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ZTM Gdańsk - A few words about the public transport system in Gdańsk

When discovering the charms of Gdańsk, ZTM Gdańsk, which manages an integrated and effective urban transport system, becomes an extremely important ally of every tourist. From modern trams, through an extensive bus network, to the innovative FALA system, Gdańsk offers visitors diverse and comfortable options for traveling around the city.

Regardless of whether you are heading to the historic center or planning a visit to lesser-known places, ZTM Gdańsk provides easy access to all attractions. The modern urban transport system not only facilitates movement, but also enriches the experience of exploring this vibrant city.

Bus and tram in Gdańsk owned by GAiT Gdańsk

A brief description of the public transport system in Gdańsk

If you are a tourist in an unfamiliar city, the first question is almost always how to get around the places and tourist attractions that interest you. This is a question about nothing else than urban transport. Of course, there are tourists who go only to bask in the sun in one of the Egyptian resorts. 

But Gdańsk is not a place where you come to be confined to the walls of a hotel, it is a city that encourages us to get to know it, taste it and experience it at every step. A complete urban transport system will help us in all this, including means such as the Mevo city bike, electric scooters, taxis, as well as traditional buses and trams.

And the backbone of the entire system, i.e. the Tricity metro, which is the central railway line with the SKM trains running on it. And since we are talking about interesting facts, it is worth mentioning that in the summer months there is also a ferry service​​

If you need more information, it is worth visiting the website ZTM Gdańsk

A modern two-way tram in Gdańsk


Gdańsk's trams provide an extensive and reliable network that is a popular choice for everyday commuting. They are modern and comfortable, running frequently throughout the day. The tram network covers most parts of the city, making it easy to get to work, school or other destinations. Trams are safe, even late in the evening, and are used by people of all ages, including women traveling alone and children going to school.

Remember, however, that trams do not run at night, "N" night buses are used for night transport.

A single ticket costs around PLN 3.20, but various types of timed tickets are also available, which may be more economical for regular users.

Under this link you will find diagrams of bus and tram lines in Gdańsk and beyond: Bus and tram lines diagram

MAN electric bus at ZTM Gdańsk


Buses in Gdańsk complement the tram network, reaching areas that are not covered by trams. They are also modern and comfortable, running frequently throughout the day. The bus network is extensive, covering not only the city itself, but also surrounding areas.

This makes buses a good option for people living outside the city center or needing to get to places not served by trams. The buses are safe and are used by a wide range of people. Ticket prices are the same as for trams​​.

SKM suburban trains

SKM (Szybka Kolej Miejska) is a suburban rail service that connects Gdańsk with the neighboring cities of Sopot and Gdynia and other towns in the region. Trains are fast and reliable, providing a good option for people needing to commute to these cities for work or study.

Trains run frequently throughout the day, with stations conveniently located in the city center and other key areas. The trains are safe and comfortable, offering a pleasant travel experience. Ticket prices vary depending on distance, but are generally affordable.

Water tram in Gdańsk managed by ZTM Gdańsk

Water Tram

During the summer months, a ferry service operates in Gdańsk, offering a unique and enjoyable way to travel around the city and its surroundings. The so-called vaporetto connects the city center with the Westerplatte peninsula and other points of interest along the coast.

The ferry is not only a means of transport, but also a tourist attraction, offering beautiful views of the city and the sea. The ferry is safe and comfortable, offering a unique travel experience. Ticket prices are slightly higher than trams or buses, but still affordable​​.

WAVE Metropolitan Ticket

The icing on the cake of this entire system is the subsystem, which is the common metropolitan ticket FALA. This is a very long-awaited service consisting in comprehensive integration of communication offers from the entire metropolis. You see, dear reader, Gdańsk is a beautiful city and the capital of the region, but it is also the heart of the Tricity Metropolis, which includes several dozen smaller and larger towns. 

A large part of the cities in the region had their own separate transport systems, managed by different entities, often with different tariff systems. In Gdańsk it is ZTM Gdańsk, in Gdynia it is ZKM Gdynia and so on. Because of this, until recently, when traveling around the Tricity, you had to buy different tickets.

Today, after many years, the FALA common ticket system begins operation, which integrates all tickets in one application or prepaid card. 

The FALA system is a modern solution for paying for public transport journeys, which was introduced in Gdańsk.

Here are the details of how it works:

  1. Automated Payments: FALA enables automatic settlement of passengers for journeys on a given route route through identification on various public transport. After registering in the system, the passenger does not have to buy tickets from different carriers, and the system itself adjusts the fees to the journey.

  2. Ticket Variety: The FALA system application offers a wide selection of tickets, including including single-use, time-limited (75 minutes), daily and all personal season tickets. Thanks to this, passengers have access to flexible ticket options tailored to their individual travel needs.

  3. Availability: The FALA system is available to residents and travelers in various cities, including Lębork, Władysławowo, Puck, Chojnice, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot, Słupsk and the surrounding area. Users can create an account in the FALA system and order a FALA card, which will be delivered to the indicated address​​.

  4. Technology and Convenience: The FALA system is based on a modern mobile application and online portal, which ensures convenience and ease in planning and settling your trip. Thanks to this, travelers can easily use public transport without having to worry about purchasing the appropriate tickets​​.

The introduction of the FALA system is an important step in the modernization of the public transport system in Gdańsk and the surrounding area, offering passengers greater convenience and efficiency in using public transport.

More information about the Fala city ticket system can be found on the website



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