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As for pancakes in the Tri-City, it's only for Yummy

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Review of a nice American-style pink and candy pancake shop, on the corner of Wajdeloty and Wallenroda streets.


Gdańsk Wrzeszcz: Wajdeloty 7

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stairs leading to the Yummy restaurant on the corner of Wajdeloty and Wallenroda
Entrance to the Yummy restaurant in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

Restaurant review:

Wajdeloty Street will always have a place in my heart. I grew up nearby in a tenement house on Waryńskiego Street. I've walked this way countless times on my way to the local greengrocer's, or on my way back from the meat shop in Klonowa Street, where you still had to buy eggs in a small shack opposite the Start swimming pool.

This street has always been the center of life in Lower Wrzeszcz. Here, service premises and local shops were located door to door, often operating for decades.

After the renovation of the so-called revitalization, Wajdeloty gained a new life. In the place of small service premises or shops, new fashionable restaurants began to appear. At the same time, on the other side of the tracks, the upper Wrzeszcz was gaining new office buildings and modern apartment buildings.

The district became fashionable, and Wajdeloty became a permanent place on the local gastronomic map of the Tri-City.

American pancake on a plate
Pancake of the month - Twix

On the corner of Wallenroda and Wajdeloty streets - at number seven - Yummy pancake shop was opened a few years ago. The restaurant was born on the wave of fashion for pancake shops. Recently, such premises have literally sprung up like mushrooms after the rain. But it is a place unlike any other - candy, pink, sweet in the decor, as well as the products served there.

Yummy specializes in American pancakes and desserts. Everything they have is rich and sweet, so that it will satisfy even the biggest gourmands.

I visit them regularly when I'm craving something sweet. The prices of the dishes are decent, especially when you consider the cost of the ingredients used to make these little works of art. Because what is important - you also eat with your eyes. If you don't feel like something sweet, there is a savory offer on the menu, there are also coffees, teas and shakes.

On the down side, in my opinion, they could try to make some of their pancakes a little less sweet, the level of sweetness is so high that it is really too sweet sometimes. Maybe it would be worth using dark chocolate instead of Nutella. The premises would require a slight refreshment inside and out after a few years.

American pancake from Yummy restaurant

It's worth following them on social media, sometimes they announce promotions, e.g. pancakes of the month. For students they have 10% discount and happy hour. I also saw with my own eyes what miracles they can do when you order a birthday cake from them.

In my opinion, this is an obligatory place on the Tri-City gastronomic map, let it last as long as possible.

Menu of a yummy restaurant in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz
Menu Yummy Wrzeszcz Dolny



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