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Energylandia's 10th birthday. Do you know the largest amusement park in Poland?

Updated: Feb 8

Do you know that Energylandia is the largest amusement park in Poland and one of the largest in Europe? Travelers driving through Zator on the national road number 44 from Kraków to Oświęcim are greeted by sky-high structures – enormous roller coasters and mountain railways.

This small town, located in western Lesser Poland between Krakow, Katowice, and Bielsko-Biała, is visited by millions of tourists every year.

How did it happen that in just 10 years, Zator became a must-see spot on the map for every amusement park enthusiast?

I will tell you about the incredible story of the creation of the family amusement park Energylandia.

I invite you to read the article.

Widok z lotu ptaka na rodzinny park rozrywki Energylandia

How did it all start?

Energylandia was established in 2014, but its history began much earlier, in Przytkowice near Krakow.

The owners of the iconic music club Energy2000 located there, Agata and Marek Goczał, once visited one of their business partners who lived near Lake Garda in Italy.

When they went with their children to the famous Gardaland amusement park, their delighted kids asked why there was no such place in Poland. The seed was planted.

Why Zator?

Marek Goczał visited other European amusement parks and began planning how to build such a park in Poland. The costs were enormous. After obtaining a European Union grant covering nearly 70% of the construction costs for Energylandia, he started looking for a suitable plot of land.

He chose the town of Zator. The plot had an area of 26 hectares, and there were undeveloped lands around it that could be purchased later for the park's expansion.

In Zator, there was already one amusement park — Zatorland, which focused on dinosaurs and mythology. The owners of both companies decided that they would not compete with each other, but rather present complementary offerings.

What does Energylandia have in common with the Dakar Rally?

The owners of Energylandia are the Goczał family: Agata and Marek, along with their children, Klaudia and Eryk. Marek and his brother Michał have a passion for motorsport, and over time, Eryk Goczał joined them.

Eryk, even as a teenager, performed in stunt shows on a quad bike at Energylandia.

In 2021 and 2022, Marek and Michał Goczał participated in the Dakar Rally.

In 2023, Eryk Goczał competed in the world's most famous rally, the Dakar Rally, and won it in the lightweight SSV vehicle class. He became the youngest participant and youngest winner in the history of the Dakar Rally.

Zadra czyli największy drewniany rollercoaster w europie

Development, i.e. constant change

On July 14, 2014, Energylandia opened its doors to its first visitors. At that time, it was just a fraction of what it is today. However, right from the start, the owners were determined to expand and develop the amusement park.

Year after year, they set and met ambitious goals. New thematic zones, roller coasters, and other attractions were added.

The park hosts performances, shows, music festivals, and thematic events. Each year, Energylandia celebrates its anniversary with a cake for its guests. The park prides itself on offering fun for everyone, regardless of age. Are you curious about the activities available there?


There are many thematic zones in Energylandia. They are divided into those that are adapted to the age of the guests or the main theme of the zone. The park has an area of 70 hectares, and each guest will find something for themselves there.


The first thematic area of Energylandia was Bajkolandia, designed for the youngest guests. Children can enjoy numerous attractions tailored to their age in this oldest part of the park, located just beyond the main entrance.

Little ones can have fun on the gentle Sissi and Leoś Viennese carousels, shoot water cannons on the Super Pompa carousel, and take a ride on the Magic Fly scenic railway to get a bird's-eye view of the entire park.

The Happy Loops and Energuś roller coasters provide a good dose of excitement for the youngest thrill-seekers.

The park has prepared many other attractions for young children, starting from the age of 2.

The youngest guests can meet Energylandia's mascots: Energus the dragon, Bartus the turtle, Leos the lion, Emi the dragoness, and Sissi the rabbit. The little ones love them, giving high fives and eagerly posing for photos together.

Balkolandia w Energilandii

Family Zone

The Family Zone is a proposal for slightly older children. Riding the RMF Drago and Boomerang roller coasters will surely be an incredible experience.

In the Dragon, the seats are located under the track, giving passengers the sensation of nearly grazing the ground with their feet.

The descent of the coaster straight into the dragon's mouth is spectacular. As its name suggests, Boomerang goes forward and, upon reaching a certain point high on the track, starts to return backward.

Riding in reverse is what makes this roller coaster stand out. Children from 100 cm in height can enjoy it, of course under adult supervision.

This zone also features many water attractions. You can ride rafts on the calm Swiss Water Cups water track or the wild Jungle Adventure river. Engage in a water cannon battle on Splash Battle and Viking Ride.

You can't miss a boat ride on Anaconda, a great way to cool off on a hot day.

The park ensures that in this attraction, no one comes out dry. I'll let you in on a secret: sometimes, you can get wet even before reaching the ride's station.

