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Papugarnia Gdańsk, An exotic adventure in the heart of the city

When you think about Gdańsk, you probably imagine picturesque streets, historic buildings and the sound of the waves of the Baltic Sea. But did you know that just a few minutes by taxi from the center of this historic city there is a place where the tropical world is at your fingertips? I invite you to discover Papugarnia in Gdańsk, an exotic oasis where colorful birds fly freely and adventure awaits at every step.

At Papugarnia you will experience more than just observations. This is an interactive journey during which you will have the opportunity not only to see, but also touch and, perhaps surprisingly, talk to fascinating parrots. Every visit here is unique because these intelligent and sociable birds always have something new to offer.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a world full of colors, sounds and surprises? Get ready for an exotic adventure without leaving the city. Fasten your seat belts - we are entering the world of Papugarnia Gdańsk!

Welcome graphic for an article about Papugarnia in Gdańsk, a piece of an exotic world in the center of a Polish city

Parrot house in Gdańsk, Exotic attraction on the Baltic Sea

The parrot house in Gdańsk is a unique place that will take you to the exotic world of colorful and talkative birds, without having to leave the picturesque Tricity. This is an attraction that delights both children and adults, offering direct contact with these fascinating creatures.

When you step inside, you will forget that you are on the Baltic Sea. An environment full of greenery, tropical sounds and, of course, parrots of various colors, from bright green, through turquoise, to vivid red, will create the impression that you have been transported to a completely different world or continent.

The parrot house is not only an opportunity to admire these exotic birds, but also a chance to interact with them. You can feed them and even let them sit on your shoulder or hand, of course under the supervision of experienced caregivers who make sure that both animals and visitors feel safe.

Thanks to this, you can be sure that it is an attraction for children of all ages. And believe me, it's not only for children.

It is also an educational place. You will learn many interesting facts about the life, behavior and needs of parrots. The keepers will be happy to share their knowledge, talking about different species of parrots and their habits, and you will also meet other exotic animals here.

Importantly, the Papugarnia in Gdańsk focuses on the well-being of its winged inhabitants. The birds are provided with appropriate living conditions, including enough space to fly and play, which is crucial for their physical and mental health.

By visiting this place, you will not only have the opportunity to embark on an extraordinary adventure, but also support efforts to care and protect these beautiful birds. Papugarnia is a great way to spend time in Gdańsk, offering an experience that is both fun and educational. Regardless of the weather, the parrot house will provide a colorful and cheerful accent to your stay in the city.

Beautiful colorful parrots sitting on a stick in Papugarnia Gdańsk

Types of parrots at Papugarnia Gdańsk: Get to know their world

Near the center, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, there is a unique place. It is a colorful corner where visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of exotic birds.

The Gdańsk Parrot House is home to over 60 different species of parrots, each of them presenting their unique beauty and personality. From majestic cockatoos with their distinctive plumes, to vividly colored macaws, to rare toucans with their spectacular beaks, this place is a true treasure for nature lovers.

During a visit to Parrot House, you can not only admire these extraordinary creatures, but also learn about their behavior, way of life and needs. Each parrot has its own history and character, and the keepers are happy to share their knowledge and passion, talking about the individual features and habits of these birds. This is not only an opportunity to see parrots up close, but also a chance to educate and understand the importance of protecting these extraordinary creatures.

Here are some of the biggest celebrities of this place:


Cockatoos are one of the most characteristic parrots that can be found at Papugarnia in Gdańsk. These birds are distinguished primarily by the plume on their heads, which they can proudly ruffle. They are known for their ability to imitate human speech, which often attracts the attention of visitors.

The cockatoo's natural habitat is mainly Australia and the surrounding islands, where they live in a variety of conditions, from forests to grasslands. An interesting fact is that cockatoos can live for a very long time, some even reach the age of 80 years. Their longevity means they often form deep bonds with their caregivers.

Ara Ararauna (Blue and Yellow Macaw)

The Ararauna macaw, also known as the Blue and Yellow Macaw, is a large, striking parrot whose colors resemble a living painting. Its blue wings contrasting with its yellow body attract attention and make it one of the most recognizable parrots.

Ararauns come from the rainforests of South and Central America, where they live in large spaces, often in pairs. These parrots are known for forming strong, monogamous relationships, often for life. They are intelligent and have the ability to imitate different sounds, which makes them fascinating companions.


Toucans are parrots that are distinguished primarily by their characteristic, large, colorful beak. Although the beak looks heavy, it is actually light, made of porous tissue, which allows the birds to easily collect food.

Toucans come from the tropical forests of South America and are an extraordinary example of animal adaptation to the environment. An interesting fact is that their beaks are used not only for eating, but also for body thermoregulation.


Lorkies are small but extremely colorful parrots that delight with their intense colors. They are smaller than many other parrot species, but their vivid colors make them easily recognizable.

