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Hossoland - a journey through the land of dreams and Baltic legends

Have you ever dreamed of a place that would take you to a world full of magic, adventures and Baltic legends? If so, then the Hossoland family amusement park will be a place created just for you! Located in the heart of Western Pomerania, in the picturesque town of Kiełpino, the amusement park promises to provide unforgettable experiences for everyone who enters its gates.

It will not only be a place that provides adrenaline and emotions. It will be primarily a theme park that will combine tradition with modernity, as well as a bit of magic and fantasy, creating a unique atmosphere like from fantasy comics.

Are you ready for a journey full of surprises and Baltic legends? 

In Hossoland, every step will reveal a new attraction and new secrets. From water slides that will give you a dose of adrenaline, to colorful carousels for the youngest - everyone will find something for themselves here. Or maybe you feel like eating delicious food? The restaurants in Hossoland will surely satisfy your culinary desires.

This is where your journey into the Baltic legends will begin. Soon, four unique thematic zones will tell stories related to our sea. From the stories about Gosek and Jurata, through legends about Baltic mermaids and Vikings, to the secrets of sea monsters - each of them will take you to a different, magical world.

Are you ready for an amazing adventure? If so, get ready to travel soon! Adventure, magic and Baltic legends - you will find all this in one place.

a graphic inviting you to read an article about a family amusement park in Kiełpin in the Brojce commune. Hossoland, the energyland of the north

Plan your visit to Hossoland today and see for yourself what secrets are hidden in this extraordinary amusement park.

Hossoland Brojce - soon the biggest attraction of Western Pomerania

Have you ever dreamed of a place where adrenaline mixes with joy, and each step reveals a new attraction to you? If so, I have fantastic news for you! In the heart of Western Pomerania, in the picturesque town of Kiełpino, a thematic amusement park is being built, which has a chance to become a real hit among lovers of emotions and good fun.

But not only fun, what I personally like most about the concept of this amusement park is the theme related to Baltic legends. You can expect a bit of Nordic mythology but also our local Kashubian and other beliefs. 

Aerial view of the area for the construction of the Hossoland amusement park

Hossoland theme park - sounds proud, right? And for good reason! This is an investment that aims to attract not only the inhabitants of the region, but also tourists from all over Poland and abroad. And what will we find there?

Here are some attractions that will surely interest you:

Water slides that will give you a dose of adrenaline and refreshment on hot days.

Colorful carousels for the youngest, where laughter and fun are guaranteed!

Restaurants with delicious food that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

But that's not all!

Did you know that this amusement park will be one of the largest in Poland? Yes, you heard right! Soon we will have our own energylandia in the north. Western Pomerania will become a real paradise for anyone looking for unforgettable experiences.

If you are curious what else they will prepare for you in this amazing place, be sure to read this article to the end. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! 

entrance to hossoland amusement park

Hossoland in Brojce: The secrets of the Baltic Sea are waiting to be discovered!

Have you ever wondered what's hidden in the waves of the Baltic Sea? Hossoland is a place that will take you to the world of Baltic legends. In the park you will find four unique thematic zones that tell stories related to our sea. 

Reading numerous articles and mentions about the construction in Kiełpin, one cannot resist the impression that the authors focus only on a superficial glance at the topic. This time, it will be a place where you will experience truly supernatural experiences, I promise you that the hairs on your arms will stand on end more than once. 

To prepare you for this extraordinary experience, I have several stories for you that will draw you into the world of Baltic gods and creatures. Are you ready? Hold on tight, we're moving...

Gosk and Jurata - The Baltic Legend of Love and Revenge

The Baltic Sea, this unpredictable and mysterious body of water, has been hiding numerous secrets for centuries. One of them is the story of Gosek, the god who controls waves, wind and storm. His figure aroused respect among the inhabitants of the coast, who knew that their fate at sea depended on his whims. Gosk could be gracious, helping fishermen in their difficult work, but he also had a dark side.

And his daughter, Jurata, was the embodiment of beauty and gentleness. As the goddess of the sea, she took care of its inhabitants and ensured balance in the marine world. Her underwater palace, built of glittering amber, was a place of peace and harmony. However, fate decided to put her feelings to the test.

One day, Jurata learned about a young fisherman who was catching too many fish, disturbing the balance of the sea world. She decided to punish him, but when their eyes met, there was a spark between them. The love that blossomed between the goddess and the mortal was so strong that nothing could destroy it. Nothing but Gosek's anger.

When Gosk learned about his daughter's relationship with the fisherman, his anger knew no bounds. In an instant, he destroyed Jurata's palace, burying her under its ruins. The young fisherman did not escape punishment - he was chained to a rock, condemned to eternal suffering. It is said that during storms, when the wind blows at full strength, you can hear its lament, and the waves wash up amber on the shore - fragments of Jurata's palace.

This story became so popular that one of the villages on the Baltic Sea took the name of Jurata. To this day, it attracts tourists who want to feel the magic of this place and look for amber - traces of the tragic love of a goddess and a fisherman.

