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Parking at Gdańsk airport - a guide for passengers

You're planning a plane trip, packing your bags, and then there's the matter of parking your car. The airport in Gdańsk Rębiechowo welcomes you with open arms, but... where to leave your car so that it is safe and at the same time does not go bankrupt?

Official parking? Or maybe a cheaper alternative nearby? Before you go looking for the perfect place, read this guide, I have some suggestions for you.

You've come to the right place! In this guide you will find out where you can leave your car near the airport in Gdańsk Rębiechowo without risking bankruptcy. Besides, who would want to start and end their trip with a stressful search for a parking space?

A banner that invites you to read the guide for passengers of the Gdańsk airport, in this article there is information about parking lots near the airport

With me you will learn all the secrets of parking near the Gdańsk airport. Read on and discover what else we have prepared especially for you!

Free parking at the airport may be the most expensive

Sometimes what is free can be the most expensive. The same applies to parking at the airport. Sometimes we take advantage of an apparent opportunity by leaving our car in an unofficial, free parking lot. We often follow the example of other drivers without thinking about the consequences, because if others park like that, I can do the same.

But is it worth it? In my opinion, not necessarily. Such "savings" may turn out to be the most expensive parking in your life. Illegal places, lack of monitoring, and the risk of getting a ticket or even having your car towed. There are a lot of possibilities, and none of them sound appealing, right? Before you decide to use free parking, think twice.

Maybe it's better to invest a few zlotys in the safety of your car? Haven't I convinced you? Well, let me give you the official fine list.

a black Mercedes parked incorrectly near the airport in Gdańsk Rebiechów

What is the penalty for incorrect parking:

  1. Stopping or parking on the sidewalk: PLN 100, 2 points Penalties

  2. Parking in places that make entry or exit difficult: PLN 100, 2 penalty points

  3. Parking in a place that impedes access to or exit of another properly parked vehicle: PLN 100, 2 penalty points

  4. Stopping in a tunnel, bridge or viaduct: 200 PLN, 5 penalty points

  5. Stopping or parking a vehicle in conditions where it is not visible to other drivers from a sufficient distance or causes obstruction to traffic: PLN 100 to PLN 300, 5 penalty points

  6. Stopping a vehicle at a railway or tram crossing, at an intersection and at a distance less than 10 m from the crossing or intersection: PLN 300, 5 penalty points

  7. Stopping the vehicle on the road along a solid line: PLN 100, 2 penalty points

  8. Stopping your vehicle on a cycle track, cycle lane or cycle lock: PLN 100, 2 penalty points

  9. Stopping your vehicle at a pedestrian or cyclist crossing: PLN 100 to PLN 300, 5 penalty points

  10. Violation of the obligation to place the vehicle (exception: horse-drawn vehicle) off the road when parked on a road outside a built-up area: PLN 150 to PLN 300, 5 penalty points

There are those who will think that PLN 100 is still cheaper than a weekly parking ticket. I believe you are not part of this minority. To make the information complete, it is worth mentioning that in many places near the airport there is a proud sign of B-36 alongside T-24. More specifically, stopping and parking is prohibited, along with information on the possibility of towing at the owner's expense.Well, now it gets interesting.

Fees for towing a vehicle in 2023 in Poland are as follows:

  • Removal of a vehicle with a total permissible weight of up to 3.5 t: PLN 606

  • Removal of a vehicle with a total permissible weight above 3.5 t up to 7.5 t: PLN 757

  • Removal of a vehicle with a total permissible weight above 7.5 t up to 16 t: PLN 1,069

  • Removal of a vehicle with a total permissible weight over 16 t: PLN 1,576

Fees for storing the vehicle in the escrow parking lot, rates for 2023 are as follows:

  • Storage of a vehicle with a total permissible weight of up to 3.5 t: PLN 52 per day

  • Storage of a vehicle with a total permissible weight above 3.5 t up to 7.5 t: PLN 68 per day

  • Storage of a vehicle with a total permissible weight above 7.5 t up to 16 t: PLN 97 per day

  • Storage of a vehicle with a total permissible weight over 16 t: PLN 173 per day

I have already omitted mopeds and scooters, but you can also get such a nice set of receipts for them. Now let's summarize. You arrive in a small, economical city car. You're putting it in a prohibited place, because that's how everyone stands. So you're going to visit your friends in Norway for a long five-day weekend.

Bill? PLN 100 Fine + PLN 606 towing + PLN 260 parking + Taxi PLN 70 result PLN 1,036 I think that some airline tickets together with individual taxi transfer to the airport are much cheaper.

