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Night Club in Gdańsk & Striptease - Forbidden fruit, but is it tasty?

Dear Reader, today I would like to take you on a journey through Gdańsk's nightlife. As you know, it is a city with a centuries-old history, inextricably linked with trade (including maritime), Hansa, business and generating a lot of money. And where there is money, sailors, tourists and business, there will also be a place for the oldest profession in the world. 

Today I will tell you about prostitution, striptease, stimulants, but also about fraud and theft. I will tell you what nightlife is like, without beating around the bush and without excessive politeness. I invite you aboard my taxi: let's go on a journey through night Gdańsk and beyond.

When visiting this blog, you may have noticed that I run it as a taxi driver. If you don't know me, let me tell you who I am and where my knowledge about the title topic of this article comes from. 

My name is Damian and I have been a taxi driver in Tricity for over 8 years. Besides, I have been from Gdańsk since birth, for thirty-something years. I have traveled the streets of almost all of Gdańsk and adjacent cities, and also taken my clients to various "interesting" places, including frequently visited night clubs and striptease clubs.

I am mentioning this to you so that you know that knowledge about nightlife does not come from Wikipedia, but from my experiences and experiences, as well as from conversations with my colleagues and clients. I would like to tell you about the so-called Night Clubs, Gentlemen's Clubs or, to put it bluntly, brothels. 

There is a lot of talk about this type of temples. From my taxi perspective, each of these clubs is a microcosm with its own rules and secrets. But are they a safe place? Is it worth going to them? And above all, why are we going there?

Over the years of working behind the wheel, I have observed how the image of night entertainment in Gdańsk has evolved, and with it the clubs have changed, both those dancing and those offering something more... spicy.

Striptease in Poland, especially in Tricity, is not only forbidden fruit, but also an increasingly popular form of evening relaxation. But here, as in any garden, you need to watch out for rose thorns. Choosing the right place is the key to having fun and being safe.

I will not talk about morality or ethics, I leave these issues to individual assessment. Rather, I will focus on what I saw, heard and experienced. I will take you to a world where striptease becomes an art form that requires both good taste and caution.

So get ready for a night journey around Gdańsk, where every street corner may hide secrets, and every open club door - a new experience. Fasten your seat belts, because this may be one of those rides that you will remember for a long time.


Advertisement for a blog article about night clubs and strip clubs in Gdańsk

First, the holy GOGO club, banned by the church

I assume that if you have entered this website, you are probably not looking for a similar place, but you are interested in the topic. I specifically use the feminine and masculine forms here, because what may surprise some people:  not only drunk men go to this type of places, but more on that later. First, a bit of history to make all antis aware that no matter how many Hail Marys they say, this profession has always been and always will be. 

In the heart of every civilization, from ancient times, we find traces of the so-called "world's oldest profession". Although agriculture, hunting and shepherding are activities that may well deserve this title, prostitution with its controversial faces has shaped cultures since the dawn of time.

The stories begin in Babylonia, Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt, where prostitution was woven into the social and religious fabric. Imagine temples where sacred prostitution was practiced, where physical love was intertwined with devotion to the gods. It was there that, for the first time in history, traces of prostitution as a profession appeared.

I would like to point out that although several thousand years have passed, it can be said that prostitutes were once holy ;) How the world has changed...

Coming back to the topic, it was not only the Middle East that had an aura of sacredness around this phenomenon. In China, where polygamy was common and brothels, known as "green gazebos", were more than places for carnal gatherings. They became a refuge for men looking for rest, conversation, music, singing, and not just sex.

Imagine these elegant, educated women who could discuss politics, business, philosophy, literature; they were a symbol of status and sophistication. We are talking about the profession of "Geisha", which is so fascinating that I will try to explain it in the next chapter.

Traveling further in time and space, we reach ancient Greece and Rome, where prostitution took many forms. In Greece, prostitutes could be independent and influential women, paying taxes and wearing distinctive costumes. In Rome, on the other hand, prostitution was legal, public, and even considered an acceptable form of pleasure.

An interesting aspect is how different civilizations approached male prostitution. In Greece, this was a widespread practice, reflecting the pederastic customs of the time; while in Rome, prostitutes performed functions even as part of religious celebrations.