The path to it leads past waterfalls down which boats slide. If you find yourself in the right place at the right time, when the boats lift a huge fountain of water into the air, you'll be soaked from head to toe.

Extreme Zone

The Extreme Zone is for those who love intense thrills. It's home to the biggest roller coasters.

The ride on the Formula roller coaster is incredible. Most coasters need to climb a hill first to continue their wild ride.

In contrast, the Formula's carts are literally launched by magnetic propulsion, and the first element of the ride is a full loop. Reaching a speed of 100 km/h in 2 seconds is essential to complete it.

Near the park's entrance, the enormous Hyperion Mega Coaster, the largest in Europe, soars into the sky. It has a drop of 80 meters and a descent angle of 85°. The speed reached by the coaster is 142 km/h.

The extreme experience is intensified by the fact that the carts have no upper body restraints, only locking around the hips and thighs.

The only water roller coaster in this zone accelerates to 110 km/h. The Speed Water Coaster is interesting because the boats are lifted to a height of 60 meters by a special elevator. The tracks of the coaster are partially in the air and partially in water.

An attraction shaped like a gigantic propeller is the Space Booster. At the ends of its 40-meter arm, there are 4 seats each. After the passengers are strapped in, the propeller begins to rotate, reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h.

Aztec Swing is a gigantic pendulum that takes 32 passengers on a ride at the same time. They sit back-to-back on a wheel-shaped platform with a circumference of 27 meters.

The attraction moves in a pendulum motion, like a swing, and additionally, the wheel rotates around its own axis. The sensations are incredible.

Rollercoaster Hiperion w Energilanii Zator

Dragon's Keep

Dragon's Keep, dominated by the incredible wooden-steel hybrid coaster Zadra, was opened in 2019. This part of the park is located in the neighboring town of Przeciszów. A tunnel under the road leads to Dragon's Keep.

The queen of this zone is Zadra, a coaster with a 90° drop from a height of over 60 meters. The carts reach a maximum speed of 121 km/h.

Like on Hyperion, the restraints here only cover the lower part of the body, providing extreme sensations during the vertical descent.

The tracks several times pass through the middle of the coaster's wooden structure, giving riders the impression that they will smash into the wooden beams.

This zone also has less extreme attractions than Zadra, intended for younger park guests. One of them is Frida, similar in size to Energuś and suitable for children from 100 cm in height.

The 30-meter Wonder Wheel ferris wheel offers a fascinating ride. This attraction was made available to guests in 2022. From its cabins, there is a magnificent view of the entire Energylandia.


Aqualantis, drawing its name from the legendary Atlantis, is filled with water attractions. This thematic area was opened in 2021 and is located next to Dragon's Keep.

Its biggest roller coaster is Abyssus, which uses the same type of propulsion as Formula. Abyssus reaches a speed of 100 km/h, and the ride lasts a full 2 minutes. It offers plenty of thrills, and children from 120 cm in height can ride it (up to 140 cm with an adult supervisor).

The Light Explorers crew is a larger and faster sibling of Boomerang, accessible to guests as small as 100 cm in height.

Aqualantis czyli kolejka górską w której się zmoczysz i to dosłownie

Sweet Valley

Sweet Valley is a new addition in 2024, featuring attractions for both younger and older children. Leading the way are the Choco Chip Creek ride and the Honey Harbour roller coaster. This thematic area is designed in candy-like colors. The iconic teacup rides will be available for children from the age of 4.

Water Park

The Water Park is a zone with swimming pools, progressively expanded with fantastic areas featuring slides: Tropical Fun, Bamboo Bay, and Exotic Island. It is open during the summer season, and depending on the air temperature, some pools are heated.

The water area of Energylandia is so diverse that everyone can find something for themselves, from playgrounds for children to vertical extreme slides. In this zone, sun loungers and umbrellas are available for guests. It's a must-visit spot, especially on hot summer days.


For those who prefer more tranquil entertainment, Energylandia has prepared amazing performances. There are shows featuring acrobats, dance groups, illusionists, fire shows, and stunt displays.

The Egypt and Colosseo theaters and amphitheaters have a rich repertoire. New spectacles are prepared every year. On their stages, you can admire dance performances, illusionist shows, high-level acrobatic spectacles, and spectacular fire shows.

Energylandia has hosted outstanding artists. Luqo Art, a finalist of the 12th edition of "Got Talent" and known as the "rubber man," and Paweł Kidoń – currently a player for the Harlem Globetrotters and a world champion in basketball freestyle, have performed there.

The artistic and dance performances are provided by Ego Entertainment.

AquaJump features acrobatic diving shows. These shows take place in the Aqualantis zone and provide excellent entertainment.

The park owners' passion for motorsports is reflected in the incredible Extreme Show performances. These spectacles, combining the astonishing skills of stuntmen and acrobats, attract crowds of guests to the stands.

