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TOP 7 Taxi Gdynia - Ranking better than the comparator

When looking for the best way to get around picturesque Gdynia, you cannot ignore the convenience and efficiency offered by local taxi companies. Whether it's a quick ride to a business meeting, hassle-free transportation to the train station, or a comfortable trip home with groceries, choosing the right taxi company is crucial.

In this article, I have prepared for you a ranking of TOP 7 taxi corporations in Gdynia, which is more than just a simple comparison tool. When creating the ranking below, I focused not only on prices and availability, but also on the quality of services provided, customer opinions and additional amenities that make me recommend cooperation with these companies.

Taxi in Gdynia in winter

What should the best taxi in Gdynia look like?

Imagine a situation when you need to quickly get to the other end of Gdynia. It may be returning from a party, a sudden car breakdown or the need to transport more shopping. In such moments, when deciding to use a taxi, it is worth knowing how to choose the best company that will meet your expectations.

So let's consider together what to pay special attention to.

Choosing the right taxi company should start with familiarizing yourself with its offer. Sometimes you travel alone, and other times you may need space for a larger group of people or want to take your pet with you.

Consider whether the corporation offers services such as transporting animals, shopping, or the possibility of transporting a vehicle. Is the company available 24/7? Does it offer a modern fleet of vehicles and additional equipment at your request, such as a child seat?

Such details can significantly affect your satisfaction with the service.

The condition of the vehicles is another aspect that should not escape your attention. When traveling, you want to feel comfortable and safe.

Therefore, it is worth paying attention to whether the corporation takes care of its cars, servicing them regularly and keeping them impeccably clean. After all, there is nothing pleasant about traveling in a worn or dirty car.

Don't forget about the opinions of other customers. We live in times when it is easy to find reviews of services on the Internet. Visit the company's website and check its social media profiles. Good opinions are a valuable source of information and can help you make the right decision.

The price of the service is an important, but not the only, selection criterion. The quality of services offered by the corporation should be adequate to the price. Consider whether you prefer a lower price with fewer amenities, or whether you are willing to pay a little more for comfort, safety and a wide range of available services.

With these aspects in mind, you will easily choose the taxi company that best suits your needs and expectations. Remember that a well-made choice is a guarantee of satisfaction with every trip.

Below I will try to help you with this choice by presenting a subjective list of the best taxi companies in Gdynia in my opinion.

I would like to clarify right away: this list is only a fraction of all companies that offer taxi services in Gdynia and the surrounding area. For me, as the owner of Rabbit-Trans Poland, the most important thing is that you find a service here that I would not be ashamed of.

In a word, each of the companies I included in the ranking is undoubtedly a company worth recommending.

A Gdynia taxi driving along Świętojańska Street

Merc Taxi Gdynia 506 17 17 17

Google review 4.1

Price 1 km PLN 4 day / PLN 6 night

Merc Taxi Gdynia is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious options available among traditional taxi companies in Gdynia.

By choosing their services, you are choosing not only a high standard of travel, but also an experience that stands out from other available options. It is true that Merc Taxi is one of the more expensive options on the market, but the quality and level of services offered fully justify this price.

The main advantage that distinguishes Merc Taxi is their uniform fleet, as the name suggests, consisting only of Mercedes cars . This is a decision that not only increases the prestige of the corporation, but also guarantees passengers a consistently high standard of comfort and safety.

By choosing Merc Taxi, you can be sure that each journey is made in a world-class vehicle, both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

Hallo Express Taxi Gdynia 602 11 91 90

Google review 4.2

Price 1km PLN 3.80 day / PLN 5.70 night

Hallo Express Taxi, one of the largest traditional taxi corporations in Gdynia, gains the recognition of passengers primarily thanks to its impressive fleet of vehicles, which guarantees high availability of cars even during rush hours.

It is this feature that makes Hallo Express a unique choice for people who value reliability and flexibility in planning their trips.

Despite the impressive scale of operations, Hallo Express Taxi does not fall short when it comes to the quality of the services provided. The company is famous for its exceptional value for money , offering its customers high-quality rides without overburdening their wallets. This policy attracts a wide range of users who expect both economical and reliable transport solutions.

High availability of cars, even during rush hours , is the result of well-thought-out logistics and effective fleet management. Hallo Express Taxi understands how crucial it is to quickly respond to customer needs and use modern technologies to optimize waiting times.

Thanks to this, passengers can count on an efficient and comfortable journey to their destination, without having to worry about delays typical of rush hours.

