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New Holland amusement park near Elblag, is it worth visiting?

A family amusement park and iconic restaurant, Nowa Hollandia, located right next to Elbląg, is a place that was born out of passion for nature and the joy of spending time together. What started as a modest restaurant on national road no. 7, turned into a charming Family Amusement Park, becoming a place that attracts both local residents and tourists not only from the Tricity.

Located in a perfectly connected point, on the route between Gdańsk and Warsaw, the Nowa Hollandia family amusement park offers its guests not only outdoor attractions, but also a chance to immerse themselves in the peaceful and unique microclimate of the Elbląg lowland, which makes that every visit is unique.

Of course it's worth visiting this amazing place, but let me tell you a bit about where it is and what you can expect. In this article I will take you on a fascinating journey through this unique place, and we will tell you about what makes New Holland near Elbląg such a unique place.

New Holland Restaurant near Elbląg

What does the Nowa Hollandia amusement park near Elbląg offer

While discovering the fascinating history of New Holland near Elbląg, we cannot ignore the family amusement park that is the heart of this place during the holiday season and which beats to the rhythm of unforgettable attractions.

Our journey begins in the New Holland Family Amusement Park, the work of Marek Pisarski from Imagineering. The park was initially known as "Truso Island of Adventure", an amusement park stretching over 60 hectares for children, but not only that, it tempts with its diversity: from a rope park, through King Arthur's Court, to the Flightless Island. And for those who want to experience something truly extraordinary, there is the tallest inflatable lion in Poland and in the world, with an impressive height of 27 meters!

The world's largest inflatable lion in the New Holland amusement park near Elbląg

A step away from the main attractions, we discover the reconstruction of the ancient settlement of Truso, which takes us back in time to the Viking era. Wandering between the huts, we immerse ourselves in the culture and everyday life of these legendary warriors. And for those who want a moment of respite, you can take a strolling boat through the wild canals of the park, admiring the beauty of nature.

Reconstruction of the Viking settlement of Truto in the New Holland amusement park

Not forgetting about the culinary experience, in the heart of New Holland we are welcomed by the New Holland Grill & Restaurant, it is worth visiting even in the off-season when the amusement park is closed. For over 15 years, under the command of Chef Tomasz Długokencki, dishes drawn from the traditions of Mediterranean, French and Old Polish cuisine have been served here.

Basically, it all started with a roadside restaurant, and today we are talking about an entire entertainment and gastronomic complex. This restaurant has been a magnet for gourmets for years, and recent menu innovations and refreshed interiors have only increased its rank among places worth visiting.

view from above on New Holland near Elbląg

On your way to Warsaw, stop at the Nowa Hollandia Restaurant

Speaking of the restaurant... Nowa Hollanda Grill & The restaurant in Elbląg is a real culinary gem of the Elbląg lowland. This place, under the management of Chef Tomasz Długokencki, serves dishes inspired by Mediterranean, French and Old Polish cuisine. But it's not just the taste of the dishes that attracts guests. It is also an original approach to cuisine and an extremely attractive presentation of dishes, which makes each dish a real work of art.

Although the restaurant has been operating for over 15 years, it is constantly developing. The recently introduced new menu and refreshed interior design attract both regulars and new guests who want to discover the flavors served by Chef Długokencki. But cooking is not everything. The restaurant also offers the organization of special events - from intimate dinners to larger parties, and provides catering services, delivering its specialties to various types of events.

The restaurant enjoys unflagging popularity among the inhabitants of Elbląg and tourists, as well as those traveling along the S7 route towards Warsaw or Kaliningrad. Thanks to the excellent service, atmosphere and unique dishes, the Nowa Hollandia Restaurant has become a place for family meetings, business lunches and romantic dinners. By encouraging advance reservations, it guarantees comfort and unforgettable moments at the table. All this makes it a place you want to come back to.

Menu menu and buffet at the Nowa Hollanda restaurant

The family amusement park that I wrote about here today has excellent transport connections due to the fact that it is located directly on the expressway connecting Gdańsk with Warsaw.

Every day, thousands of drivers drive through here, sometimes not even realizing what a nice place they are passing. Of course, if by any chance you don't have a car, we will easily take you here Rabbit-Trans Taxi Elbląg.


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