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Hippodrome Sopot - stars meet not only at the Forest Opera

The Hippodrome in Sopot is a place that is often underestimated by tourists and even residents, yet its history dates back over a hundred years. Considered a green island of peace amidst the urban bustle of the Tricity, the Hippodrome from time to time turns into an arena for international equestrian competitions, full of life, emotions and various attractions as soon as the competitions start​.

Located on an area of almost 39,000 square meters, with the oldest part at Polna Street, the Hippodrome was originally designed to organize horse races and accompanying betting. Currently, the race track stretching over 31 hectares is a place where horse riding enthusiasts can indulge their passion by participating in various competitions and equestrian events​.

Banner of an article about the Hippodrome in Sopot with the inscription Hippodrome Sopot - stars meet not only at the forest opera

The Sopot Hippodrome is located in the western part of Karlikowo, commonly known as Sopot Wyścigi, in the immediate vicinity of the Ergo Arena entertainment and sports hall. Its stables can accommodate about 300 horses, and in addition to races, various types of equestrian competitions are organized there, including the Comprehensive Riding Horse Competitions (Eventing)​.

Just as the famous Sopot Forest Opera attracts music and culture stars, the Sopot Hippodrome is a magnet for equestrian and horse sports stars, offering a unique atmosphere and the opportunity to have close contact with nature and the world of horses. Both of these unique places, each in its own kind, have made Sopot a place where stars meet not only on stage, but also on the race track.

Everyone knows the Forest Opera, but not even every resident of the Tricity knows the Hippodrome in Sopot. In this article I will try to tell you a little about the history of this fascinating place.

View of the stands in the Sopot hippodrome

First, let me tell you a little bit of history

The history of the Sopot Hippodrome is rich and dates back to the end of the 19th century. According to publicly available information, the area of the current Hippodrome was used to organize hunting runs by the "Black Hussars" regiment. the garrison in Wrzeszcz stationed in Gdańsk "in today's estate" since the 1870s​. Another source mentions the 1890s as the beginning of the history of the Hippodrome, when the Black Hussars Regiment organized the first hunting races in this place​.

In 1898, regular flat horse races began here, which meant the formal commencement of the hippodrome's operation as a venue for horse racing​.

The breakthrough moment in the history of the Hippodrome came after World War I. The war events resulted in the suspension of all events at the Sopot track, and in 1917 the hippodrome area was divided into plots for the families of soldiers fighting in the German army on the front​.

After the war, in 1945/1946, the complex was used as a base for horses imported under the UNRRA program. In 1947, horse racing in Sopot was reactivated by the State Horse Racing Track in Warsaw. Initially, they were seasonal in nature with approximately 12 days of racing per season, and this form of operation of the Hippodrome lasted until 1970.

historical photograph showing horse riders against the background of the stands of the Sopot Hippodrome

The history of the Sopot Hippodrome is therefore deeply rooted in the local community and equestrian tradition, constituting an important cultural and sports element of the region. Over the years, various historical periods have influenced the development and functioning of the Hippodrome, which today is an important point on the equestrian map of Poland and Europe.

Did you know that horse racing is not only a sport, but also unique traditions and rich history of Central Europe? For example The Great Warsaw Race, which is one of the most important equestrian events in Poland, takes place annually on the race track of the Warsaw Equestrian Center Służewiec. Its roots date back to the 1930s, and the race itself is not only about sporting emotions, but also a unique atmosphere and an opportunity to present elegant outfits, which makes this event significant also in the socio-cultural context.< /p>

On the other hand, Great Pardubice< /strong>, also known as Velká pardubická, is one of the most difficult and prestigious horse races in Europe, held annually in the Czech Republic. the city of Pardubice. This race is famous for its extremely difficult route, containing various obstacles, including the famous Taxis jump, which is considered one of the most difficult in world equestrianism.

Great Pardubice is not only a test of skills and endurance for horses and riders, but also an event with deep traditions that attracts crowds of spectators from all over Europe. Each of these races, despite differences in character and location, shares a passion for horse riding and the desire to celebrate this discipline in a way full of tradition and emotions, which is a beautiful example of how equestrian sport creates a unique bond between people, horses, as well as different cultures and traditions.