Two-wheel driving, including a full 360° car rotation, drifting, slalom, auto ballet, and choreographed shows ensure that you will definitely not be bored.

For fans of motorsports and action movies, this is a must-see during your visit to Energylandia.

An interesting fact – among the stunt team is a woman, Nela Adamczewska, who is one of the few female stunt drivers in the world capable of driving on two wheels.

Theme parties

Over its 10 years of operation, Energylandia has organized many additional events, some of which have become permanent fixtures in the park's annual calendar.

A yearly event is the grand celebration of Energylandia's birthday in July. Similarly, the opening of the season and the Kinder Party for Children's Day are celebrated annually.

During the summer holidays, visitors can expect Magic Night, when the park is open at night. In autumn, Energylandia celebrates Oktoberfest and Halloween Night.

Energylandia has also hosted numerous concerts and festivals on specially erected stages. These events have been hugely popular and attracted large crowds to Energylandia.

Park rozrywki w Zatorze

Useful information

The most important information is that Energylandia is huge and has so many different attractions that it is impossible to see everything in one day, especially in high season. It is definitely worth going there for a longer stay.

Rules for entry to the park

A ticket to Energylandia entitles you to enter the park and unlimited use of all available attractions, including the Water Park water zone and all shows. Entry to individual attractions depends primarily on the height of the guest.

In front of the entrance to each of them there are signs informing about the minimum and maximum height and age necessary to use it. This is dictated by the design of individual queues and safety considerations.

Some attractions may only allow younger children to enter with an adult guardian.

Most extreme rollercoasters are designed for passengers between 140 cm and 195 cm tall.

Young people who reach 140 cm can use all roller coasters, which is why the park's criterion for discounted tickets is height, not age.

Additionally, there are paid slot machines, gastronomy, photos from some attractions, lockers for storing luggage and various souvenirs and gadgets sold in thematic shops.


The park offers different ticket types. Their prices vary depending on the season. 

Tickets offered by Energylandia:

individual tickets

  • regular and discount tickets,

  • two-day normal and discount tickets - they can be redeemed on two consecutive days,

  • year-round regular and discount tickets - personal tickets with a photo valid for 365 days from the date of purchase,

  • birthday tickets for children and teenagers up to 18 years of age – valid only on their birthday,

  • tickets for children up to 3 years old,

  • tickets for people with disabilities from and to 12 years of age,

  • tickets for pregnant women,

  • tickets for the bride and groom and up to 2 photographers if they are organizing a photo session in the park,

  • parking ticket for a car

ticket for staying at a camping or camping site

  • tickets for groups and companies

  • regular, discounted and tickets for children up to 3 years old

  • tickets for schools and kindergartens

  • tickets for preschoolers

  • tickets for students of grades 1-6

  • tickets for students of grades 7-8

  • tickets for high school and college students

On the Energylandia website, under the "tickets" tab, you can find the current price list. Some tickets are available only at the park's ticket office, while others can be purchased online, including as gift tickets.


On the Energylandia website, you'll find a "lodging" tab, which can help you plan a longer stay in Zator. It's definitely worth allocating several days for a visit to the park, as it's huge, and in one day, you might not be able to experience all the attractions, especially during the holidays.

Since the entrance to the park is not limited, when there are many visitors, queues can form for popular attractions, significantly extending the time needed to visit all the roller coasters.

In the area, you'll find accommodations to suit every budget, ranging from camping fields to luxury hotels. On the premises of Energylandia, there is a camping site and a parking area for campers and trailers, so if you're traveling in this manner, this could be a convenient option for you.

How to get there

On the "access" tab, Energylandia provides suggestions on how to reach the park using various modes of transportation. You can drive there by car, but there are also train options from Krakow or Katowice.

Buses from Energylandia depart in the morning from these same cities and return there in the evening. Energylandia also recommends local taxi services on its website, which collaborate with the park.

Getting to Energylandia is not troublesome if you live in southern Poland. But what if you live by the sea, for example, in the Tri-City area (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot)?

From Gdańsk to Energylandia is almost 600 km, which means over 6 hours of driving, not counting necessary stops along the way.

After such a long journey, how can you find the energy for a full day of fun? Energylandia suggests on its website that you can choose to travel by plane to the Kraków-Balice or Katowice-Pyrzowice airports.

They also recommend a reliable taxi transfer from these airports. A taxi transfer is a convenient way to reach Energylandia from the Tri-City area as well.

Contact details

Energylandia Family Amusement Park al. 3 Maja 2, 32-640 Congestion

voivodeship Małopolskie, Poland

+48 (33) 486 15 00

GPS coordinates: 49°59'56.6″N 19°24'40.3″E


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