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FAQ Taxi - Frequently asked questions and answers


This page was created to answer the most frequently asked questions to dispel your doubts.


This is a collection of questions and answers about taxi services, intended to help solve any problems and clarify the rules.

It includes questions about everything from availability to service costs to payment options.

We want each of our clients to have the best possible impression and use our services without fear.

Therefore, we try to be as friendly as possible to our customers, so that they can feel at ease when using our service.

If you have any other questions or comments regarding our offer, international passenger transport and other services offered by our company:


We encourage you to use the comments and opinions tab at the bottom of the page and to contact us directly.

If any doubts have not been resolved here, we also run a blog where interesting articles are regularly added, often answering even the biggest doubts.

Mężczyzna biegnie asfaltową droga pod górę

FAQ - The most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Table of Contents:

  1. How does ordering a taxi online work ? 

  2. How can I check if my order is accepted? 

  3. When should I pay for a taxi ride? 

  4. Can I pay for a ride with a card? 

  5. How are taxi fares charged? 

  6. What route will the driver take? 

  7. Can I order a taxi Gdańsk for now and when will it arrive? 

  8. Where can I order a Taxi and where is a Transfer and what is the difference? 

  9. Do you allow pets in the taxi? 

  10. When can the driver refuse to perform the carriage? 

  11. How much earlier can I cancel a term order? 

  12. Do you have any discounts for regular customers?

  13. Do you have child seats in your cars? 

  14. What is the maximum amount and size of luggage? 

  15. What should I do to receive an invoice? 

  16. What is the waiting time for an invoice?

  17.  Where can I file a complaint?

  18. How long does it take to process a complaint?

  19. Where can I ask about transporting more people?

  20. I want to order a taxi for another person and I would like to pay for it, how do I do it?

  21. Zone I and II for taxi, tariff III and IV, what is it and when is it used? 

  22. What if the taxi breaks down during the transfer? 

  23. What documents do I need when traveling abroad? 

  24. What if one of the passengers is reversed at the border? 


1. How does ordering a taxi online work ?

Ordering a taxi directly via the application or via contact forms has recently become very popular.

To order a taxi without having to call, all you need to do is:

  1. Order Online tab . 

  2. You will fill in the fields in the order carefully.

  3. You choose the payment method or indicate that you will pay the driver when he collects.

  4. If there are any ambiguities, our consultant will contact you.

  5. Let's go!


2. How can I check if my order is accepted?

  • If you have correctly completed the Contact Form or sent the order by e-mail - you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail, telephone number or WhatsApp . 

  • If we have any doubts or questions about the address or pick-up time - we will contact you immediately .

  • In the confirmation, we usually send exact contact details to the driver, car number and instructions if needed.


3. When do I have to pay for a taxi ride?

  • If you use the taxi standard or Airport Taxi Gdańsk / Kaszuby premises - it will be most convenient to make the payment at the end of the course.

  • In the case of fixed-route journeys with a flat-rate price , you can easily make payments at the beginning of the course, or even a few days in advance.

  • Taxi Gdańsk rides on non-standard routes based on the indication of the taximeter - we always pay after the end of the ride.


4. Can I pay by card?

  • In our taxis you can easily pay with a credit card. We accept almost all credit and debit cards in the world. We cooperate with the Polcard operator - the largest Polish company in the cashless payment industry.

  • In the case of intercity and international transfers, the form of payment will be agreed before the start of the journey.

  • Currently, due to sanctions, we do not support Russian payment cards.


5. How are taxi fares calculated?

  • The vast majority (about 90%) of our journeys are based on a price known in advance (before the transfer starts).

  • In the case of a non-standard route, the price of the trip will be based on the indications of a legalized taximeter that our cars are equipped with.

  • In the case of orders in which it will be necessary to use a taximeter to calculate the cost of travel, you will be informed about it.


6. What route will the driver take?

Our drivers always choose the most optimal routes in terms of travel time and comfort.

  • When possible, we choose motorways and expressways to further increase safety travel and also reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Thanks to setting the fare before the start of the journey, the driver is not obliged to choose the shortest route in terms of distance, when he considers that another is more optimal .

