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Taxi near me - Taxi Apps

Today, when every minute is at a premium, looking for a taxi on the street can be not only time-consuming, but also frustrating. Fortunately for many passengers, technology has advanced and taxi ordering apps have become an integral part of our lives. Using them is not only convenient, but also safe and predictable.

When you hear about an app-based taxi, you probably think of countless stories about a drunk, dark-skinned foreigner with whom you're afraid to travel. This stereotype has become embedded in our consciousness not by accident.

Uber, Bolt and later FreeNow, transport applications that revolutionized the global market of connecting a passenger with a taxi driver, have in recent years earned the name of a transport pathology.

Just to make things clear, this is not only the domain of Polish low-cost taxis, but similar practices are happening everywhere in the world where these and similar companies operate.

Unfortunately, the uncontrolled pursuit of a low price for the end customer sooner or later leads to pathology.

But today not about Uber, and not about what it did wrong on the market, but, for a change, about the revolution in transport that Uber, Lift and the like initiated. In this article, I would like to take a closer look at what the revolution on the taxi market looks like from the back end.

From this short article you will learn that not only Uber offers this option. Today it is a standard on the market.

Ele taxi Warsaw coverage map

Let's talk about ordering taxis online

Uber is known for its brilliant application for ordering taxis, from the very beginning of this platform it was a small revolution. Not that there wasn't such a possibility before, but just as Apple didn't invent the smartphone, Uber didn't invent the taxi app, but promoted it.

Today, when we talk about the taxi application, Uber is almost synonymous with this solution.

The main advantage of the application is the ability to quickly find a free taxi in your area.

Using GPS technology, the application accurately determines your location and shows available taxis nearby. This means that instead of waiting for a free car at a taxi stop or waving to everyone passing by, all you need is a few clicks on your smartphone.

Another issue is safety.

Taxi ordering applications offer full transparency - before ordering, you can see opinions about the driver, his photo and information about the car.

During the trip, your route is monitored and you can share it live with your loved ones. Additionally, electronic payment minimizes the need to carry cash and any associated risks.

By choosing the application, you can also be sure that the taxi rate is fair and predetermined , which helps you avoid unpleasant surprises. For many people who value predictability and control over expenses, this is a key argument.

Today, fortunately, you are no longer forced to use only Uber. Every major taxi company on the market has a similar solution.

rt3000 taxi system

Taxi system for corporations RT3000

The Taxi RT3000 system has been setting new standards in taxi fleet management for years, being the result of twenty years of experience in the industry. It is a comprehensive solution that, thanks to constant dialogue with users, was created with their everyday needs in mind.

The system combines advanced technology with simplicity of use, while reducing operating costs through low hardware requirements.

It offers comprehensive support in order management, work distribution to drivers and vehicle monitoring, using GPS to increase safety and efficiency.

Thanks to its flexible configuration, RT3000 adapts to the various needs of taxi corporations, regardless of their size or scope of activity. Currently, it is one of the most widespread taxi service systems in Poland, which proves its effectiveness and popularity in the industry.

The great advantage of this system is the integration of two mega functionalities, namely an electronic switchboard that is able to accept orders from the customer over the phone, without the involvement of the dispatcher, and a taxi app for the customer.

banner advertising taxi Poland applications

Taxi Polska 19 100 all cities in one app

The Taxi Polska 19 100 application revolutionizes the way we travel by taxi, connecting us directly with a wide network of taxi corporations available throughout Poland.

By integrating many taxi services in one place, users are guaranteed quick access to transport and short waiting times.

This application stands out for its simplicity of use, offering the ability to select the vehicle type and track the arrival of a taxi in real time.

Traveling with Taxi Polska 19 100 is not only comfortable, but also safe. Passengers have access to detailed information about the driver and vehicle, which, together with the rating system, ensures transparency and maintains high service standards.

This is a response to the needs of modern passengers who are looking for reliable and safe transport solutions that combine traditional taxi corporations with the advantages of the digital world.

Itaxi application

iTaxi - Almost traditional taxi corporation, operating throughout Poland

iTaxi is a taxi ordering application operating in Poland that makes it easy to quickly find transport. Users can easily select a location and the app finds the nearest available taxi, offering the ability to select a driver based on reviews and vehicle type.

iTaxi ensures safety and transparency through driver and vehicle verification and a rating system.

The application also offers solutions for companies, enabling them to manage travel costs and simplify administrative processes.

In short, iTaxi is a convenient and safe way to order taxis, tailored for both individual users and businesses.

Taxi lamp on one of the taxis

Taxi directories - An initiative of taxi drivers to make it easier to find them

In a world of rapidly developing technologies and constantly growing competition, taxi drivers and taxi corporations are looking for new ways to reach their customers.

In addition to traditional methods and modern applications for ordering rides, various online initiatives, created directly by taxi drivers themselves, are becoming increasingly popular.

Taxi catalogs available on the Internet, taxi maps, as well as smaller portals integrating taxi drivers are a valuable source of information for people looking for reliable transport.

These online directories and maps offer a wide range of information, from the location of the nearest taxi ranks, to detailed profiles of individual drivers, to customer opinions and reviews.

This makes it easier for passengers to make choices, based on reliable and up-to-date data. Moreover, these online platforms often provide the opportunity to contact drivers directly or book a ride online, which provides additional convenience.

Smaller portals integrating taxi drivers operate on a similar principle to large applications, but often focus on a specific region or offer more personalized services.

Thanks to this, they can better respond to local needs and preferences of customers, while promoting local entrepreneurs.

The introduction of such solutions has a significant impact on the taxi industry, enabling smaller entities to compete on the market and increasing visibility for independent drivers and smaller corporations. For customers, this means greater choice and access to more diverse services, which translates into a better taxi travel experience.

Examples of such taxi directories are:




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