Gosk and Jurata and the legend of their love

Baltic Mermaids - Legends and Secrets of Morzeczek

The Baltic Sea, although known for its cool waters and harsh climate, hides many secrets and legends. Some of the most fascinating stories concern Baltic mermaids, called Morzeczka by the Kashubians. These extraordinary creatures, with beautiful voices and colorful hair, were an inseparable element of the Baltic landscape. Their amber necklaces testified to their connection with the sea and its wealth.

One of the most moving legends tells about Morzeczka with aquamarine curls, who one day fell into a fishing net. The fishermen, fascinated by its beauty, took it ashore. The local priest, seeing her as a pagan, decided to baptize her.

However, the church walls became a prison for the mermaid. Distraught and ashamed, she died inside the temple. In response to this act, the Baltic Sea began to beat furiously against the coast on which the church stood.

Every year, sea waves destroy the building more and more. It is said that when the sea finally swallows the church whole, the end of the world will come. For those who want to see what remains of this building, just visit the village of Trzęsacz. The ruins there are a testimony to the power of the Baltic Sea and the tragic history of Morzeczka.

This legend is a warning to all those who try to impose their will on others. Baltic mermaids, although beautiful and gentle, also have a wild side that will not allow harm. If you ever stand on the shore of the Baltic Sea, listen to the sound of the waves. Maybe you will hear the singing of the Little Mottles as they talk about their adventures and the secrets of this sea.

view of the church in Trzeszcz and the legend of the Baltic mermaids

From the Sea Bishop to Salta

When we think about sea monsters, our thoughts often go to the mysterious Nessie from Loch Ness in Scotland. But did you know that the Baltic Sea also hides its maritime secrets? Yes, you read that right! The Polish sea also has its legends about sea monsters, which have aroused curiosity and fear among the inhabitants of the coast for centuries.

Let's start with a story that sounds like a fantasy movie script. Imagine that you are walking on the beach, and suddenly the waves wash up on the shore... a bishop? Yes, but not just any kind! A creature that looked half fish and half bishop. This extraordinary guest, later called the "Sea Bishop", was taken straight to the royal court.

The king, fascinated by this unusual find, wanted to keep it. But our maritime bishop had other plans. With pleading in his eyes, he asked to be released back into the sea.

And here comes a plot twist worthy of the best movie - before immersing himself in the water, the Sea Bishop made the sign of the cross. Could this be a real bishop who was transformed into a monster by some sea witch? Who knows!

But this is not the end of our Baltic stories. In the 20th century, in the waters of the Baltic Sea, exactly off the coast of Sweden, a creature was observed that could compete with Nessie in the competition for the most mysterious monster. A pair of walkers were the first to notice this strange creature. They described it as a large, gray body up to 12 meters long with three humps on its back.

Sound familiar? Yes, this is our Baltic Nessie, who was named Saltie. Unfortunately, Saltie was not captured in the photo and disappeared into the depths of the sea in the 1920s.

a painting depicting a sea bishop

Stolemy - Rulers of Kashubia and Creators of the Rew Promontory

Kashubia, a picturesque region of Poland, hides many secrets and legends. One of them is the story of the Stolems - powerful beings who ruled these lands before the first man appeared. These enormous creatures not only had extraordinary strength, but were also extremely competitive. They often held competitions between themselves to see who could throw a boulder the furthest. Such competitions were real entertainment for them!

One day, in the place we know today as Rewa, one of such competitions was held. The stolems decided to see who among them could throw a stone so far that it would cut across the land. One of them, wanting to demonstrate his strength, aimed at the long strip of land connecting the two shores of the sea.

The force of his throw was so great that the ground split apart under the impact, creating the Rewa promontory. Thanks to this legend, anyone walking along the Rewa promontory can feel like a witness of ancient, mythical times.

But this is not the end of the story about the Stolems. There is also a legend associated with them about the creation of one of the Baltic monsters.

When God created man, he decided to ask other beings to evaluate his creation. Among the invited guests was a certain Stolem who did not hide his skepticism towards the new creation. He believed that man, deprived of the wings of an eagle and the strength of a lion, would not survive long in this world. His critical words did not please God.

As punishment for his audacity, Stolem was transformed into a creature that had half the body of an eagle and half of a lion. Thus he was born as a new Baltic monster, a combination of two of the most powerful creatures.

Kaszuby is a place where history intertwines with legends, and every corner hides an extraordinary story. If you ever visit this area, remember the Stolems and their extraordinary adventures. Maybe you will be able to find traces of their presence?

Are these stories true? Does the Baltic Sea hide more secrets than we think? One thing is certain - the sea will always be a source of inspiration for stories and legends. And if you ever decide to take a walk along the seaside, keep your eyes peeled. Maybe you'll spot another Baltic monster!

We are standing in the revue

Purtk and Rybak - Legendary Fight for the Soul in Kashubia

But it's not over yet. Kashubia, known for its picturesque landscapes and rich culture, hides many more mysterious stories. One of the next ones concerns the fisherman Fabisz and a malicious demon named Purtk.

Purtk, although he was a demon, did not engage in great intrigues or conspiracies. His specialty was small but extremely annoying pranks. His favorite victim was a certain fisherman named Fabisz. Why him? No one knows this. Maybe Fabisz accidentally exposed himself to the demon, or maybe he simply became the target of his whims.