  • In the case of journeys priced based on taximeter indications, the driver is obliged to choose the shortest possible route , although optimal - in accordance with the art. In the event of a justified need to choose a route with a longer distance, the driver will justify the decision and ask the passenger for consent.


7. Can I order a Taxi Gdańsk for now and when will it arrive?

Orders carried out as a taxi service can be carried out in the "for now" formula. The arrival time of the car depends on the availability of free drivers.

Nevertheless, our company strongly focuses on travel booked in advance .

Examples of minimum cancellation periods:

  • When carrying out airport transfers, we recommend booking about 3-4 hours before the planned journey. 

  • For intercity orders, we recommend placing the order approximately 6 hours before the start of the trip. 

  • distance orders, please allow 12 hours in advance .

  • In orders sent "for now" we cannot guarantee 100% of available cars.


8. Where can I order a Taxi and Transfer and what is the difference?

  • Most of our cars are equipped with a taximeter and a set of documents needed to complete orders.

  • All intercity and international transfers - which do not start or end in the Tri-City area - are carried out as passenger transport.


For simplicity, it can be said that Taxi is a journey calculated using a taximeter, and when the price is set before the start of the journey, it is a Transfer - transport of people.

9. Are pets allowed in the taxi?

  • We will carry out the journeys with your companion without the slightest problem. 

  • Large dogs will be placed in a luggage compartment adapted for this purpose.

  • Small dogs can travel freely on the owner's lap or in the owner's carrier.

  • cats in the owner's transporters intended for their transport.

  • other animals in specialized carriers of the owner.

  • The passenger is responsible for the transported pet and for the damage it will cause in case of neglect. 

  • The driver is obliged to adapt the car as far as technically possible to the individual needs of the customer, but without providing specialized transporters or other items.

  • The passenger is obliged to provide specialized equipment or transporters if they are necessary for safe transport.


We emphasize that our priority is always the comfort and safety of our travelers. It doesn't matter if they have two legs, four or no legs at all. When traveling with animals, we need information in advance to provide a vehicle adapted for such transport. Our drivers are the best specialists, but they are still people, please keep in mind that there are also people with allergies to animals among them.

10. When can a driver refuse carriage?

The driver in special circumstances may, and even is obliged to refuse to perform the service - these are situations related to his safety and responsibility for the vehicle. 

This is described in detail in the regulations for the provision of taxi services in the city of Gdańsk " RESOLUTION NO. LV/1609/18 OF THE GDAŃSK CITY COUNCIL of June 28, 2018." .

The most important points:

  • If the driver finds that the passenger or the items carried by the passenger may pose a threat or damage the vehicle, he may refuse to provide the service. 

  • If the passenger's behavior indicates that he is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. In practice - if the passenger is in such a condition and the driver considers the ride dangerous or fears that the vehicle will get dirty. 

  • If a passenger behaves vulgarly or indecently. 

  • If the service requested by the passenger exceeds the possibilities provided for in the transport license held by the driver or is prohibited by other regulations. 

Link to the original PDF resolution


11. How much earlier can I cancel a futures order?

We are well aware that plans can change from hour to hour. By ordering a ride with us, you can easily cancel it without incurring additional costs.

The only condition is that it does not generate the cost of travel or preparation for the trip by the driver on our side.

  • When you book a ride with us - the driver is assigned to him and booked about 3 hours before your arrival.

  • For intercity journeys, we prepare a daily schedule for the driver, adapting it to this work.

  • When you book an international journey on a long route - the driver must prepare the car in advance, but also rest himself so that the service is performed safely.

If the cancellation of the work commissioned to us will not involve costs incurred by us or loss of potential earnings, in such a situation we will refund 100% of the paid service. In other situations, we will always negotiate with you a mutually satisfactory solution, you can rest assured.

When no refund is due:

  • Canceling a trip when the driver is already on his way to pick up a passenger.

  • The driver has been waiting for the passenger for some time at the address indicated.

Each situation will always be considered by us individually. More details can be found in the regulations.

12. Do you have any discounts for regular customers?

Our company is constantly developing dynamically, expanding its offer and increasing the number of additional options.

We have some cool solutions for regular customers:

  1. Loyalty program for customers through the online ordering application . Every PLN 10 spent gives you PLN 1 for the next ride ordered via the Order online tab .