A photograph showing the Velka Pardubice equestrian competition

Hippodrome Today it is more than just a race track

This is a place that has been teeming with life from the very beginning with the sight of shiny manes and horse riders rushing along the track, and today it is blooming with new life, opening its gates to the entire local community, not just enthusiasts. If you think that the Hippodrome is only an arena for horse competitions, it's time to update your ideas. Today, the Hippodrome is a space where Sopot breathes deeply, celebrating life in various ways.

From Horse Races to Star Concerts

When you enter the Hippodrome, you will immediately feel this specific atmosphere, which is both nostalgic and modern. It is a place where echoes of the past intertwine with today's moment, creating something truly unique.

The hippodrome has long ceased to be only an arena for races, turning into a space open to various events. From open-air concerts, through outdoor theater performances, to various festivals and fairs, the Hippodrome has gained a new face that surprises and delights.

Did you know that concerts of stars of the Polish and foreign music scene take place at the Hippodrome? This place, which once resounded with the sound of hooves, is now filled with the sounds of music, laughter and applause of a satisfied audience.

A rider participating in the CSIO competition at the Sopot Hippodrome

Hippodrome Sopot, a place in the heart of the Tricity that is alive all year round

The Sopot Hippodrome is full of life all year round, being a place where a variety of events bring together enthusiasts from various fields. At the very beginning of the year, when winter is still breathing its last breaths, the hippodrome grounds resound with the caress of horses during the National Indoor Competition for Children and Youth and the Selfie Project JumpOFF Hippodrome Indoor Jumping Competition. These competitions open the equestrian season in Sopot, attracting young talents from all over Poland.

With the arrival of spring, the Sopot Hippodrome blooms with new life. During this period, in addition to regular equestrian competitions, the Hippodrome grounds become an arena for extreme obstacle races, Runmageddon. This event tests the endurance, strength and determination of participants, and the vast grounds of the Hippodrome are the perfect location for this event.

When summer fully settles in the Tricity, the Sopot Hippodrome becomes the place where the most important jumping competitions, CSIO5*, as well as the International Para-Dressage and Dressage Competitions take place.

It's also a time when football fans can unite and celebrate their passion during the Carlsberg FanCamp, next to the traditional Horse Races.

In turn, when summer slowly turns into autumn, the Sopot Hippodrome becomes a place of unique meetings for pet lovers. The International Dog Show brings together breeders and dog owners from all over Poland and beyond. It is an opportunity to present your pets in a professional environment, as well as exchange experiences with other enthusiasts.

As you can see, the Sopot Hippodrome, although mainly associated with horse riding, shows that its heart beats with a variety of events throughout the year. From equestrian competitions, through extreme runs, to football events and dog exhibitions, everyone will find something for themselves here, and this is just a fraction of what is happening there.

view from above of the area and buildings of the Sopot hippodrome

The Hippodrome is not only about outdoor events, but also delicious food

The Hippodrome in Sopot, known primarily for horse races and equestrian events, surprises with its versatility. One example of this is the local Unicorn restaurant - it is an integral element, enabling the organization of various special occasions in an intimate and stylish environment. According to the slogan "One Place". Many possibilities", this restaurant offers its guests a wide range of services that make every event unique​.

Unicorn is a place of unique character, located in the Sopot hippodrome. With 7 years of experience on the market, this restaurant operates dynamically, offering high-quality services and professionalism in every aspect of its operations. Long-term presence on the market translates into unforgettable events and excellent service that can meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Unicorn Hippodrome has an impressive space that allows you to organize various events and celebrations. Offering a lot of space for every type of event, this restaurant is able to organize events for over a thousand people, which makes it an ideal place for large occasional events​.

When organizing events, guests can take advantage of a diverse culinary offer. The restaurant specializes in modern European, Polish and traditional cuisine. The chef and his team, coming from many respected restaurants, are able to offer a wide spectrum of different flavors that will certainly meet the expectations of anyone who decides to take advantage of the gastronomic offer​.

