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Turyści zwiedzający Gdańsk podczas całodniowej Wycieczki

Sightseeing Tours and Exploration

Sightseeing tours represent a unique form of tourism that allows you to see a variety of different places and attractions in a short time. They are characterized by a dynamic pace and a varied program, enabling a deep experience of local culture.

Our taxi company specializes in organizing sightseeing tours that combine the convenience and flexibility of an individual journey with professional guidance and carefully planned routes. Thanks to our offer, tourists like you can enjoy uninterrupted access to well-known attractions as well as discover less obvious but equally fascinating places.

The list of tours you will find below meets the needs of those who want to make the most of their holidays or vacations, while avoiding the difficulties associated with self-planning and organization. Each of our tours is thoughtfully designed to satisfy even the most discerning tourists.

We assure you that traveling with us is not just about visiting the most famous landmarks and attractions, but also a unique opportunity to experience local culture and traditions. Our goal is to create unforgettable memories and impressions that will stay with our clients long after the trip is over.

We encourage you to check out our offer of sightseeing tours of the most important tourist attractions in Pomerania and beyond, and to join the ranks of satisfied tourists who have chosen our company as their guide to the world.

Malbork Castle 🏰… Built in the 13th cent

Join a tour to the Malbork Castle, one of the world's largest medieval castles, a UNESCO heritage site. Discover Gothic architecture and the history of the Teutonic Order. Explore halls, chapels, and courtyards, admiring rich art collections. Experience a remarkable journey through time, uncovering this impressive legacy.


Embark on a moving tour to the Stutthof Museum, located on the site of the former Nazi concentration camp. This historic place allows understanding of the tragic events of World War II. The museum features exhibits and preserved camp structures, testifying to the Holocaust's scale. A visit here is not only a history lesson but also a moment of reflection on human suffering and courage.


See the Upside Down House in Szymbark, a unique attraction that turns the world upside down. This intriguing building surprises not only with its architecture but also amazes and entertains during the visit. The perfect place for those seeking extraordinary experiences.


Visit the Gryf Military Technology Museum, a place where military history comes to life. It's not just an exhibit of military equipment and vehicles, but also an interactive journey through defense technologies. Here you can see tanks, aircraft, and many other attractions up close. And for true enthusiasts, an unforgettable experience: the opportunity to ride in a real tank! It's the perfect destination for anyone wanting to feel a thrill and delve into the military past.

Kaszubski Park Etnograficzny w Wdzydzach

Discover the Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze, a place where you can experience life in ancient times. This open-air museum is a living history lesson, presenting the former life in Kashubia. Exploring authentic cottages, windmills, and farmsteads, you will feel as if transported back in time. The perfect spot for lovers of history and culture.

Lokomotywa w muzeum kolejnictwa w Kościerzynie

Visit the Railway Museum in Kościerzyna, where you can immerse yourself in the rich history of railway transport. The museum presents a huge collection of locomotives and railway carriages from different eras, it is a journey through the evolution of rail travel. A must-see for railway enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

wieloryb w ocean park władyslawowo

Discover Ocean Park in Władysławowo, a fascinating place of education and entertainment for the whole family. It's a theme park where you'll see realistic, life-sized models of sea creatures, exploring and learning about marine life. The perfect choice for sea and nature enthusiasts

Łęba najpiekniejsza-plaza-w-polsce-leba-

Visit the dunes in Łeba, one of the most picturesque and unique attractions on the Polish coast. These shifting sands, creating a true desert landscape, are part of the Słowiński National Park. Walking through the dunes is an unforgettable experience and a perfect opportunity to admire the extraordinary nature.

Dinozaur w Dino Park w Łebie

Discover the Dinosaur Park in Łeba, Experience an exciting adventure for the whole family. This prehistoric-themed park brings dinosaurs to life with life-size models, educational trails, and interactive exhibits. Forget about Jurassic Park, go to Łeba and experience prehistory for yourself.


