

  • Wilno / Kowno 450 EUR

  • Rostock / Rugen / Wilno 400 EUR

  • Kłajpeda 470 EUR

  • Hamburg / Kilonia / Brunsbüttel 520 EUR

  • Wiedeń / Bratysława / Budapeszt 550 EUR

  • Bremerhaven / Brema / Franfurkt am Main 620 EUR

  • Kolonia / Düsseldorf / Essen / Dortmund / Bonn 620 EUR

  • Esbjerg / Odense / Emden 660 EUR

  • Talin / Ryga / Monachium / Stuttgard 700 EUR

  • Amsterdam / Rotterdam / Antwerpia 770 EUR

  • Calais / Dunkierka / Wenecja / Triest 960 EUR

5 / Regular routes
Price for one seat

  • Berlin - Kaliningrad 130 EUR

  • Gdańsk - Kaliningrad  100 EUR

  • Gdańsk - Berlin 120 EUR

Transport taxi do Kaliningradu


Direct trip to Kaliningrad only 200 EUR.​

torby na zakupy kobieta oddaniem do Valet
Van Bus Mercedes vito v-class Transfer 8 pax

Cars with seats for 1 to 8 passengers

Our cars are always perfectly tailored to your needs.


  • When you have more suitcases, report it to us and we will deliver a station wagon, it will also be useful when you need to transport a pram or wheelchair.

  • You and your friends went on a joint trip, order a comfortable 6-seater minivan.

  • Especially for customers who need comfortable and capacious long-distance transport, we have prepared buses for 7-8 passengers in the Long and SuperLong versions.

najlepsze ceny na transfery lotniskowe gdańsk


When you order transport from us for yourself, for your friends or employees;

  • You always have the final price for the entire service, there will never be a situation that we will ask you for a surcharge after completing the journey.

  • The price always includes all tolls, vignettes, parking fees, taxes and commissions.

  • In some long-distance transport offers, accommodation and a diet for the driver are included

Our pricing policy is fair, reasonable earnings for the best service we can provide, thanks to which many customers have already trusted us.

dziecięce foteliki samochodowe w gdanskich taksowkach

Child seat

The safety and comfort of our passengers is always paramount.

Especially for parents, we have prepared an offer of transport in a child seat or on a booster seat.

Some of our cars are equipped with a taxi function, thanks to which, according to Polish regulations, children do not have to travel in special seats, but our company recommends using special seats for babies or children's chairs, as well as pads for slightly older children.

All our cars have IsoFix mounts.

szcześliwy pies biegnący do zamówionej taksówki


Have you traveled with your dog or cat?

It's great because we love animals, both small and large.

Among our drivers there are guides and guardians of dogs, cats, horses or rodents, reptiles and even aquarium fish.

When you travel with your pet, tell us and we will prepare the best transport for you.

  • For security reasons, we may ask you to use a transporter.

  • For larger animals we will prepare a van or station wagon.

  • For transport requiring special preparation for a large animal, we may ask you for a 10% surcharge.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Description - Taxi Gdansk & Transfer Europe


The safety of our passengers is the most important thing!


We are perfectly aware of how important your safety, comfort and time are.


  • Our drivers are experienced, have all current tests, certificates and licenses.

  • Our cars meet the highest quality standards, are always kept in perfect technical condition and impeccably clean.

  • At the customer's request, the car will be equipped with a child seat, a booster seat, and if necessary, we will prepare to transport even a large dog or a small cat.


How to get the best shipping price from us?


  • Check the price list, below we have placed a simplified list of flat-rate prices from the most frequented places in Europe.

  • click Order Online, we are constantly developing our system for ordering a taxi without contact. In this tab you have the prices for travel on many popular local and foreign routes.

  • send the Contact Form, indicate in it that you are asking for a quote. We never send a taxi without agreeing the details with you.

  • Call us, our consultant will need a few moments to present you our taxi price list, suggest current promotions, accept the order.

  • Write an e-mail, we like this contact very much, you can write to us in any language. Our employee will write you back quickly even at late hours.

  • use Tripadvisor, we are constantly adding our most popular services there. Thanks to that you can order a taxi ride to the airport or from the hotel to the train station.

  • find us on Social Media, the world is changing and so is Rabbit-Trans. We are present in the most popular places, such as Facebook, Telegram, Linkedin.

What are the payment methods?


  • Payment by card, with our drivers you can easily pay with your card. We support the most popular payment systems, including Visa, Mastercard, Blik, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

  • In a foreign currency, our driver will easily accept payment in any currency convertible in exchange offices "a small fee will be charged, the rest will be spent in PLN".

  • Deferred payment, for business customers we will issue an invoice with a deferred payment date.

  • Cash, still a very popular and liked form of payment. We accept payment in PLN and EUR.

Moreover, when paying in advance, we guarantee security and enable refunds in the event of a trip not completed. Whenever you notify us of a canceled flight or change of plans, we will refund 100% of the money or change the order as agreed. (100% refund does not apply if the customer does not notify us in advance of the changes!).

What should you know about our services?


  • Additional fees, all tariffs, road and parking fees are always included in the price of the order.

  • Free waiting, you always have a minimum of an hour included in the price of your order, don't worry about your delay. Our driver controls the real arrival time according to Flyradar.

  • Flexibility, we will always adapt a taxi vehicle to your requirements, visit the services tab and find out more about what we can offer you.

  • Guarantee of price stability, an obvious matter for us, although we know that the competition often uses dynamic prices. When we agree on a price for picking up passengers, this price is always 100% constant. you don't have to worry that the driver will add something at the end of the trip.

Over the years of development of Rabbit-Trans Poland, we have managed to transport countless satisfied passengers. We have never competed with the cheapest companies on the market, but we always try to be better than those who are the best.

Check the Airport Taxi Price List and Order Rabbit-Trans Poland now
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