Unicorn Hippodrome not only opens its doors to organizing weddings, but also offers a beautiful wedding hall in the Sopot Hippodrome with an amazing view. This is a place where you can plan the most important event in your life, using additional services such as floristry, DJ service, accommodation for guests, as well as organize a photo session in the picturesque corners of the hippodrome​.

The range of possibilities offered by Unicorn Hippodrome shows that Sopot is a place that comes alive not only during outdoor events, but also occasional celebrations that find their unique background here.

full tables inside the restaurant located in the hippodrome in Sopot

And literally around the corner, Karczma Polska Zagroda is waiting for us

The Hippodrome in Sopot is a place that attracts crowds of horse and riding enthusiasts from year to year. However, this is not the only attraction of this location. Right next to the hippodrome there is an inn whose atmosphere, traditional Polish cuisine and hospitality make the area around the hippodrome come alive not only during equestrian events, but gourmets from all over the Tri-City come here to eat delicious pork knuckle or sour soup in bread.

Karczma Polska Zagroda is a place that everyone visiting the Tricity should visit. Traditional Polish flavors, home-made recipes and an unforgettable atmosphere all make this inn a unique place on the culinary map of Sopot.

Cozy interiors, friendly service and a menu full of Polish specialties are the quintessence of Polish hospitality. It offers dishes "like at grandma's", great wines and homemade spiritual liqueur "Michałówka" - all in one place where guests can feel the spirit of real Polish cuisine​.

Karczma Polska Zagroda is not located directly on the premises of the Hippodrome, but is located right next to it, on Niepodległości 625 Street, which makes it a perfect place to end a day spent watching horse races or other events horse riding. Just a short walk is enough to find a place where you can relax after an exciting day, enjoying the flavors of Polish cuisine.

The restaurant offers its guests not only a rich menu, but also cozy interiors and an authentic atmosphere reminiscent of an old inn, which makes it an ideal place for family lunches, meetings with friends or intimate dinners.

Thanks to this, the area around the Hippodrome in Sopot is teeming with life not only during the day, but also in the evenings, when guests from various parts of Poland and foreign tourists can discover the richness of Polish cuisine, being so close to one of the most famous equestrian facilities in Poland.

entrance to the Polish Zagroda restaurant in Sopot

How to get to the Hippodrome in Sopot?

an overview map showing the area of the new hippodrome in Sopot with buildings and parking lots

Getting to this place is really simple and convenient, regardless of the means of transport you choose. Thanks to the great location in the heart of Sopot, surrounded by various communication routes and the proximity of public transport stops, getting there is easy and quick.

Additionally, convenient and spacious parking lots make access by car equally hassle-free. The Sopot Hippodrome is located in such a way that even if you are here for the first time, you will easily find your way to the place.

The attractiveness of the location is also increased by the proximity of the sea, which means that access to the Hippodrome can be combined with a pleasant walk by the sea. Regardless of whether you go here by train, car, bus, bike or taxi, you will certainly appreciate the simplicity and convenience of access.

Below I will list the most important access options that will help you plan your visit to the Sopot Hippodrome.

Access by SKM train:

  • SKM Wyścigi stop: This is the closest train stop to the Sopot Hippodrome . Once you arrive at the bus stop, a short walk will get you there.

  • SKM Żabianka stop: This stop is a little further, but still at a reasonable distance. Once you arrive at the stop, you can use local transport or choose to walk.

Access by car and parking:

  • Parking at the Hippodrome: Directly next to the Sopot Hippodrome from ul. Łokietka there is a spacious parking lot where you can leave your car and enjoy the event.

  • Parking at ERGO ARENA: Right next to the Sopot Hippodrome, on In the area of the ERGO ARENA entertainment and sports hall, there is a large parking lot, which can be a great alternative if the parking lot at the hippodrome is already full.

Arrival by bus:

  • There is a network of city buses in Sopot organized by ZKM Gdynia and ZTM Gdańsk, which stop near the Sopot Hippodrome. Check local timetables to find the most convenient route depending on your starting point.

Taxi & Transfers:

  • If you prefer comfort and privacy, local Sopot taxis such as Rabbit-Trans Taxi Sopot, will certainly take you to the gate of the Hippodrome in Sopot. And after the event, it will take you comfortably to your home or hotel.



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