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The most beautiful attractions of the Gdańsk Oliwa Zoo - a journey through various animal environmen

The zoo in Gdańsk Oliwa is a unique place that attracts both city residents and tourists from around the world. For years, it has been a popular trip point for families with children and animal lovers.

It is here that you can see live exotic species from around the world that are beautiful, amazing and at the same time very endangered. The Gdańsk Zoological Garden is not only an attractive place to spend free time, but also an important scientific center that participates in various research and animal rescue projects. In this article we will take a closer look at this unique place.

Discover the fascinating world of animals in the Gdańsk Zoological Garden

The Gdańsk Zoological Garden is one of the largest and oldest zoological gardens in Poland. Discovering the fascinating world of animals in this garden is an unforgettable experience for every nature lover, both for children and adults. The zoo covers an area of over 125 hectares and is home to over 2,000 animals from around the world.

In the Gdańsk Zoo you can see many species of animals, including many rare and endangered ones. Among them are e.g. elephants, giraffes, tigers, lions, bears, kangaroos, as well as many species of birds, reptiles and amphibians. Each animal has its own story and biography, which can be learned thanks to the descriptions placed next to their enclosures.

In addition to admiring animals, you can also take part in many interesting attractions and events in the Gdańsk Zoo. Animal shows and feedings are organized there, including elephants, bears, penguins and lions. Special playgrounds and many other attractions have been prepared for children, including the possibility of a train ride.

The zoo in Gdańsk is also a place where classes for schools and kindergartens, valuable for education, take place. Children can see the diversity of animals with their own eyes and learn a lot about their natural environment, behavior and needs.

A visit to the Gdańsk Zoo is certainly a great way to spend time with family or friends, regardless of the season. It is also an opportunity to gain knowledge about the diversity of the animal world and the protection of nature and its threats.

Visiting the Zoo in Gdańsk - what is worth seeing?

Visiting the zoo in Gdańsk is an unforgettable experience, especially for nature and animal lovers. It is worth preparing for your visit in advance and planning your route so as not to miss the most important attractions.

One of the most popular places in the zoo are elephant enclosures, which can be admired live. These are huge and impressive animals that attract the attention of both children and adults. In addition to elephants, it is also worth visiting the enclosures for tigers, lions, bears and other predators.

Another interesting attraction at the Gdańsk Zoo is the giraffe enclosure. These are tall and elegant animals that can be seen live and up close. It is also worth paying attention to the enclosures for monkeys, where you can admire various species of these interesting and intelligent animals.

The zoo also has many bird enclosures where you can see many species of exotic birds, including parrots, owls, ducks and flamingos. It is also worth paying attention to the enclosures with reptiles and amphibians, where you can see e.g. crocodiles, snakes, turtles and frogs.

You should also not miss a place where you can admire animals from Polish forests, including wolves, lynxes, deer and wild boars. It is worth paying attention to the descriptions at the enclosures, which will provide interesting information about these animals and their natural environment

Price list of the Gdańsk Oliwa Zoo - How much do I have to spend to visit the Zoological Garden?

The Zoological Garden in Gdańsk Oliwa is a popular place among tourists and residents of the city. It attracts visitors thanks to its rich collection of animals and the beautiful architecture of the park. One of the basic elements of planning a visit to the zoo is, of course, the cost of tickets. The price list of the Gdańsk Oliwa Zoo depends on many factors, such as the age of the visitor, the length of stay and the type of ticket.

Admission to the Zoological Garden in Gdańsk Oliwa costs PLN 20-40 for adults, PLN 15-35 for children and teenagers aged 3 to 18 and PLN 15 for seniors over 65. It is also possible to purchase a family-group ticket, which includes 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children and costs PLN 80-120. Prices depend on the period. The closer to the peak of the summer season, the more expensive.

The price of the entrance ticket to the Gdańsk Oliwa Zoo includes many attractions, such as animal feeding, visits to educational pavilions and participation in an educational program. It is also possible to rent prams and bicycles, as well as use the restaurant and cafe.

Zoo Gdańsk Oliwa also offers additional services, such as guided tours or participation in special programs for children.

The cost of these services is determined individually and depends on the duration of the program and the number of participants.

How to get to the Gdańsk Zoo?

  • By car : Zoo Gdańsk is located at Karwieńska 3, about 8 km east of the city center. You can get there by car, using one of the main roads leading to the Oliwa Zoo. The simplest route leads through Grunwaldzka Street and then through Spacerowa Street. Alternatively, you can also get to the Oliwa Zoo via Al. Rzeczpospolita, Chłopska, Piastowska and turn into Opacka Street. There are many parking spaces near the Oliwa Zoo. Directly in front of the entrance to the Oliwa Zoo there is a car park with spaces for cars, which is paid in the summer season (from April to October). Parking is free during the winter season (November to March). In addition, there are several other parking spaces in the vicinity of Zoo Oliwa, but it is worth remembering that in the summer season parking spaces may be difficult to find, so it is good to arrive well in advance.

  • By public transport: From the center of Gdańsk, you can get to the zoo by bus lines 112 or 186, which leave from the Gdańsk Stocznia stop. You can also take the SKM train to the Gdańsk Zaspa station, and from there take the bus 207 or 227 to the ZOO stop. Getting to Zoo Oliwa by taxi is also easy and convenient. There are many taxi companies in Gdańsk that offer their services. In case of getting to Zoo Oliwa by taxi, it is best to give the address "Zoo Gdańsk-Oliwa". The cost of the journey depends on the distance, the number of people and the hour, but on average it is about PLN 45-70, counting from the vicinity of the center. In front of the entrance to the Oliwa Zoo, there is a parking area for taxis, where you can safely get out of the car.

  • By bike : Zoo Gdańsk is easily accessible by bike from the city center. There are many bike paths in the area, and you can park your bike safely inside the zoo.

Please note that there are different travel options depending on the location you are departing from. You can also use navigation apps such as Google Maps to find the best way to get to the Oliwa Zoo. In Poland, many people use the "JAK DOJADĘ" application.

When you decide to take a taxi, choose only proven taxi companies, when using private taxis, always set the price before starting the journey.

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