At this point I would like to stop. Today's morality is a legacy of the Middle Ages. Almost 1,000 years of its duration have consolidated the role of the church, especially the Roman Catholic one, in our lives, along with its approach to our corporeality, needs and desires. It was during these times that female orgasm was considered the work of Satan, and masturbation was punished (as well as any intercourse other than in the missionary position).

Hehe... so that they would know that on the other side of the world the Kamasutra was being practiced. 

In the Middle Ages, when Europe began to be shaped under the influence of Christianity, the Catholic Church, although condemned all forms of sexuality outside marriage and tolerated prostitution as a lesser evil. It was a form of preventing greater sins - such as rape or sodom.

Interestingly, in the cities of medieval Europe, brothels were often located outside the city walls, in areas beyond the jurisdiction of the authorities, which created a kind of moral paradox.

The 15th and 16th centuries saw a hardening of attitudes towards prostitution, partly due to the syphilis epidemic that swept across Europe. Prostitution came to be identified with plague and contagion, which led to its prohibition.

It is also impossible not to mention the significant role of prostitution in colonial India, where British soldiers often used the services of local nautch dancers. As British women arrived in India, the use of local prostitutes became less common, and intermarriage itself became increasingly condemned.

In summary, the history of prostitution is complex and multidimensional, reflecting the changing faces of cultures and societies over the centuries. From temple rituals, through refined gazebos in China, to the medieval streets of Europe - prostitution has been shaped and transformed by witnessing and participating in human aspirations, desires and conflicts.

An escort sitting on the steps of one of the brothels in Gdańsk

Sexuality in the Middle Ages: love under the microscope of prohibitions

Let's go back for a moment to the wonderful times of the Middle Ages. A time when people didn't make mistakes, but perfumes were improved in France to make it possible to function in this mess. 

So what was it like in the Middle Ages and are things really worse now?

In the Middle Ages, I would like to remind you that in Europe it lasted almost 1,000 years. There were strictly defined sexual norms prohibiting "unnatural" forms of sexual intercourse. It was believed that only the position of a woman lying on her back with a man on her was conducive to conception, so any deviation from this was considered inappropriate. Intercourse from behind was treated more leniently, especially if it was the first "offence".

Penalties for anal intercourse were much more severe - they were compared to the sin of sex with animals. Oral sex was treated as the "worst evil", considering this type of practice to be contrary to the main purpose of sex, which is procreation. So a little ice cream was probably out of the question...

Interestingly, early penitentiaries did not mention contraception.

A number of penalties were imposed for extramarital relations. Stricter for clergy than for laity, taking into account such circumstances as the status of the woman with whom adultery was committed. If a man had a child with someone else's wife, he had to do penance for three years, avoiding "juicy food" and his own wife, and also pay a fine to the mistress's husband.

Sex with a widow resulted in a one-year penance, and with an unmarried girl - two years, with the obligation to pay her parents for her "disgrace". If a man married this girl, both of them had only one year of penance.

"Sinful love" was severely punished. Masturbation, homosexuality and sodomy were subject to harsh penalties, especially for clergy and adult men.

The clergy had a complicated system of punishments for various sins - from "lewd imaginations" and "nefarious thoughts", through nocturnal sins, "intimacies" with women, "touching and kissing", attempts at seduction, to sex with a woman, a man, a boy, and even "copulating with animals".

So, do you still think that in Poland we have a dark town and only in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands there is real freedom? Then think that not long ago, in the broadly understood great Western Europe  witches were burned at the stake.

Geisha, is this a luxurious escort?

I answer the question straight away. Yes, a Geisha is such a luxurious escort, but not in our shallow Western understanding. 

Life was a bit different in Asian brothels. Of course, let's not hide it or embellish it too much. Men also went there for sex. Nevertheless, today when you read advertisements for so-called Gentlemen's Clubs, you read about music clubs filled with good music, culture, great drinks, good food and sensual women - artists.

In fact, it is a description of a Japanese brothel from 200-300 years ago, but it is still valid in the eyes of marketers. 