Map of official airport parking lots in Gdańsk

Parking P1, i.e. "don't park here" (unless for a while)

The P1 parking lot at the Gdańsk airport is a place that certainly deserves attention, but not necessarily for long-term parking of your car. Why? Well, it is a short-term parking lot, intended mainly for people who have come to pick up their loved ones from the airport.

This is the perfect place if you plan to get in and out of the airport quickly. It is located closest to the arrivals and departures doors of the T2 terminal, which makes it extremely convenient for people who want to save time and energy. You can stop for a moment, greet your loved ones or say goodbye to them before they start their journey.

However, if you plan to stay longer, it is better to look for other options. Parking P1 counts every minute of your stay, which can quickly translate into high costs. Not to mention the fact that places may be limited, especially during peak hours.

Does this mean you should avoid car park P1? Not necessarily. If your visit to the airport will be short, the P1 parking lot may be a great choice. If you are planning a longer stay, it is better to find out which parking lots offer better rates for long-term parking.

Price list for parking lot P1:

  • Up to 10 minutes: PLN 3

  • Up to 20 minutes: PLN 6

  • Up to 30 minutes: PLN 9

  • Up to 40 minutes: PLN 12

  • Up to 50 minutes: PLN 15

  • Up to 60 minutes (1 hour): PLN 18

  • Up to 70 minutes: PLN 20

  • Up to 80 minutes: PLN 20

  • Up to 90 minutes: PLN 20

  • Up to 2 hours: PLN 20

  • Up to 3 hours: PLN 30

  • Up to 4 hours: PLN 40

  • Up to 5 hours: PLN 50

  • Up to 6 hours: PLN 60

  • Each next hour: PLN 10*

The parking lot near the airport in Gdańsk is always full

Parking lot P3, for convenience, but rarely free

The P3 parking lot at the Gdańsk airport is a place that will certainly attract the attention of those who value convenience. It is located just a stone's throw from the airport terminals, which makes it an attractive choice for people who do not want to waste time walking to the arrivals and departures halls. Moreover, thanks to the large number of parking spaces and easy accessibility, the P3 parking lot seems to be a convenient place to leave your vehicle.

However, it is worth noting that the P3 car park is known for being often full, especially during rush hours and on weekends. If you plan to use this car park, it's a good idea to reserve a space in advance or arrive early to make sure you get a space. Additionally, the P3 parking lot offers the option of online booking, which is an additional advantage.

With this option, you can reserve a place in advance and be sure that your car will have a place.

Parking prices at P3 are moderate, especially if you plan to leave your car for two or three days rather than weeks, which makes it an attractive choice for people who do not want to spend a fortune on parking, but at the same time value convenience and proximity access to the airport terminal.

Parking price at Parking Lot P3:

  • 10 min: PLN 3

  • 20 min: PLN 6

  • 30 min: PLN 9

  • 40 min: PLN 12

  • 50 min: PLN 15

  • 60 min: PLN 18

  • 70 min: PLN 20

  • 80 min: PLN 20

  • 90 min: PLN 20

  • 2 hours: PLN 25

  • 3 hours: PLN 30

  • 4 hours: PLN 35

  • 5 hours: PLN 40

  • 6 hours: PLN 40

  • 1 day: PLN 40

  • 2 days: PLN 65

  • 3 days: PLN 90

  • 4 days: PLN 115

  • 5 days: PLN 125

  • 6 days: PLN 135

  • 7 days: PLN 145

  • 8 days: PLN 153

  • 9 days: PLN 161

  • 10 days: PLN 169

  • Each subsequent day: PLN 6

Airport parking lot P4, almost the same as P3 but even less space

Another parking lot almost attached to the main buildings of the Gdańsk airport is the P4 airport parking lot. It is located a bit further towards the former police station, today the headquarters of the DHL courier company.

If you manage to find a free place, you will be very happy. The P4 parking lot is inexpensive, it costs PLN 6 per day for over five days, and from the farthest point of the parking lot you have literally a 10-minute walk to the departure hall of the airport in Gdańsk.

The downside, just like in the case of the P3 parking lot, is the notorious lack of places, during the season you can practically forget about this parking lot.

Price list of the P4 car park at the Gdańsk airport:

  • 1 day: PLN 35

  • 2 days: PLN 60

  • 3 days: PLN 85

  • 4 days: PLN 95

  • 5 days: PLN 105

  • 6 days: PLN 113

  • 7 days: PLN 121

  • 8 days: PLN 129

  • 9 days: PLN 137

  • 10 days: PLN 145

  • Each subsequent day: PLN 6

Parking lot P7 in Gdańsk

P5 airport car park, the golden mean

A little further, walking or driving towards Gdańsk, you will reach the P5 parking lot. This parking lot has the same price list as the one in the P4 parking lot, but it is much larger. It is true that it is a bit further, but we are still talking about the distance from the farthest parking space in the parking lot to the entrance to the test hall, approximately 10 minutes on foot.

