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Gdańsk Christmas Market, second in Europe!

When the winter cold will soon cover Gdańsk, the hearts of residents and visitors will be warmed by the magic of the Christmas Market. And this is not just any fair, but a place that was recently recognized as the second best fair in Europe!

So come to this unique event, which with its charm has won the hearts of not only Poles, but also the jury of the international competition.

Fall in love with the warming atmosphere that surrounds the bustling streets of the Old Town. As you wander between the colorful stalls, you will discover something unusual at every step. Of course, you can't ignore the stands selling traditional Polish and other dishes. Tasty dumplings, aromatic gingerbread and hot mulled wine - these are the quintessence of Christmas flavors!

Information that the Christmas market in Gdańsk took second place among Christmas markets in Europe

Christmas market in Gdańsk has been one of the most beautiful in Poland for years

The fair in Gdańsk is also a place where local talents present their handicrafts. Unique decorations, handmade toys and unique souvenirs are waiting for their buyers. Or maybe you would like to take a piece of this magical world with you in the form of original jewelry or a carved wooden figurine?

It's not only local products that attract crowds. Artists from various corners of Europe have been coming here for years to share their passion and creativity. Wandering between the stands, you will see that the Christmas Market in Gdańsk is a real cultural treasure.

The magic of this place is indescribable, and as you can see, after years of development of this event, it is now appreciated not only by tourists, but also by the jury. This magic must be experienced personally to understand the phenomenon of this event.

And if you are wondering what else makes Gdańsk so highly rated on the international arena, we will tell you a secret, soon, on November 24 and until December 23, you will be able to find out.

Do you think that after this year's edition the Gdańsk Christmas Market has a chance to become number one? You will soon find out about this as you delve into the fascinating world of Christmas markets.

The Christmas market in Gdańsk seen from a bird's eye view from the coast theater side

Our Gdańsk Christmas Market is the second best in Europe

The Gdańsk Christmas Market was recognized as the second best market in Europe according to the prestigious ranking European Best Destinations< /a>. This unique distinction is proof of the extraordinary attractiveness and magic that Gdańsk offers to its visitors during the holiday season.

Christmas Market in Gdańsk the same as St. Fair Dominika is organized by the Gdańsk International Fair, famous for its unique atmosphere, beautiful and unique decorations and rich cultural offer, it has been rated the highest in Poland since this competition was established in 2009.

To appreciate the amount of work put into this event and at the same time be aware of how honorable this distinction is, it is worth knowing which fairs are included in this ranking.

Rivals of the Gdańsk Fair

The Gdańsk Fair competed with many other excellent fairs from all over Europe. They included:

  1. Budapest (Hungary) - winner of the ranking, known for the Fair at St. Basilica Stefan, which delights with its beauty and authentic Christmas spirit.

  2. Craiova (Romania) - took third place with a unique program cultural and impressive Christmas illuminations.

  3. Riga (Latvia) - awarded for beautiful Christmas lighting and authentic climate.

  4. Montbéliard (France) - known for its traditional and authentic fairs, delightful with its illuminations.

  5. Essen (Germany) - the best fair in Germany, famous for magical atmosphere and Christmas decorations.

top view of the Christmas market in Gdańsk, torture chamber in the background

Appreciation for the Gdańsk Christmas Market

This wonderful achievement of the Gdańsk Christmas Market is proof that Polish holiday traditions, culture and hospitality are valued around the world. Not only Germans and Scandinavians come here for shopping, but tourists from all over the world choose the duration of this event specifically when booking tickets.

Gdańsk, thanks to its unique atmosphere, deservedly ranks among the best European holiday destinations. This distinction is also a confirmation of the high quality and attractiveness of the city's cultural and tourist offer.

I think that we, as Gdańsk residents, do not appreciate this event as much as visitors do. And it's worth it, we have something to be proud of.


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