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Widok na miasto Hel mieszczace sie na samym koncu półwyspu helskiego

Taxi Hel - Gdańsk

Imagine you've just spent a wonderful day in Hel, filled with sun and sea adventures. Now, as dusk falls, you face a choice: how to get back to Gdańsk smoothly and comfortably? The train is crowded and takes an excruciatingly long time, and a bus without air conditioning is quite a horror.

Fortunately, we've prepared something just for you. Because we know there's nothing better than a plan. This plan could be a pre-arranged taxi driver, who is just pulling up for you.

What is the taxi transfer service from Hel to Gdańsk?

Our taxi services from Hel to Gdańsk are not just a simple ride, but a guarantee of a safe and pleasant journey, aiming not only to move from point A to point B, but also to experience an unforgettable journey with views of the Polish coast.

Whether it's a quick business trip or a relaxing return from a holiday break, our taxi adapts to your individual needs, ensuring comfort, safety, and reliability. Treat yourself to a bit of comfort and convenience, choosing our transfer service from Hel to Gdańsk.

Safety and your comfort are priorities, our vehicles are regularly serviced and equipped with air conditioning to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The drivers are always experienced professionals, who know every road, ensuring that your journey is smooth and without unnecessary delays.

What makes individual transport from Gdańsk to Hel stand out?

Adapting to your needs is not a challenge, but our daily routine. Need extra space for luggage? Or are you traveling with a small child and need a child seat? Let us know in advance, and we will tailor our services to your individual needs.

Booking and Flexibility have never been so easy. The booking process is easy and intuitive. You can do it online using a form, by phone, or email. Moreover, we are super flexible, working 24/7, so we can adjust to your schedule, no matter the time of day or night.

Affordable prices and clear rules are our next strong point. Our prices are competitive and transparent. There are no hidden fees, asterisks, or small print. Every ride is priced upfront, so you know exactly how much you will pay at the booking stage.


Price list


500 PLN / 125 EUR

Bus 6 Pax

630 PLN /  160 EUR 

Bus 7-8 Pax

680 PLN / 170 EUR

* The given price applies to travel from/to the airport. Lech Wałęsa in Gdańsk Rębiechowo from any point in the Hel commune and any place on the Hel Peninsula

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