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How to pick up a passenger from the airport? Easily done in 5 steps

Have you ever wondered how to pick up a passenger from the airport without any problems? This task may seem stressful, especially in a busy airport terminal full of people in a hurry, such as Gdańsk's T2 terminal. However, with proper preparation and understanding of airport procedures, this process can be smooth and hassle-free.

In this guide you will read 5 simple tips that will help you pick up your loved ones or friends from the airport in Gdańsk without any complications. From pre-departure preparations to meeting your passenger and leaving the arrivals hall together, learn how to make the process a pleasant experience for all parties involved.

A graphic showing a plane landing at the Gdańsk airport with an inscription on how to pick up a passenger from the airport without any problems in 5 steps

Preparation to pick up a passenger from the airport in Gdańsk

Before going to the airport. Lech Walesa, it is important to prepare properly. It seems like a simple thing, just drive up and get the job done. Unfortunately, in practice it is not as simple as it may seem, from my own experience I know how many ways you can fail when picking up a passenger from the airport in such a simple way.

With my tips, you won't have to wonder how to pick up someone from the airport so that it's comfortable and stress-free.

The first and almost most important step is to find out the flight number of the person you intend to pick up. This data will allow you to track your flight using flyradar applications or on electronic arrivals boards available at the airport.

I recommend learning how to use flyradar, thanks to this application you will see live where the plane is, what the delay or acceleration of the flight is. The airport board often does not show all information in real time.

Monitoring the flight status on an ongoing basis will help you find out whether the plane will arrive on time or if it is delayed, which in turn will minimize your waiting time at the airport, sometimes saving you a few minutes, but sometimes flights can also be delayed by several hours or even redirected to another airport or canceled.

A plane flying to Gdańsk against the background of a map of Europe

Park in legal and safe places

Another important tip is to avoid waiting for information from the passenger when you are already on your way to the airport. It is better to arrange all the necessary details in advance. There are those who are only halfway wondering how to pick up a passenger from the airport, but if you are reading this guide, you will not be like others, you will be prepared.

If you already know when you need to approach the terminal, plan it so as not to block other drivers' traffic. If you need to wait somewhere, apart from airport parking lots, there are several public parking lots near the airport where there are always a few free spaces to wait for a few minutes.

For example the Matarnia Shopping Center or PKM Matarnia parking lot, 2 kilometers from the airport.

The worst thing you can do is park in places not intended for this purpose. Every day I witness city guards putting wheel locks on cars and police giving tickets. Many drivers park or stop on turning lanes, on lawns or bus bays, each of them only for a moment.

Take my word for it, there is always at least one city guard or traffic police patrol near the airport.

When waiting at the airport, always park in designated parking areas. Avoid parking on lawns or turning lanes, because the police and city guards constantly monitor the area around the airport and impose fines for inappropriate parking.

Following these simple rules will help you avoid unnecessary problems and fees, and above all, save your nerves and time.

a car that has just been towed for incorrect parking at the airport in Gdańsk Rebiechów

First Steps at the Airport

If you have contact with a passenger and prefer not to pick him up directly from the arrivals hall, you can pick him up directly at the airport exit. For drivers, there are two lines with short-term parking spaces, known as "Kiss&Fly" zones, located directly in front of the T2 terminal.

They allow a short stop for free, up to 10 minutes. After exceeding this time, a fee of PLN 20 is charged. This is a very convenient solution, which is increasingly used in various places, such as railway stations, bus stations, schools and kindergartens.

An alternative solution is short-term parking P1 on the other side of the PKM viaduct, where parking costs PLN 3 per 10 minutes and is located very close to the terminal. This is an ideal option if you want to pick up a passenger by entering the arrivals hall of the Gdańsk airport.

Parking P1 is located literally a dozen or so meters from the terminal exit. You can pay for it directly at the ticket machine, or if you need an invoice, at the parking office.

Communication with the Passenger, or how to find your way at the airport.

When you pick up a loved one from the airport with whom you are in constant contact, orientation at the airport becomes easier. The challenge begins when you have to pick up a stranger, the situation may be more complicated, especially if your passenger does not expect to be picked up or is at the Gdańsk airport for the first time and may be lost.

In such cases, it is worth being prepared for various scenarios. It is best to wait with a welcome card (name and surname written in capital letters or a password known to the passenger), but remember that the passenger may pass by you and not even notice your card.

Therefore, it is very important where you wait, many people make the mistake of waiting directly at the exit from the protected zone to the generally accessible zone. This place is always crowded and sometimes you can miss even someone you know very well.

It is best to wait closer to the exit door, from this place you can see the entire arrivals hall and people are not so crowded and move a bit slower. Thanks to this, you will be more visible when standing with the card, and you will also have a greater chance of spotting your passenger.

It is also important to have an emergency plan, for example, arrange a meeting place in advance or seek help from airport staff.

What to do if your passenger doesn't show up?

What to do when there is no contact with the passenger and you have been waiting for several minutes? There are various problems, such as a passenger missing a connecting flight, or someone getting their departure date wrong, but I know from experience that the most common situation in which a passenger waits longer than expected is due to lost luggage.

Such situations are not uncommon, they most often happen during the peak holiday or holiday season, especially on flights with stopovers in large European hubs.

Another problem is the lack of working roaming for the passenger - roaming is often turned on with a long delay or only after unblocking it on the phone. If you are sure that your passenger has boarded the plane, it is worth checking whether he is currently waiting at the baggage office to solve the problem of lost luggage or contact the airport staff for help in finding the passenger.

In the arrivals hall, on the right side when looking from the entrance, there is an airport information office, where they can help you locate a passenger.

However, my first steps would be to go to the telephone located on the wall behind the passenger information office. This is a telephone with a direct connection to the lost or damaged baggage office. By calling there, you will find out whether your passenger is currently filling out a missing luggage form, which usually takes a few minutes.

worried passenger reporting missing luggage at the baggage office of the airport in Gdańsk

As you can see, the fact that you were wondering how to pick someone up from the airport wasn't that unreasonable. It's such a simple activity, but you can trip over it. But you are perfectly prepared for this, even better than I was when I made my first airport transfer ;)



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