Speed Taxi Gdynia 733 666 171

Google review 4.2

Price 1 km PLN 3 day / PLN 4.50 night

Speed Taxi Gdynia is a company that, despite its seemingly small scale of operation, has won the hearts of many customers, especially those looking for effective and economical transport solutions. It is considered one of the best low-cost companies on the Gdynia market, offering services that combine attractive prices with high quality service.

A characteristic feature of Speed Taxi is their focus on providing competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the services provided.

This small but agile company has gained the recognition of customers who value both its affordability and its friendly approach to customers and readiness to help. Speed Taxi seems to be the perfect choice for those who are looking for reliable transport at a reasonable price.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that due to the limited fleet of vehicles, there may be a challenge with car availability during peak traffic hours.

These characteristics make Speed Taxi a great choice for everyday transportation needs outside peak traffic hours , but may not be the most suitable for those who need a guarantee of quick access to transportation during peak traffic hours.

Auto Taxi Nord "Taxi Medyk" 724 000 724

Google review 3.7

Price 1km PLN 3.30 day / PLN 4.95 night

Auto Euro Nord in Gdynia is more than an ordinary taxi corporation - it is an association of licensed taxi drivers that has its roots in the history of the Tricity transport market, present on it for over 10 years.

Its creation is the result of the merger of three renowned taxi companies in Gdynia: AUTO-NORD, EURO and MEDYK , which gave rise to one of the largest and most experienced taxi corporations in the Tricity.

Today, with a fleet of over 100 cars , Auto Euro Nord provides reliable and efficient customer service 24 hours a day, setting high service standards.

Auto Euro Nord focuses on providing comprehensive transport services in Gdynia and neighboring cities and communes, which makes it an exceptionally flexible and accessible choice for a wide range of recipients.

A characteristic feature of this corporation is the lack of additional fees for driving to Sopot and Kosakowo, which is a unique convenience, especially appreciated by customers traveling between these locations.

This pricing policy not only makes it easier to plan travel costs, but also emphasizes the customer-centric approach of Auto Euro Nord.

City Plus Taxi 726 606 606

Google review 3.8

Price 1 km PLN 3 day / PLN 4.50 night

City Plus Taxi, with over 30 years of experience on the Gdynia taxi services market, continuously since 1991, has established itself as a proven partner for many institutions, companies and local governments in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. This recognition was confirmed by the title of the best corporation in the Dziennik Bałtycki ranking, which proves the high reputation and trust the company enjoys.

City Plus Taxi, one of the oldest and largest low-cost taxi companies in Gdynia, stands out for its extensive fleet and modernity.

Thanks to the mobile application, it provides customers with the convenience of ordering rides, tracking a taxi in real time and making online payments , while ensuring safety and convenience of travel.

The fleet of City Plus vehicles is regularly renewed and kept in perfect condition, which ensures comfort and reliability of travel. The company, being an active participant in the life of the local community, constantly strives to improve the quality of services provided and promote safe transport.

City Plus is currently the cheapest large traditional Taxi Gdynia corporation, among the ones worth recommending.

Echo Taxi Rumia 511 007 133

Google review 4.4

Price 1 km PLN 3 day / PLN 4.50 night

Echo Taxi Rumia is a company that effectively responds to the transport needs of residents of Rumia, Reda and the surrounding area, offering reliable taxi services at affordable prices. It is characterized by high availability and flexibility, which makes it a valued choice among the local community.

Echo Taxi Rumia, present on the transport services market for 20 years, is distinguished by the trust it has built among a wide range of regular customers, thanks to the consistently high level of services provided.

What distinguishes Echo Taxi is the fact that they do not apply the so-called return tariff, which is a huge advantage for every passenger who needs to travel beyond the administrative borders of Rumia.

Gryf Taxi Wejherowo 586 727 727

Google review 4.4

Price 1 km PLN 3 day / PLN 4.50 night

Since December 1996, Gryf-Taxi has become an inseparable element of Wejherowo's landscape, consolidating its position as one of the oldest taxi companies in the city.

The name "Gryf" and the characteristic colors of the corporation refer to the rich Kashubian history, where the griffin, a symbol of medieval Europe, became the emblem of Pomerania and the coat of arms of the Kashubians.

The founder of Gryf-Taxi is driver Mirosław Lubelski, whose vision was to create a corporation that constantly strives to improve the quality of its services.

Thanks to this, Gryf-Taxi has gained the trust of residents by offering safe and comfortable travel, which is a priority for both the founder and the current management board of the association.



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