The days passed, and Purtk did not give Fabisz any peace. Every day he came up with new pranks that made life difficult for the poor fisherman. But Fabisz was not an ordinary fisherman. He was smart and decided to get rid of the annoying demon once and for all.

One day, when Purtk decided to annoy the fisherman again, Fabisz offered him a bet. He said he would give him his soul if the demon managed to hold the anchor of his boat while sailing. Purtk, confident in himself and his strength, immediately accepted the challenge.

But Fabisz had a plan. As soon as they were on the high seas, the fisherman cut the anchor line without hesitation. Purtk, surprised and deceived, was dragged into the depths of the sea along with the heavy iron. Since then, Fabisz could finally enjoy peace and freedom. However, sometimes, during quiet nights, he heard the echoes of Purtek's screams as he tried to escape from the depths of the sea.

This story is a warning to all those who think they can bully others with impunity. Even a demon can be tricked by a clever fisherman. Kashubia has many stories that teach humility and respect for others. If you ever visit this area, remember Fabisz and his clever fight with Purtek. Maybe this story will inspire you to face your demons?

a purtek-like monster destroys a ship in the Baltic Sea

What will be the main attractions of Hossolanda in Brojce?

Returning briefly to our earthly present, you are probably wondering what attractions the builders of this amusement park have prepared for you. Hossoland is not only a name, but above all a promise of amazing attractions.

The main attraction of this amusement park will be breathtaking roller coasters, various carousels and fascinating shows and performances. But it is not everything!

The park will be divided into four unique thematic zones that will take visitors to the world of legends of the Baltic Sea:

  • City of Mermaids

  • The Mysterious Kingdom of Baltambrya

  • Brave Viking Land

  • Enchanted Dragon Mine Valley

Although specific information about each zone is still a secret, we know that the park will offer rollercoasters and carousels designed by the best in the industry.

The available visualizations include, among others: an adventure on an artificial river, an exciting roller coaster leading to a cave tunnel and a carousel inspired by a Viking shield.

lantern in hossoland theme park

And for the youngest? Meetings with characters from your favorite fairy tales! There will be plenty to do in this family amusement park!

Here are some of the attractions that await guests:

  • Exciting rollercoasters,

  • Carousels for the brave and the less daring,

  • Magic shows and performances,

  • Interactive fountains,

  • Children's toys,

  • Food outlets and souvenir shops,

  • And parking for up to 6,000 cars!

But this is just the beginning! There are also plans to expand it with a water park and additional thematic zones. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? If so, the park in Brojce is waiting for you!

hossoland, or the energyland of the north

When will Hossoland open? Energylandia Północy will soon open its gates

Adrenaline and family fun lovers must be patient. The opening of Hossoland, called by many the 'Energyland of the North', expected in spring 2024, has been delayed. The reason is implementation problems that affected the work schedule.

The Hosso company, known for its investments in the region, is behind this ambitious project. Its goal is to create an amusement park that will attract crowds not only from Poland, but also from abroad. Unfortunately, as is the case with such large undertakings, not everything went according to plan.

Even though the park was originally planned to open in spring 2024, Hosso informed about the need to postpone this date. Everything indicates that at the end of 2024 we will be able to fully enjoy the attractions of Hossoland.

As we can read in an interview for RadioESKA: 

- The construction of the Hossoland amusement park is already well advanced. Every day we see the progress of work, and the design assumptions are taking real shape. Construction and installation works are currently underway. Some of the buildings are already in a shell state, while in others the walls are already being built. You can also already see the outline of the lighthouse, which will be the tallest object in the park. At the same time, the main entrance to the park is under construction, i.e. a sculpture of a Viking and a mermaid - , Anna Olszonowicz, representative of the Hosso Group, told us

The investor assures that the delay is a guarantee of the highest quality of the attractions offered and the safety of future guests. Therefore, it is worth waiting and giving Hosso time to refine all the details. After all, as the saying goes, "patience pays off." We are looking forward to it!

one of the attractions in the hossoland amusement park

How to get to Hossoland amusement park

A thematic amusement park referring to Baltic legends and fairy tales, it will be a huge facility that is being built in the town of Kiełpino, in the Brojce commune, in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The park will be located approximately halfway between the towns of Brojce and Kiełpino. Brojce is approximately 10 kilometers north-east of Gryfice and is located on the DW105 provincial road.

From the S6 expressway exit, the amusement park will be just 1 kilometer away. Thanks to this location, this unique place will be easy to reach from many parts of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

For residents of Szczecin, access will be approximately 80 kilometers, from Kołobrzeg only 30 kilometers, and from Koszalin approximately 70 kilometers.

It's still too early to provide a detailed guide on how to get to this amusement park, but you can rest assured. The investor made sure that the location was almost perfect, both for residents of Szczecin and for tourists from the Tricity.

I can tell you that right after the opening of this attraction, we will prepare a special offer for those willing to go there individual transfer with Rabbit-Trans Poland ;D

So just a moment of patience, and soon we will see each other in the land of Baltic legends.

Hossoland entrance gate at the construction stage

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