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Cheap flights – How and where to look?

Do you want to visit distant countries but are afraid of flight prices? You are not alone in this! Many of us dream of exploring new places, but budget constraints often seem to put a damper on these plans.

Fortunately, there are several proven methods that can help significantly reduce the costs associated with this element of travel, making dreams of distant escapades more accessible.

The tourist calculates the budget for cheap plane flights

Where to look for cheap flights?

There are several options to find the lowest price for your flight. For example, you can use flight search engines.

How it's working? Such websites compare offers from different carriers and show them in order from the cheapest to the most expensive. Thanks to this, you can find all cheap flights to the place you are interested in in one place. Moreover, this method of purchasing tickets is extremely convenient in the case of a flight with transfers.

The first step is to become familiar with various flight search engines that aggregate offers from many sources, allowing you to quickly compare prices. However, don't limit yourself to just one search engine. Each of them may offer slightly different prices and promotions, so it's worth taking a moment to check out a few different options.

In the flight search engine you can buy all your tickets in one place and you can be sure that you will be able to redeem them. Another way is to look for appropriate connections directly with the carrier - you may come across a promotion or, when traveling to an unpopular destination, find a very interesting offer.

Here are some of the most popular flight search engines:

  1. Skyscanner – one of the most famous and used flight search engines in the world. It allows you to compare prices of airline tickets, hotels and car rental companies. It is characterized by an intuitive interface and a "to anywhere" search function that allows you to find the cheapest flights without specifying a specific destination.

  2. Kayak – a platform that searches hundreds of other sites for the best deals. It offers many useful tools, such as price prediction, which helps you decide whether it is worth waiting to buy a ticket or it is better to buy it right away.

  3. Momondo – valued for very accurate results filtering and a colorful, user-friendly interface. It does not sell tickets directly, but refers to third parties. Momondo often finds deals that other search engines miss.

  4. Google Flights – a fast and extremely flexible flight search engine from Google. It allows you to easily view prices on different dates thanks to graphic calendars and price maps. It directly integrates with other Google services, offering additional information such as flight and hotel reviews.

  5. – known for offering the so-called "flight hooks", i.e. flight connections from different airlines, which may lead to finding cheaper solutions. Kiwi also offers a guarantee of protection against delays, flight cancellations and itinerary changes, which is a big advantage for complex connections.

Search engine for cheap holiday flights

The basic principle – flexibility in travel planning

To save as much as possible on airline tickets, you need to be able to verify your plans on an ongoing basis.

It is worth checking ticket prices in the selected direction on different dates, and even different directions if you are able to completely change your travel plan. This gives you the best chance of finding really cheap tickets.

Sometimes changing the date even by one or a few days will allow for significant savings . Finding really cheap flights is possible when you start your search a few months before your planned departure. Another option is to buy last minute tickets or entire trips, which can also be very profitable.

Remember that traveling with low-cost airlines does not have to mean sacrificing comfort. Many of them offer very attractive prices while maintaining a decent standard of services. However, it is worth checking carefully what is included in the ticket price to avoid additional fees for luggage or seat selection.

Look for smaller airports

The most expensive tickets are always those that land at the largest airports in a given country. Before you decide on such a solution, check whether choosing a smaller airport, located several dozen kilometers away, will not reduce the costs of the entire trip.

Before making a decision, you need to check whether the transport costs will not exceed the amount you can save by choosing a smaller facility.

A client of a travel agency is planning a cheap vacation

Cheap flight tickets not only from low-cost airlines

When looking for cheap flights, especially long-distance ones or those with transfers, you should not limit yourself only to low-cost airlines.

It may often be surprising that traditional airlines offer competitive prices that may be comparable or sometimes even lower than those offered by low-cost carriers.

Some reasons to consider traditional airlines when planning your trip:

  1. Packages and promotions – Traditional airlines often offer attractive price packages, especially when booking flights with transfers. These may include favorable prices for combined flights, accommodation or car rental.

  2. Travel comfort – Traveling with traditional airlines often provides a higher standard of service, including more legroom, free meals and drinks, and access to in-flight entertainment. This is especially important on long flights, where comfort can make a big difference to the overall travel experience.

  3. Better customer service – When it comes to flight delays, cancellations or baggage issues, traditional airlines often offer better customer support and service. This can significantly reduce the stress of traveling and make the entire trip more predictable.

  4. Loyalty programs – For frequent travelers, taking advantage of loyalty programs offered by traditional airlines can provide significant benefits, such as free flights, class upgrades and access to exclusive airport lounges.

  5. Ticket flexibility – Tickets purchased from traditional carriers often offer greater flexibility in rescheduling flights or cancellations, which can be invaluable in the event of unforeseen changes in travel plans.

It's worth considering all your options when looking for cheap flights. Sometimes the best offer will be provided by a low-cost carrier, other times traditional airlines will offer more favorable conditions.

The key is to compare and analyze different offers to find the best possible option for your trip.

tourists search for cheap flights for their holidays

Look for promotions on cheap flights

Another element worth paying attention to are loyalty programs offered by airlines . By signing up for such a program, you have a chance to accumulate points that can later be exchanged for free flights, travel class upgrades or access to exclusive offers.

It is also worth signing up for newsletters from airlines and flight search engines. You can check archived promotional offers - this will help you obtain information about the dates and offers in which discount campaigns are organized.

Check when carriers distribute vouchers and promotional codes. This way you can save up to several dozen zlotys on your ticket.

Alternative connections

Check from which airport it is most profitable to fly to your chosen destination. Some of them, especially the less popular ones, offer lower prices. Therefore, once you have decided which country and city you want to go to, check more than one airport from which you can start your trip.

Very often, flights with transfers, despite their longer duration, are more financially profitable. If you want to save on airline tickets, you must be prepared for tedious searching and keeping your finger on the pulse.

However, this may bring surprising results, so it is worth taking a moment and checking all possible options.

As you can see, the art of finding cheap flights comes from patience, flexibility and a willingness to take advantage of a variety of options.

Monitoring prices, using price alerts and flexibility in planning your trip is the key to discovering the world at an affordable price.

Are you ready to start your adventure with cheap flights and discover that traveling doesn't have to be a burden on your budget?



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