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Top 10 attractions in Kołobrzeg that you must see

Kołobrzeg, an extremely charming city on the Baltic Sea, has for years been a magnet for tourists from Poland and abroad who want to immerse themselves in the rich history, natural beauty and unique atmosphere of this place.

The city, a living witness to many eras, hides treasures waiting to be discovered by travelers curious about the world. In this article "10 most important attractions you must see in Kołobrzeg" I will take you on a journey through these unique places that make Kołobrzeg a unique place on the map of Poland.

You will discover not only wide, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the Baltic Sea, but also historic alleys that tell fascinating stories from the past. Explore places that are witnesses of centuries of history - from a medieval church to a monumental lighthouse, every corner of Kołobrzeg has its own unique story. Additionally, I will introduce you to modern attractions, such as a salt pool or music festivals...

Are you ready to discover the treasures of Kołobrzeg? Immerse yourself in our guide to 10 unforgettable attractions that will make your holiday in this seaside city not only a relaxation, but a real adventure. We invite you to read it to get inspiration for your next unforgettable trip!

Panorama of Kołobrzeg

History of Kołobrzeg in a few sentences

It is difficult to talk about the attractions of Kołobrzeg without sketching at least a fragment of its fascinating history. I will not write an essay here, but I would like you to know at least a historical outline of the place we are talking about. This is important because at first glance it is a thoroughly modern city, with tourist resorts, hotels and guesthouses everywhere. Meanwhile, this land hides centuries of history, and I would like to tell it to you now.

Kołobrzeg, the pearl of the Polish coast, boasts a rich and multi-layered history that dates back to the 8th century. It was then that a settlement famous for salt extraction was established on the Salt Island, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, becoming an important trade center. Already in the 9th century, settlements developed around the town of Budzistowo, and Kołobrzeg became a famous port, trading in salt and fish, appreciated by the inhabitants of Greater Poland and Silesia​

Over the centuries, the city came under the rule of various rulers - from the Danes, through the Pomeranian princes, Brandenburg, to Prussia and Germany, before in 1945 it was incorporated into Poland​. In the Middle Ages, Kołobrzeg, surrounded by walls and a moat, became a significant trading center of the Hanseatic League, gradually losing its Slavic character to German influence​​.

The 17th century brought both prosperity and difficulties to the city as a result of conflicts such as the Thirty Years' War and the Seven Years' War, which left their mark on its development​​. The Napoleonic era was the time when Kołobrzeg, defending itself against the French army, became a symbol of Prussian resistance​​.

The 19th century saw the transformation of Kołobrzeg into a health resort known in Europe, with the first brine bath facility opened in 1830​​. World War II, however, was a tragic period for the city, ending with the renewal of Poland's Marriage to the Sea and intensive reconstruction in the post-war years​​.

This history, full of changes and events that shaped the present-day face of the city, makes Kołobrzeg not only an attractive tourist destination, but also a witness to important moments in the history of the region and the country.

Subjectively list of the 10 most important attractions in Kołobrzeg

Kołobrzeg is a city that is a real treasure of the Polish coast. With its charming beaches, historic old town and numerous attractions, it invites you to experience unforgettable moments. Whether walking along the picturesque pier or admiring the panoramic views from the lighthouse, there is something for everyone.

Now I invite you to the heart of this seaside city, discover its unique charm and rich tourist offer. Get ready for an adventure that will enchant you and make you want to come back here again and again. Here is a list of, in my opinion, the most important places that you must visit in Kołobrzeg when you are here for the first time.

Lighthouse in Kołobrzeg

The lighthouse in Kołobrzeg, 26 meters high, is an important symbol of the city. Built in 1945 on the ruins of a destroyed lighthouse, it was used for navigation on the Baltic Sea for years. The lighthouse attracts tourists with its observation deck, from where there is a panoramic view of the city, beaches, pier, port and the Baltic Sea. During the summer season, the lighthouse is open to visitors. It is worth visiting this place during your stay in Kołobrzeg.

Kołobrzeg Old Town

Kołobrzeg's Old Town is the heart of this charming city, teeming with life and hiding many historical treasures. Walking around the Old Town, you can feel the atmosphere of old times, admiring historic buildings and tenement houses that tell about the rich past of Kołobrzeg.

One of the most important places in the Old Town is the Gothic church. Saint Mary Magdalene.

Built in the 14th century, it impresses with its red brick wall and high tower. Inside the church, it is worth paying attention to the beautiful stained glass windows, the main altar and the organ.

While walking around the Old Town, it is also worth visiting the Old Town Square, which is surrounded by historic, colorful tenement houses from various eras. It is here that numerous events, festivals and fairs take place, making the Market Square an important center of cultural and social life in Kołobrzeg.

It is also worth paying attention to other historic buildings, such as the Land Gate, which is one of the remains of the old city fortifications, or the Sea House - a building from the 19th century, which was formerly the seat of port captains.

Kołobrzeg's old town is full of charming streets, cafes, restaurants and shops offering local products and delicacies. A walk around the Old Town is not only an opportunity to learn about the history of the city, but also to immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere and enjoy the flavors of regional cuisine.

