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How to organize a successful hen party?

Updated: Jan 30

In the lives of most couples there comes a special moment when they decide to take their relationship to the next level and get engaged, and then start preparing for the wedding. It is a tradition that both the future groom and the bride take part in the so-called stag or hen party

It is a party organized for a woman getting married, during which her last moments before saying the sacramental "I do" are celebrated.

Currently, there are many interesting ideas and attractions that can be used when organizing such an event, as well as gifts that will put a smile on the future bride's face.

Get to know them and discover the services of our taxi transport company, thanks to which you can rent a comfortable bus that will take you and your bridesmaids to the place of the ceremony!

Graphics inviting you to read the article. this is a guide on how to organize a successful hen party

Organizational issues – who organizes and pays for the hen party?

A party celebrating the last moments of singleness can be organized by the bride, her maid of honor and her bridesmaids. However, it rarely happens that it is the main character of the event who plans the entire hen party.

It is a unique ceremony that aims to celebrate the last days of freedom and celebrate the upcoming wedding, so it would be a nice gesture and the best idea to organize it as a surprise for the future wife.

Therefore, it is her best friend - usually the maid of honor - who is responsible for organizing the event, planning attractions and bus transport for that day.

Family members and guests can also help in preparing and paying for the ceremony, and they are also responsible for preparing gifts for the bride.

Ideas for an unforgettable hen party

There are as many ideas for organizing a hen party as there are interests and preferences of the bride and guests, as well as attractions available on the market. In a word - countless.

The most obvious and most common ideas include organizing an event in the city at a selected venue or place offering entertainment attractions.

You can go by a bus rented from our transport company:

  • Bowling

  • To the escape room

  • To a restaurant or favorite bar for drinks

  • For yoga, pilates or aerobics classes

  • For art workshops on painting pictures with wine or pottery

  • To the club

and more! Remember that such attractions can be not only an interesting idea for spending time together, but also an original gift for a future married woman.

If you want to create more unforgettable memories, organize a hen party outside the city, e.g. in a house with a jacuzzi or SPA, to which we will transport you by bus at Rabbit-Trans Poland. It will be an ideal opportunity to rest from wedding preparations and an opportunity to integrate with selected wedding guests.

When should you start organizing a hen party?

Remember that you need to spend some time planning these and many other attractions and do it well in advance so that the hen party can take place a week or two before the wedding.

It will be a good idea to start preparations a month before the event so that you can easily reserve the selected place, buy gifts and determine the main theme of the celebration.

Currently, the most popular styles in which a hen party can be staged include French, Spanish, American, rustic and boho. Reserving and paying for transport by bus or limousine also requires prior planning, if you decide on such a convenience.

This is not only a pleasant attraction, but also a good idea for traveling between the various places where the event will take place.

In addition, a rented bus will help you avoid situations in which someone will be late for the ceremony or will have problems with transport home after the party - it can be a nice gift for your guests.

A hen party organized in a club with a cheerful bride

Games and fun for a hen party, i.e. attractions that cannot be missing during the party

You already know what hen party ideas and attractions you can use to organize an unforgettable party for the bride. But that's not all - games and fun are equally important.

Below we present selected attractions that deserve special attention on this important day!

1) Test of knowledge about her future husband - this is an ideal opportunity to check how well the bride knows her chosen one. The maid of honor or guests ask interesting questions about the fiancé's interests or important events in the couple's life. For each correct answer, the bride receives a small gift, and for each wrong answer, she receives a "punishment" in the form of drinking lemon juice or a strong drink

2) Photo booth - this is an idea that can be implemented both independently or in cooperation with a company selling or renting photo booths and gadgets. To make the whole thing attractive to guests, make sure to put up a nice wall with the inscription "Bachelorette party" and the date, and prepare accessories such as a veil, funny glasses, wigs, etc. The most interesting photo can be rewarded with a small gift

3) Wedding puns - everyone knows this game in its classic version, so it would be a good idea to transfer it to the wedding version. Similarly to the test of knowledge about the future husband, the attraction involves preparing badges with slogans related to the wedding, hen party or marriage, which will then be drawn by each of the ladies present at the event. Their task will be to show the password using gestures, and the person who guesses the most passwords wins a prize in the form of a small gift.

What is worth remembering before a hen party?

The party is fast approaching and you are wondering what else should be done before it? If you are organizing an event, remember to check whether you have made a reservation for all attractions or bus transport.

A good idea would be to write them down in a special hen party planner, which you can buy or find for free on the Internet.

You will write down the most important dates and deadlines and plan the event schedule, as well as note down the list of gifts prepared by other guests so that none of them are repeated.

What is also worth remembering is the choice of styling for the hen party. As a bride, you usually won't have a problem with this because all you need to do is wear a white outfit.

Future married women very often decide on an accent in the form of a veil or ribbon with the inscription "Bachelorette Party" or "Future Bride", which they usually receive as a gift from other ladies. The best idea for an outfit for guests will be clothes in a subdued shade adapted to the place and circumstances in which the event will take place.

A hen party organized at a spa is also a good idea

A hen party gift that will please every bride!

The ideas for a hen party that you will find on the Internet or in our article are not only ways to organize a unique event with many attractions, but also find the perfect gift for the future bride.

Such a gift can be something practical - a wedding layette, equipment for a new apartment - but also something for the soul and body.

Here are the best ideas for gifts for a hen party!

  • beauty salon voucher

  • SPA trip or trip with friends

  • jewelry

  • everyday use appliances - hair dryer, food processor, massager (preferably for the slightly older, young ladies)

However, the most thoughtful and personalized gifts include sentimental gifts - a frame with a group photo, a handmade card with wishes and signatures of all guests, and participation in an engaging and integrating attraction.

Remember that gifts are prepared not only by the guests, but also by the bride - they can be small gifts as a thank you for the organized event or taking care of transport for the hen party - a bus, a car or a limousine to transport the guests to the selected place.

You can use such professional transport at Rabbit-Trans Poland, where you can rent a bus for a hen party.

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