  2. Return fare discount . When you order a return trip, you can count on a return trip discount in the range of 20% to even 50%. The condition for taking advantage of this promotion is that it was a return trip with the driver who was driving you. For short distances, we assume a wait of about 3-4 hours for the return journey. In long-distance routes, we negotiate the conditions individually.

  3. Flat rate price table - Business. If our cooperation consists in regular journeys, we will agree mutually beneficial conditions with you. Most often, we set a flat-rate price list for regular routes, valid throughout the calendar year.

  4. Occasional promotions. We not only pamper regular customers. We regularly run promotional campaigns for specific services and give away discount codes. It is worth following our website and social media channels.


13. Do you have child seats in your cars?

In our company , we care about safety , it is always our top priority. And when it comes to the safety of children, what could be more important?

  • At the customer's request, the vehicle will be equipped with a child seat or a booster seat .

  • Due to significant individual differences (e.g. child's age, weight), please always inform us about the required seat when placing an order .

  • Please note that our drivers do not carry car seats or boosters with them on a daily basis for logistical reasons, but they are always equipped with isofix mounts .

According to the regulations applicable to taxi drivers, it is not obligatory for the driver to use seat belts in a taxi car and to transport children in child seats. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend both solutions.

14. What is the maximum amount and size of baggage?

  • We do not specify the maximum amount or size of luggage you can carry. When ordering transport from us, you have the entire cargo space in the ordered vehicle at your disposal.

  • The only restrictions are the need not to exceed the permissible total weight.

  • Luggage may be transported in the passenger compartment only after the driver has consented to it and the basic safety rules have been met .

  • In order to facilitate our work and minimize doubts, it is worth informing us in advance about: the quantity, type and type of luggage carried .

We will certainly offer you the right size vehicle.


15. What should I do to receive an invoice?

  • If you need an invoice , please let us know and we will issue it immediately . We will need a complete set of company details along with the NIP number or other identification numbers that are locally present in the country where the company is registered.

  • When the settlement will take place in prepayment, we will send you an invoice or bill with details for making the payment. In this situation, we need the invoice data at the stage of placing the order.

  • In the case of periodic settlements , the invoice will be automatically issued always at the end of the settlement period specified in the contract .

  • The driver is not able to issue an invoice on the spot - w in the case of trips in the "Taxi Gdańsk" standard, calculated on the basis of taximeter indications. At the end of the trip, a bill will be issued, the driver will ask you for invoice details and address or e-mail details. An invoice will be sent to these details.  

To sum up, if you need an invoice, please let us know as soon as possible.


16. What is the waiting time for an invoice?

  • The invoice will be issued and sent immediately on the next business day after the request is submitted. No later than 7 business days from the date of delivery of the complete data set by the customer.

  • When the customer decides to send the document in the form of a paper original, please take into account the time for delivery by registered mail.


17. Where can I file a complaint?

Dear customers, your safety, comfort and satisfaction are the most important for us. These are not empty marketing phrases for us, but this is the philosophy on which we build our company.

We greatly appreciate your positive comments, but we are aware that everyone can slip up from time to time.

  • When the situation is serious - please call immediately, write an SMS or send a message on the instant messenger . The reaction time with this form of contact will be the fastest.

  • When the situation is not so serious that we have to intervene immediately - the best form of contact will be to send an e-mail with a detailed description of the situation. If you have any additional evidence, recordings or photographs, helpful in assessing what happened - please include them in the message to us.

  • Please also share your opinions in the comments section of our website. The section is constantly moderated and we will certainly react to what appears there.

Your experiences are very important to us. Although we do not have monitoring in vehicles that are often with you on the expensive end of Europe, without your opinion on how the journey went, we will not detect potential errors or irregularities. We value your opinion, including criticism, which will allow us to become even better at what we do.

18. How long does it take to process a complaint?

We take matters related to complaints very seriously. If there was any indication that one of our drivers did something unprofessional or there was a failure in the IT system or another problem on our side:

  • Each complaint is always treated individually .

  • take action immediately after receiving information about irregularities.

  • Due to the complexity of some cases, we reserve a 30-day period to consider particularly difficult cases .