However, let's focus on the mega-fascinating profession of Geisha. This mysterious and fascinating figure of Japanese culture is a symbol of sophistication and subtle beauty. But who exactly was a geisha and what did she do?

Geisha, known in Japan as "geiko" or "maiko" (depending on the region and level of experience), is not only an artist, but also a master of conversation and the subtle art of being. Her role went far beyond simple entertainment; was the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics, artistic craftsmanship and tradition.

Preparing for the role of a geisha was a long and complicated process. These women began their education at a young age, exploring the secrets of dancing, music, singing and playing traditional Japanese instruments such as shamisen and koto. The training also included learning etiquette, the art of conversation, the tea ceremony and ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging.

In the world of geishas, appearance played a huge role. Their unique makeup, consisting of white foundation paste and red lips, was immediately recognizable. Their outfits, usually elaborate and richly decorated kimonos, were complemented with carefully selected accessories and hairstyles, turning them into living works of art.

Geisha were masters at creating an atmosphere in which their guests - often high-ranking businessmen, artists and politicians - could relax and break away from everyday duties. Their work consisted of organizing and sprucing up social gatherings that took place in exclusive tea houses or private homes.

They were the epitome of discretion, which was especially valued in Japanese culture.

It is important to understand that although geisha were associated with eroticism, their role was primarily artistic and social. Sexuality, although present in a subtle form, was not a central aspect of their profession. The geisha was primarily an artist and emcee, and her task was to make the guests feel comfortable and entertained.

Today, in the modern era, geishas still exist, although their numbers have decreased significantly. They are still considered an important part of Japanese culture and heritage, being a living symbol of Japanese tradition, art and history.

High heels and high-heeled shoes as a symbol of a woman of easy morals

What is a brothel? Tfuu…, Gentlemen's club

A brothel, often referred to as a brothel, is a place where sexual services are provided. Over the centuries, the perception and functioning of brothels have changed significantly.

In the past, brothels were often legal and integrated into everyday social life. In many cultures, such as ancient China and Greece, they were places where not only sexual services were provided, but also entertainment such as music and dancing, and even had religious or social significance.

In some historical periods, such as medieval Europe, brothels were regulated by local authorities and their activities often contributed to the economy of cities.

Nowadays, the legal status of brothels varies depending on the country. In some countries, such as the Netherlands and Germany, they are legal and regulated by the state to ensure the safety of sex workers and clients.

However, in other countries, such as the United States (except in some areas of Nevada), such activity is illegal.

Interesting facts about brothels

  1. Some counties in Nevada, USA, have legal brothels that are regulated and subject to health inspections.

  2. In Amsterdam, the red light district, known as De Wallen, is world famous. Brothels and shopfronts with sex workers are tourist attractions here.

  3. In Sweden, in 1999, a model was introduced that criminalizes clients of prostitution, not the sex workers themselves.

  4. In some countries, such as Australia, there are "robot brothels" where sexual services are provided by robots, which is a response to the growing demand for alternative forms of sexuality.

  5. In some Asian countries, for example Japan, there are special hostess bars which, although not officially brothels, offer escort services, often with erotic overtones.

The interior of a brothel in Gdynia

And what is it like with nightclubs in Poland today?

No matter how much clergy, politicians or simply ordinary people complain about its existence, this profession will always be present in the public space. Currently, prostitution is prohibited in Poland. This is regulated by specific regulations. 

Well, let's talk for a moment about the law on fornication in force in Poland. In 1952, Poland approved the UN Convention for Combating Trafficking in Persons and the Exploitation of Prostitution, which obliges member states to prevent profiting from the prostitution of other people.

Although prostitution itself is not illegal in Poland, activities related to it, such as pimping, pimping and peddling, are prohibited under the 1969 Penal Code.

Polish law takes an abolitionist approach to prostitution, which means that practicing this activity is not punishable. This is the result of the ratification of the abolitionist convention, which prohibits both the penalization and registration of people engaged in prostitution.

As a result, prostitution in Poland is not controlled by the state and is not legalized as an economic activity.