These birds are native to the Australasian region, including Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. An interesting fact is that lorikeets have a tongue specially adapted to consume nectar and pollen, which makes them unique in the world of parrots.


Amazons are a group of parrots known for their mainly green plumage with colorful accents.

These are birds that live in the tropical forests of South and Central America. Amazons are particularly appreciated for their ability to imitate speech, which is why they are often chosen as pets. They are very sociable birds that easily establish bonds with people and other birds.

Little Maracan Macaws

Male Macaws Marakanas are a smaller version of typical macaws, but equally colorful and attractive. These parrots come from the rainforests of South America, where they live among lush vegetation. They are sociable birds that can often be seen in groups. Their smaller size does not diminish their charm, on the contrary, it adds to their charm.

Baby Maracan Macaws are known for their exuberance and curiosity, which makes them fascinating to watch. These are birds that need a lot of attention and interaction, and at Papugarnia in Gdańsk they can count on careful care. Their colorful plumage and energetic nature make them one of the favorite parrots among visitors.

Inka cockatoo

The Inca cockatoo is a specific species of cockatoo whose appearance may resemble the mysterious masks used by the Incas, which is probably where their name comes from. These parrots have unique characteristics that set them apart from other cockatoos. Like other cockatoo species,

The Inca cockatoo comes mainly from Australia, where they live in a variety of natural environments. These are birds with a strong character that can show great intelligence and adaptability. Their personality is often described as curious and energetic, which makes them very interesting to observe at Papugarnia in Gdańsk.

As you can see, each of these parrots represents a piece of exotic nature, allowing visitors to come into close contact with these extraordinary creatures. Learning about their behavior, listening to their sounds and observing their natural behavior is a real adventure for anyone interested in nature and exotic animals.

majestic Ara welcoming tourists in Papugarnia in Gdańsk

What else will you see in the parrot shop?

In addition to a rich collection of parrots, the facility also offers the opportunity to see other exotic animals. They also include:

  • Lemurs: These cute mammals from Madagascar are famous for their interesting appearance and funny behavior.

  • Meerkats: Popular thanks to movies and cartoons, these little tunnel-digging creatures are always ready to play and explore.

  • Tricolored Squirrels: These energetic and active animals are a real treat for lovers of small mammals.

  • aquariums with tropical fish: In Papugarnia you can also admire the fascinating underwater world, including colorful tropical fish and corals

This variety of species makes the Papugarnia in Gdańsk attractive not only to parrot lovers, but to anyone interested in exotic animals. It is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the diversity of the animal world and get to know its unique inhabitants.

Squirrels eating carrots at the Papugarnia attraction in Gdańsk for the whole family

Why the Papugarnia in Gdańsk is worth visiting

Because it is a place that provides a unique experience for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the colorful world of exotic birds, without having to travel to distant corners of the world. It is an attraction that combines education, entertainment and direct contact with nature, making it unique in many respects.

This is one of the few places that offers the possibility of direct contact with parrots. Visitors can see the birds up close, feed them and even let them sit on your shoulder. This is not only an opportunity for amazing photos, but also a chance to interact with these intelligent and often funny creatures. Most importantly, you don't have to go to exotic countries to experience it.

The variety of parrot species in the Gdańsk Parrot House is literally impressive. From macaws to cockatoos to rare toucans, visitors can meet many different species and learn about their natural habitats, habits and behaviors. Each parrot has its own story and personality, which the staff will tell you about with a smile. This makes a visit to the parrot house always full of surprises.

Visiting this unique museum has educational values. This is a great learning opportunity for children and adults who want to learn more about these fascinating creatures and the conservation of their natural habitats. In my opinion, everyone should visit this place.

It is also a unique place in this city, where you can escape from everyday life and feel like you are in another world, somewhere on a completely different continent. It is an oasis of peace and color in the heart of Gdańsk, perfect for family trips, dates, or simply as a stopover during sightseeing.

Blue Macaw and her friend

Price list and directions to Papugarnia in Gdańsk

Price list

  • Reduced ticket: PLN 33

  • Normal ticket: PLN 39

  • Family ticket:

    • PLN 95 for 2 adults and one child

    • PLN 120 for 2 adults and two children

    • Additional PLN 30 for each additional child

  • Additionally: Possibility to purchase a package of foodfor feeding parrots for PLN 5

How to get to Papugarnia in Gdańsk?

The parrot shop is located atul. Navy Polska 59 in Gdańsk. The address is located in the Letnica district of Gdańsk, near the Polsat plus Arena stadiums.

When planning a visit to Papugarnia in Gdańsk, it is worth considering the most convenient way of getting there. Although public transport offers many options, the best and most hassle-free solution may be a taxi.

Thanks to taxi you will avoid crowds and complicated public transport routes, and You will also save time that you can devote to enjoying the attractions of Papugarnia. The attraction is literally 10/15 minutes away from the old town, so the toll bill won't be high.



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