19. Where can I ask about transporting more people?

Group trips and service for special events, i.e. weddings, conferences, events , fairs, employee events, etc., are one of our specialties.

  • Please first familiarize yourself with the description of the services on the subpage dedicated to each of them . There we describe in detail our offer and the method of booking.

  • If you have any questions - please contact us - our employee will explain to you how we carry out transport, whether a car, bus or coach will be optimal . He will explain all the important aspects of our service.


20. I want to order a taxi for another person and I would like to pay for it, how do I do it?

  • If you are a new customer , you will be asked to make a transfer or pay for the trip in advance.

  • When you order a ride, which at the initial stage we will not be able to price due to the need to use a taximeter, we will ask you to pay the maximum amount for which we agree, and after the end of the ride, an invoice or bill will be sent to you and the remaining amount will be refunded.

  • For regular customers and companies with signed contracts , we offer settlement with collective invoices after the work is done. Payment can be made using all available forms.


21. Zones I and II for taxi, tariff III and IV, what is it and when is it used?

  • When you order a trip from us, calculated on the basis of taximeter readings, the driver will have to manually activate a legalized and sealed measuring device.

  • Taximeters differ in appearance or additional functions. All devices operating in Poland operate in accordance with the guidelines described in the "Road Transport Act".


There are four tariffs in our country.

  1. city fare. Used at from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. on weekdays, in the area of the town indicated in the license held by the taxi driver.

  2. Night/holiday tariff . Used between 22.00 and 6.00, in the town indicated in the license, during holidays inscribed in red in the calendar and on all Sundays.

  3. Identical to tariff 1 - with the difference that it is valid from the moment crossing the administrative border of the city.

  4. Identical to tariff 2 - the driver will start it evenly after exceeding it border of the town entered in the license .



  • Fares are selected manually by the driver.

  • The driver, if he has a business license (e.g. in two cities between which the journey is conducted), has no right to use tariffs 3 and 4.

  • Tariffs 3 and 4 are the so-called return, compensating the driver for leaving the zone in which he can work.

  • Travel based on a taxi license can only take place "to" or "from the zone" which is included in the license.


22. What if the taxi breaks down during the transfer?

You can never predict random events. Our drivers always try to minimize the probability of a failure. We always drive safely and vigilantly, but even the best driver can have the unexpected.

  • If the situation that happened makes it impossible to continue driving the vehicle or the repair on the road will take too much time:

  • We will immediately send the nearest vehicle to complete the transport.

  • If something happens far away from our base, we will organize replacement transport .

Our vehicles and our work are fully insured.


23. What documents do I need when traveling abroad?

  • In most places in the EU , the Schengen zone applies, which allows us to move without border control , only upon presentation of a document with a photo (i.e. ID card or passport). It is very important that it is a physical document confirming identity and citizenship recognized in the Member States .

  • Only - ID card and Passport. 

  • Note : Driving license, payment card, e-ID in the application, military book - are not recognized as documents confirming identity.

  • When traveling outside the Schengen area , it is worth getting information on the website of the border guard or the website of the Ministry of the Interior in the country you are traveling to. Other countries have a set of individual regulations and international contracts.

(For example: Cyprus is outside the Schengen area, but allows travel only on presentation of an identity card - a passport is not required).


Traveling from/to Russia

  • Upon entering the territory of the Russian Federation, you will be asked to present your Passport with the Visa in it .

  • On the other hand, when traveling from Russia to the EU, you must have a set of documents. What these documents are , due to dynamic changes, it is best to find out on an ongoing basis before the planned trip.

In the current situation, it is worth making sure by contacting us or the border guard whether any new changes or restrictions have been introduced within a few days.


24. What if one of the passengers is backed up at the border?

  • In the case of multi -passenger transport , when one of the passengers is not allowed to cross the border, the remaining passengers will complete the journey. The passenger will be escorted back to the country from which he/she came by an employee of the Border Guard.

  • If the transport takes place in a family group or a decision is made not to separate passengers , we will determine individually whether the driver will return to the place of departure, whether a different route will be chosen and the issue of financing will be determined .

  • If a passenger is not allowed to pass, we consider this fact to be the fault of the passenger. In this case , no refund is due . Nevertheless, each event will always be considered individually.

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