Therefore, when visiting Kołobrzeg, it is necessary to set aside time for a walk around the Old Town to feel the atmosphere of this unique place and discover its numerous monuments and charming corners.

Polish Arms Museum

The Polish Arms Museum in Kołobrzeg is a great place for history and military enthusiasts. Founded in 1963, the museum offers a rich collection of armor, firearms, bladed weapons and other exhibits related to the Polish military. The collections include items from various eras, from the Middle Ages to modern times.

In the museum you can admire both Polish and foreign works that testify to the evolution of war technologies and tactics. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions, lectures, conferences and educational workshops, promoting knowledge of military history.

The Polish Arms Museum, located in a historic building, is a perfect place for entire families, school groups and history lovers. It is worth visiting this place to deepen your knowledge about Polish military and weapons.

Kołobrzeg pier

The Kołobrzeg pier, 220 meters long, is a perfect place for romantic walks and relaxation with a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. This characteristic attraction of Kołobrzeg is the background for numerous tourist photos.

During the summer season, the pier is full of life, with concerts, festivals and other cultural events taking place there. A visit to the pier is an ideal opportunity to feel the atmosphere of a seaside resort, admire the landscapes and enjoy the attractions that Kołobrzeg has to offer.

Park named after Stefan Żeromski

Park named after Stefana Żeromskiego in Kołobrzeg is a green oasis in the heart of the city, perfect for rest and recreation. This beautiful 5.6-hectare park offers a variety of attractions for the whole family. Walking along the alleys, you can admire picturesque ponds, beautiful flowers and old trees.

In the central point of the park there is an amphitheater, which is teeming with life in the summer as it hosts theater performances, concerts and other cultural events. It's a great place to spend time with family and friends, relaxing outdoors.

Park named after Stefana Żeromskiego also offers plenty of places for sports activities, such as basketball courts, outdoor gyms and playgrounds for children. It's an ideal place for a picnic, walking the dog or cycling. When visiting Kołobrzeg, it is worth stopping in this green corner to experience harmony with nature and feel the atmosphere of the seaside city.

Saline pool

A brine pool is a pool filled with water in which the salt concentration is much higher than in typical tap water. Typically, salt pool water contains 2 to 5% salt, while seawater contains about 3.5% salt.

Using a saltwater pool has many health benefits. Brine water has healing and therapeutic properties, which helps in the treatment of skin diseases, rheumatic diseases and circulatory system diseases. Brine baths also help reduce stress and improve well-being.

The brine pool in Kołobrzeg is one of the largest in Poland and in Europe. The water in the pool is heated to approximately 36-38 degrees Celsius, which further contributes to the relaxing effect. In addition, the water is filtered and disinfected, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

Using the brine pool in Kołobrzeg is possible all year round, and the facility offers many additional attractions, such as a sauna, jacuzzi and massages.

Fishing port

The fishing port in Kołobrzeg is a popular place for tourists who want to feel the atmosphere of a seaside city and taste local delicacies. In the port you can watch fishing boats coming and going, as well as buy fresh fish straight from the fishermen.

In the port area there are many restaurants, cafes and bars serving local specialties, such as fried herrings, shrimps, fish in various variants, as well as Polish and international cuisine. Many of these places offer beautiful views of the sea and the port.

Walking around the port, you can also admire beautiful views and enjoy the atmosphere of the seaside town. There are many tourist attractions in the port area, such as museums, historic fortifications, parks and beaches.

Boat cruise on the Baltic Sea

Discover the charms of the Baltic Sea by deciding on a cruise or renting a boat. Such an adventure will allow you to learn more about the beauty of the Polish coast, visiting picturesque beaches, bays and cliffs. Cruises on the Baltic Sea offer not only unforgettable views, but also the opportunity to observe sea creatures, such as friendly seals that often rest on rocky islets.

During the cruise, participants have the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of seaside towns, as well as listen to stories about local legends and myths. Some cruises also offer fishing opportunities, which makes such a trip even more attractive for lovers of this form of spending time.

Kołobrzeg Fortress

The Kołobrzeg Fortress is a place where history comes to life. Among the bunkers and fortifications you can trace the city's turbulent past and learn about the defensive role of the fortress. By visiting these historic structures, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient times and understand the strategic importance of Kołobrzeg in the region.

The Kołobrzeg Fortress is also an opportunity to take walks in the surrounding green areas, which add charm to this place. By discovering further elements of the fortress, you gain a chance to commune with history while enjoying the beauty of nature. This unique combination makes a visit to the Kołobrzeg Fortress a perfect place to spend time for both history lovers and people looking for relaxation in the tranquility of the green corners of the city.

Festivals and cultural events

Kołobrzeg offers many cultural events, such as the Sailing Song Festival, the Baltic Days, the Słoneczny Zdrój Art Festival or, for slightly younger fans of electronic music, the Sunrise Festival. When planning your vacation, it is worth taking these events into account to fully experience the city's culture and atmosphere.

Kołobrzeg is a city with a rich history, beautiful nature and unique attractions. Regardless of whether you are looking for relaxation by the sea, want to learn about the city's history or participate in cultural events, Kołobrzeg will certainly meet your needs.

Plan your vacation and discover the Baltic gems on your own!


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