The Supreme Administrative Court in Poland expressed the view that prostitution is contrary to the principles of social coexistence and morality.

Despite this, income from prostitution is subject to the state treasury, but profits obtained from this activity are exempt from taxation, in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act.

In Poland, the term "escort agency" is used to describe a business offering paid escort services, due to the impossibility of legally demanding payment for sexual activities.

In Poland, prostitution is a non-taxable activity, and in special cases, income from it may be declared at the tax office to avoid taxation as income from undisclosed sources.

Polish law treats heterosexual and homosexual prostitution equally, although the penalty for homosexual prostitution was abolished in 1969.

As you can see, the over 70-year-old UN resolution influences today's legal brothel in Poland. Brothels are both legal and illegal. Practicing fornication is legal, but charging money for it is not so much, as if this profession had ever been settled in onions and potatoes... 

In this way, we have a basically tax-free profession that generates tens of millions of zlotys in turnover every year, employees whose status is not fully regulated and everything is done in the spirit of good and peace under the banner of UN resolutions.

In a word, standardly and traditionally, the biggest brothel in Poland is the one on Wiejska Street in Warsaw... they haven't been able to figure it out for 70 years.

The interior of a brothel in Gdańsk

Is going to a night club in Gdańsk safe?

Great question, right? So I'll ask if ganja or smuggled alcohol is safe? In my opinion - although I may be wrong - if something is in the gray area or completely illegal, we are not entitled to a complaint, protection from the consumer protection office or a warranty. 

There is money in this business, and it's really not small. There are also plenty of dishonest companies, agencies and clubs. The more illegal it is, the more unfair and dangerous places there are on the map of Poland (from my experience as a taxi driver who has seen quite a few).  

Using the services of escort agencies in Poland is safe, but only if you use the old ones that have been on the market for years, with an established position. Really, the only indicator of quality or trust is the time counted in years when an agency operates under its own banner. 

And why is this so? The answer is simple. Agencies like the famous Cocomo Club changed their name when there was confusion. Often also the place where they operated. They were often talked about in the media, and this business does not like much publicity. 

There are few such places left in the Tricity to this day. The recent turmoil caused by the actions of the previous government, combined with the pandemic, closed many (as strange as it may sound) honest escort agencies. 

Fortunately, they also cleaned the market thoroughly of the so-called "house parties", but that's a topic for another occasion. 

And seriously - there are more similar places, but if they are not on this list, please consider that these are not safe places for you and your wallet. 

A security guard keeping order in a brothel in Gdańsk

List of proven adult clubs in Tricity 

At the moment, in the entire Tricity, we have two agencies and one strip club that are worth recommending.

Here they are:

  • Rozii Night Club - is a unique place in Gdańsk, located at 28 Słupska Street. This 24-hour club invites its guests to party until dawn, offering not only stag parties, but also excellent drinks and massages. The club is famous for good music, great dancers and a well-equipped bar, which creates a unique, relaxed atmosphere. Rozii has gained popularity as a place where men can take off their jackets, loosen their collars and have fun without inhibitions. To contact us, please use the telephone number +48 730 303 037 and the e-mail address​​. 


  • Bodega -  is one of the longest-operating nightclubs in Tricity, which has gained a reputation as a proven and trustworthy Night Club. The club is located near the main communication route in Gdynia, which provides easy access from any point in the Tricity. The bodega offers two levels of entertainment. The lower bar delights with a selection of over 100 different alcohols from around the world. On the floor above, guests can enjoy good fun in a pleasant atmosphere. In addition to an excellent drink bar, Bodega also offers a wide selection of rooms with an original and sophisticated design, tailored to the individual needs of each guest. The club is an ideal place for a stag party, social gatherings or simply relaxing in good company. The safety and comfort of guests are a priority for Bodega, which guarantees an unforgettable experience. Address: Morska 497, 81-006 Gdynia, Poland Contact: +48 58 623 67 80