The price list for the P5 parking lot is the same as the one for P4:

  • 1 day: PLN 35

  • 2 days: PLN 60

  • 3 days: PLN 85

  • 4 days: PLN 95

  • 5 days: PLN 105

  • 6 days: PLN 113

  • 7 days: PLN 121

  • 8 days: PLN 129

  • 9 days: PLN 137

  • 10 days: PLN 145

  • Each subsequent day: PLN 6

Car park P6 at the airport in Gdańsk

It is currently the largest parking lot operated by the airport's official partner, Interparking. The map doesn't show it, but it is really close to the airport terminal, more or less straight from the departure hall, on the other side of Słowackiego Street. Getting to it is very simple.

Unfortunately, the attractive price list and the brilliant location mean that it is constantly crowded, like all parking lots near the airport in Gdańsk, but P6 is jam-packed almost all week long. Personally, I don't like this parking lot, cars are crowded there, and even if you enter it knowing that you have already booked a space, it may take you a long time to find it.

Price list of the P6 car park at the Gdańsk airport:

  • 1 day: PLN 60

  • 2 days: PLN 60

  • 3 days: PLN 60

  • 4 days: PLN 60

  • 5 days: PLN 65

  • 6 days: PLN 75

  • 7 days: PLN 80

  • 8 days: PLN 87

  • 9 days: PLN 94

  • 10 days: PLN 101

  • Each additional day: PLN 7

Gdańsk P7 airport parking lot, far from the airport, but cheap

The last parking lot I will discuss today is the P7 parking lot. It is located furthest from the exit from the arrivals hall of the Gdańsk airport. Moreover, to get there, you have to walk for a good 15 minutes along Spadochroniarzy Street, which is practically unlit, with a poor sidewalk or even no sidewalk at all, and with ubiquitous illegally parked cars.

Add to this the prospect of being splashed by a passing car, because there are puddles on the street. The paratroopers are numerous and deep, and we have a picture of misery and despair. Well, at least the price is attractive.

Price of the P7 parking lot at the Gdańsk airport:

  • 1 day: PLN 45

  • 2 days: PLN 45

  • 3 days: PLN 45

  • 4 days: PLN 45

  • 5 days: PLN 50

  • 6 days: PLN 55

  • 7 days: PLN 65

  • 8 days: PLN 72

  • 9 days: PLN 77

  • 10 days: PLN 82

  • 11 days: PLN 87

  • 12 days: PLN 92

  • 13 days: PLN 97

  • 14 days: PLN 102

  • 15 days: PLN 112

  • 16 days: PLN 120

  • 17 days: PLN 125

  • 18 days: PLN 132

  • 19 days: PLN 137

  • 20 days: PLN 145

  • Each subsequent day: PLN 8

Entrance to the P7 parking lot near the airport in Gdańsk

To sum up, what is it like with parking at the Gdańsk Rębiechowo Airport?

In the above article, I introduced you to the parking options at the Gdańsk Airport, focusing only on the official parking lots managed by Interparking.

I've outlined a variety of options that include both short- and long-term parking, depending on your needs and preferences. You also learned about the potential costs associated with illegal parking, which can be much higher than the fees for using official parking spaces.

I also hope that I have drawn your attention to how important it is to be aware of the consequences of incorrect parking, which may result in fines, penalty points and even towing of your vehicle. I have provided you with price lists for each of the parking lots so that you can understand exactly what costs will be associated with leaving your car at the airport.

You have learned both the advantages and disadvantages of each parking lot, so you know what to expect when going to the airport by car. I touched on the issues of location, availability, prices and potential problems that may arise when looking for a free place, especially during peak hours and during the season.

In the upcoming article, I plan to focus on private parking lots and other parking options near the Gdańsk airport to give you a more complete picture of the available options. My goal is to provide you with complete information so you can make an informed decision and minimize parking stress before or after your trip.

By reading this blog you will learn all the secrets of parking near the airport in Gdańsk, so please follow our publications! And if you have a moment, write your opinion.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you and has made planning your trip easier. Thanks to proper preparation, traveling by car to the airport does not have to be stressful, and the right choice of parking space can significantly increase the comfort of your trip.

Regardless of whether you are going on a short trip or planning a longer trip, it is always worth knowing your options and being prepared for different scenarios.

Thank you very much to the official website of the Gdańsk airport, which I recommend, thanks to it I was able to write this article, and excellent quality graphic materials also come from this website


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