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Transfer from kaliningrad to berlin

Regular bus line from Kaliningrad to Berlin

We are aware that individual long-distance transport is not affordable.


When we talk about the journey from Kaliningrad to Berlin via Gdańsk, the distance to be covered is almost 700 kilometers and about 10-12 hours by car. By ordering individual transport for one person, we can often exceed the budget reserved for such a trip.


In such situations, we offer shuttle buses on a regular line.

Transports are operated by 7-8 passenger comfortable buses, thanks to which we are able to offer much shorter travel times compared to a standard coach.


We work with several trustworthy carriers serving this line. If you are interested, write to us when planning your trip and we will find the most convenient date for you.


When traveling with us, our partners always provide the highest standard of Rabbit-Trans AirportTaxi & Transfer.

What will my transport to Germany look like?


After booking a place in our bus, you will receive information about the place of departure.


In Kaliningrad, it is usually a parking lot in front of the "Kaliningrad-Passazhirskij" railway station in Belin, while Parking Lidl near the Berlin ZOO station, parking lot at the Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt airport or around Alexaderplatz.


Do not worry. You will receive from us the exact location and time as well as a complete set of information needed for your trip.


The route is Departure from Kaliningrad - Border Grzechotki/Mamonowo 2 - Gdańsk - Border Kołbaskowo - Berlin, after a few hours of rest, the driver takes the next passengers on the way back. In some journeys, the driver may be changed, we do it for safety reasons so that the bus is always driven by rested drivers.


How much is a seat on the bus to Berlin?


Traveling by bus on the Berlin - Kaliningrad line is different from individual international taxi transport. When ordering transport, you pay not for renting a car, but for a single seat.


The ticket price for bus connections varies depending on the standard of the service and additional options purchased.


On the most popular connection Berlin-Gdańsk-Kaliningrad in the standard option the ticket price is; approx. 120 euros per seat


  • When booking a place on the bus, we do not charge you a booking fee.

  • Cancellation does not involve any additional fees for you.

  • You can pay for the journey directly with the driver in cash in euros, pln, rubles or by Visa or Mastercard.

  • It is possible to pay by bank transfer, 100% refund if you cancel the ride 12 hours before the start.

  • We issue VAT invoices and receipts


How often do the buses from Kaliningrad to Berlin run?


The frequency of the service depends on the demand for passenger transport to/from Germany. During the transport peak, we send 2-3 eight-passenger buses even three times a week. During periods of lower demand, we run once a week.


What do I need to know before going on a trip?


The travel time is about 10-12 hours but it can be longer due to queues at the border. When planning trips, we try to cross the Polish-Russian border at night or early in the morning. Nevertheless, in an extreme situation, the journey may be extended by up to 4-6 hours.


On the way to or back from Berlin, the driver will stop several times to rest as needed. Please report the need for a stop in advance and we will definitely find a convenient place.


It is the passenger's responsibility to; having a set of documents and permits needed to cross the border with you. In case of uncertainty, please contact us and our consultant will help you.


Russia is currently burdened with additional sanctions. Before starting your journey, please check whether your baggage contains goods subject to sanctions or transport limits.


What are the additional options when ordering a ride?


Many of our customers ask about additional options that can be added when ordering a ticket. We always care about your satisfaction with the transport. The most popular add-ons are.


  • Child seat or booster seat

  • Transporting a small animal

  • Purchase of three seats - for the recumbent configuration

  • Free Transfer to Kaliningrad Khrabrovo airport

  • If you are interested in any other additional option, please contact us and we will try to configure our website so that you are satisfied.


Book your ticket for transport from Kaliningrad to Berlin today.

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