  • Kabaret Ewan in Gdańsk is a unique place on the map of the city's nightlife, which has been operating for many years in historic basements at the corner of Tkacka and Piwna streets. This strip club, inspired by the art of burlesque, combines elements of a nightclub, an adult disco and a dance theater. This is a place where you can experience a magical journey into the world of burlesque and admire the performances of sensual dancers and blood-curdling shows of fire eaters and fakirs. These colorful performances attract both Tricity residents and foreign tourists. Ewan Cabaret is open all week from 9 p.m., offering not only burlesque shows, but also intimate, chamber live concerts. In addition to the standard entertainment offer, Kabaret Ewan is also known for organizing special events that enrich its offer. It is worth mentioning that mixed groups, men and women, are welcome at Ewana. Address: Tkacka 27/28, Gdańsk Contact: Telephone: +48 602 32 94 42, Reservations: +48 58 301 14 41 (from 8:00 p.m.)


If not an escort agency, then maybe a strip club?

When watching Hollywood movies, we often come across scenes shot in second-rate strip bars, somewhere along a Texas highway. Striptease and pole dancing are present in our culture, but at the same time shrouded in considerable mystery. It is often lumped together with prostitution, completely unfairly and unfairly.

In fact, striptease is an art combined with eroticism, and pole dancing, when not combined with striptease, has recently become an excellent way to take care of your fitness.

Today it's like CrossFit for women. Yes, you see correctly, the so-called Pool dancing is a sport and an art at the same time ;)

Striptease, pole dancing and pole dancing - history and curiosities

Let's start with striptease, whose roots can be found in burlesques of the 19th and early 20th centuries, where performers sensually removed layers of costumes. It is worth mentioning that striptease was originally subtle and theatrical, and its purpose was more to flirt with the audience than to strip naked.

The time jump takes us to the 1960s, when striptease became more direct and go-go clubs began to appear all over the world. This is where pole dancing, or pole dancing, was born. Although initially associated with eroticism, over time it evolved into an artistic and fitness form, gaining popularity among a wide audience.

Interestingly, the first pole dancing competition took place in 1995 in the USA , and since then this discipline has gained international recognition. Moreover, pole dancing has even found its place in the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, where it is presented as a form of artistic expression.

Today, pole dancing is a popular form of fitness and art, combining strength, flexibility and grace. Its practitioners – both women and men – benefit from it both physically and emotionally.

Importantly, pole dancing is increasingly appearing in the sports arena, and there are even voices to make it an Olympic discipline.

So, from sensual burlesque performances to international competitions, pole dancing has come a long way, gaining recognition and respect as an art form and physical activity.

It is a fascinating journey, showing how certain forms of entertainment can evolve and transform, forging new, unexpected paths in the world of art and sports.

Beautiful woman practicing Pole dancing

To sum up, what's it like with these Go-Go nightclubs?

Without going into details or morality: as you can see in the above article, this form of entertainment is almost inseparable from our culture and beyond. Prostitution has always been present and it will certainly be there for a long time before everything is replaced by robots and AI.

Nevertheless, due to the chaos in the legislation - and what can I say - the lack of determination of subsequent governments to sanction this form of work, today we have a huge gray zone. Companies growing like mushrooms after the rain, which usually cheat and rob their customers. 

Every now and then we hear about how an intoxicated president or other businessman lost PLN 10, 50, 100,000. euro,  without even remembering where it happened. And the account only shows charges for champagne worth a small fortune. Hehe... there was once a person who drank more Moët champagne in a properly closed place than was possible to buy in Poland. 

Seriously, if you are interested in sex tourism, Poland is not a good place for this form of spending your free time. Go to Germany or the Netherlands - escort agencies there are legal and fully sanctioned, or even Thailand, famous for this form of tourism. 

As for the Tricity itself, remember that apart from a few places, the rest are really dens of evil, you won't have a nice time there, you will only lose your dignity and money. And of course you won't tell anyone this, because how can you admit to spending ten thousand euros in a strip club. 

And now the most interesting thing: as I mentioned at the beginning, I am a taxi driver and I always say that if you need any information about the city, you will get the most up-to-date information from an experienced taxi driver . Just not on this topic...

Remember: a taxi driver will never discourage you from giving up a place such as an agency or a club. Because each client brought to an agency or a strip club receives a salary . Therefore, it is difficult to talk about reliable information here.



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