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Is today a trading Sunday? - No ads

Are you wondering if you can shop at your favorite shopping mall today? Many people ask themselves this question, especially on days off from work, when we have more time for shopping.

In Poland, there is a trading ban on most Sundays, but there are some exceptions. To find out if today is a trading Sunday, just check the current trading Sunday calendar.

In 2024, commercial Sundays will fall on only a few selected days of the year. It is therefore worth staying up to date and planning your purchases in advance.

Most often, shopping Sundays occur before Christmas and Easter, as well as on selected Sundays in other months. The current calendar of trading Sundays can be found later in this article.

commercial and non-trading Sundays in Poland

Trading Sunday Calendar

In 2024, commercial Sundays fall on selected days, mainly before important holidays.

Here is the list of Sundays on which trading takes place:

  • January 28

  • March 24 (before Easter)

  • April 28

  • June 30

  • August 25

  • December 15 (before Christmas)

  • December 22 (before Christmas)

Trading is prohibited on other Sundays. It's worth having this calendar at hand to plan your shopping for the right day.

In 2025, trading will take place on 7 out of 52 Sundays:

  • January 26

  • April 13

  • April 27

  • 29th of June

  • August 31st

  • December 14

  • December 21st

What is Open and What is Closed on Non-Trading Sundays in Poland?

The ban on Sunday trading was introduced in Poland in 2018 with the aim of providing trade workers with more free time to spend with their families and relax.

Therefore, most large stores and shopping malls remain closed on these days. However, there are many exceptions that allow you to meet your basic shopping needs.

Closed on non-trading Sundays:

  • Most large grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets

  • Shopping malls and shopping centers

  • Clothing, shoe and electronics stores

Places open on non-trading Sundays:

  • Pharmacies

  • Spa and Massage Salons

  • Gas stations and post offices

  • Shops at train stations and airports

  • Small stores operated by the owner - These include stores of the Żabka, Małpka, ABC and other local chains

  • Cafes, restaurants and eateries

  • Bakeries

  • Flower shops

  • Confectioneries and ice cream parlors

  • Newspaper and souvenir shops

  • Cinemas, Theatres, Museums and others related to culture

Thanks to these unique places, you can meet your basic shopping needs even on non-trading Sundays, although planning larger purchases must be adjusted to the shopping Sunday calendar.


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