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Journey to Kaliningrad

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

A short guide for travelers to the Kaliningrad region. From its content you will learn the most important details you need when planning your trip to Russia.


Podróż do Kaliningradu jest na prawdę prosta

Tip 1 - Documents

EU citizens need a valid visa to enter the Kaliningrad region.

Citizens of Ukraine need a valid Passport

"Polish citizens with the right to enter the territory of the Russian Federation are required to obtain a visa at one of the Russian consular offices on the territory of Poland. Depending on the purpose of the planned stay, the following types of visas are issued: tourist, business, work, official, student, private, transit for journalists, for visiting relatives' graves, for relatives of Russian citizens, for traveling for sports, cultural or scientific purposes"

If you are a citizen with a Ukrainian passport, the control guidelines have recently changed. Be prepared for a detailed check on the Russian side by the security service.

Tip 2 - Safety

I have done countless taxi transfers to Kaliningrad or Khrabrovo airport so far. Not once have I had trouble from drivers, police or ordinary Russians encountered in the city.

Not only that, due to the functioning of the automatic control system in circuit 39, the number of police on the roads is significantly smaller than it used to be.

But the Russians, as you can see, drive perfectly even calmer than in Poland.

The fact is that the culture and customs are slightly different and the marking is different in some cases, but such differences are all over the world, where you will not go, you have to take into account other customs.

Traveling around the Kaliningrad region is generally safe.

The hostile attitude towards Poles is a myth, even due to the proximity and frequent visits of the inhabitants of Kaliningrad in Poland, the attitude is in my opinion positive.

Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind the basic safety rules as everywhere in the world.

Tip 3 - Customs Regulations

"Customs regulations do not differ from generally accepted standards.

If you bring a means of transport for a period of up to 2 months, you must declare it at the border customs office. If you are traveling in a vehicle that you do not own, you must have an authorization from the owner translated into Russian.

Selected goods that can be imported into Russia duty-free:

  • alcoholic products (max. 3 l);

  • tobacco products (cigarettes - max. 200 pieces or cigars - max. 50 pieces or tobacco - max. 250 g);

  • products of plant origin (max. 5 kg) and animal origin (max. 5 kg only in the original manufacturer's packaging).

  • Selected goods that can be exported from Russia duty-free:

  • caviar (max. 250 g)

  • fish and seafood (max. 5 kg);

  • fuel (max. 10 l).

  • Import and export of cash - cash and traveller's checks, the total amount of which does not exceed the equivalent of USD 10,000, does not require a customs declaration.

A recent novelty is the limit on exports from the EU - EUR 300 or the equivalent of any European cash, and sanctions related to the export of goods considered luxury.

Similarly, on the Russian side, there is a limit on the export of foreign currency cash from the territory of the Federation.

Regulations and sanctions change from time to time and I recommend checking what are currently in force before leaving.

Tip 4 - Useful Links



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