We invite you to the Kashubian Giants Park in Strysza Buda, where you can meet giant sculptures of fairy-tale characters. This magical place, ideal for families with children, offers not only extraordinary meetings, but also beautiful natural surroundings. Great fun and education in one.

Wilczy_Szaniec koło Ketrzyna

Visit the Wolf's Lair near Kętrzyn, a historic site that was Hitler's headquarters during World War II. Here you will find the remains of bunkers and buildings that witnessed key historical events. It's a harrowing experience for anyone interested in history.


Visit the Aquapark in Reda, the perfect place for family water fun. You'll find slides, pools, jacuzzis, and a relaxation area, ensuring great entertainment and relaxation for all ages. It's an excellent way to actively spend time and escape the everyday routine, regardless of the season or weather outside.

Gokarty pod dachem w Gdańsku wycieczka do E1GOKART.webp

Discover the thrill at the largest indoor go-kart track in this part of Poland - E1GOKART! Feel the adrenaline on the bends and straights of our dynamic course, perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced drivers. Safety ensured by modern equipment and professional staff. An ideal choice for families, groups, and special events. Book now and experience an extraordinary ride full of excitement!

Miasteczko Westernowe Kansas City

Adventure in the Wild West awaits at Kansas City Western Town in Linaczyk! Step back in time to the era of cowboys and saloons. Discover the authentic Western atmosphere with shows, horse riding, and genuine Western fun. The perfect place for families and everyone who wants to experience the feel of the Wild West. Immerse yourself in a world of adventure straight out of American movies!

Kamienne Kręgi w węsiorach

Embark on a fascinating trip to the Stone Circles in Węsiory, known as the Polish Stonehenge. Discover this mysterious place full of historical enigmas, one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Poland. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient cultures and experience the magic of this extraordinary place. Perfect for anyone passionate about history and mysterious locations.

Wycieczka do Strzelnica Perkun Miszewo koło Gdańska

Plan an exciting day with friends at the Perkun Shooting Range in Miszewo! Uncover your shooting skills and taste the adrenaline under the guidance of experienced instructors. Perfect for beginners and advanced shooters. Safe and professional fun guaranteed. Book your adventure today!

Energylandia rollercoster park w Zator koło Krakowa

Discover Energylandia, a family amusement park offering excitement at every turn! Amazing rollercoasters await, including some of the biggest in Europe, providing thrills for the brave. Moreover, the whole family can enjoy a multitude of other attractions, from fairy-tale carousels to a water park. Energylandia is the perfect place for shared moments of joy. Don't miss out on an unforgettable adventure!

Wycieczka do Muzeum obozu koncentracyjnego w Oświęmcimiu

Join us for a moving trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oświęcim, a memorial site honoring Holocaust victims. Visit this historically significant place, where history speaks loudest of unfathomable suffering and human courage. A trip to the former Nazi concentration and extermination camp is a history lesson that stays in the heart and mind. Learn the testimonies of the past, never to be forgotten.

What distinguishes a taxi sightseeing tour from a tour organized by a travel agency

  • Flexibility and Comfort: Our driver will be your private guide, tailoring the tour route to your wishes. You can choose the direction, pace of travel, and the places you want to visit.

  • Local Experience: Our drivers are experts on local attractions. With us, you will discover the most beautiful corners of Pomerania, from the famous cities of the Tri-City to the hidden gems of the region.

  • Unique Attractions: We offer not only sightseeing of landmarks, but also the opportunity to experience local culture and traditions. Each tour is a new story and unforgettable memories.

  • Affordable Prices: Our tours are competitively priced compared to traditional forms of sightseeing, allowing for savings and greater financial flexibility.

Choose our taxi sightseeing tours and discover Poland on your own terms. Unforgettable views, fascinating stories, and a comfortable journey in a friendly atmosphere await you.


Book your adventure today!

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