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Rail travel around Poland, o what should you remember?

Every holiday trip should be well planned and this applies primarily to the method of travel. When a holiday takes place abroad, the plane is usually chosen as the means of transport.

On the other hand, holidays in Poland can be organized using various means of transport and it does not have to be a car. Nowadays, you can travel around the country conveniently and cheaply by train. So let's check how to prepare for a train journey

The graphic inviting you to read the article shows a passenger on a train looking out the window. the test is: Rail travel around Poland, o what should you remember?

How do Polish railways work?

People who want to travel around Poland by train should know that there are several large carriers operating in our country and each of them has a separate ticket sales system. Passengers who want to travel quickly and over long distances should use the services of the Inter City carrier.

It is within this structure that fast, long-distance trains run, including Pendolino trains. Fast trains can accommodate overnight journeys and there are places to sleep.

When it comes to travel over shorter distances, depending on the part of the country, you can use regional carriers such as Koleje Mazowieckie or Przewozy Regionalne. These trains include, among other things, special carriages for bicycles, which will be appreciated by all those who like to travel on two wheels during their holidays.

What is worth knowing about traveling by train?

Nowadays, the Internet makes it much easier to buy a train ticket and check the current timetable. Most carriers also have their own applications that make formal matters related to travel even easier. People who want to buy tickets traditionally must be aware that not all courts currently have ticket offices.

Quite often, there are special ticket machines available. Additionally, tickets can be purchased from the train manager, in the first carriage. At the same time, you should be aware that an additional fee will be charged if a ticket office is open at a given station.

People going on a bicycle trip should check whether there are no architectural obstacles at the selected station. Unfortunately, there are still many stations in Poland where bicycles have to be carried up stairs to footbridges and in tunnels because there are no bicycle lifts.

How to travel cheaper by train?

You can take advantage of various discountson both regional carriers and long-distance trains. Before purchasing a ticket, always check the statutory discounts and make sure you have a document entitling you to such a discount. In addition, you can buy cheaper weekend tickets, traveler's tickets or family tickets on regional railways.

Travellers who book long-distance train tickets in advance can count on great price bargains. In this case, you can count on really advantageous promotions, where for a few zlotys you can travel, for example, a distance of 300 km. All those who book tickets in advance should remember that in the event of cancellation before travel, a so-called fee will be deducted. compensation.

Seasonally, during holidays and winter holidays, special trains for tourists are launched, such as the "Solar Train". running to the seaside, where the ticket price is extremely favorable.

Remember that very often the best taxis are the ones you find right after leaving the station. Always make sure what the price is for taking a taxi on the route you are interested in.

The best solution, especially when you need e.g. taxi from the station to the airport or hotel, the transfer will be arranged before arrival at the destination.

Traveling with a Dog or Cat by Train

When going on a train journey through picturesque Poland, let's not forget about our four-legged friends! Traveling with a dog or cat can become an unforgettable adventure for both the owner and the pet. Here are some key information that will make your journey together easier.

At the very beginning, it is worth checking the regulations of a given carrier regarding traveling with animals. Most Polish railways, including Inter City, accept the transport of animals, but certain restrictions may apply. For example, in PKP Intercity, animals must be transported in special carriers, and in the case of larger dogs, it may be necessary to use a muzzle and a leash.

The key to a successful trip is proper preparation. Make sure your pet is used to the carrier and feels comfortable in it. For longer routes, take water and your pet's favorite treats, as well as basic hygiene accessories.

Tickets and Fees applicable to pets

There is usually an additional fee for transporting animals. In PKP Intercity, for example, for a dog you have to buy a ticket for 50% of the price of a regular ticket (unless you transport it in a carrier). Remember to check current price lists and policies on the carrier's website before traveling.

Guide dogs for disabled people are most often completely exempt from fees or have a 95% discount, check before your trip what discount applies to your pet.

Pet's Safety and Comfort on the Train

When traveling, it is important to ensure your pet's safety and comfort. Make sure your dog or cat has access to fresh water and can rest in a quiet place. If you are traveling with a dog, it is worth considering breaks for a walk.

Traveling with a dog or cat by train is not only a logistical challenge, but above all a chance to spend unforgettable moments together. It is worth immortalizing these moments in photos to return to the memories of this extraordinary adventure years later.


  • Always check current carrier regulations before traveling.

  • Prepare your pet for the journey to ensure its comfort and safety.

  • Remember to take basic accessories for your pet.

  • When traveling, regularly check your pet's well-being.

Traveling with your pet by train is not only a great opportunity to see the beauty of Poland, but also a chance to have an extraordinary experience and build a bond with your pet. So hit the road with your four-legged friend and enjoy every moment together!

A woman relaxing with headphones on her head on a train of the Polish State Railways

Train Travel During Pregnancy: Comfort and Safety First

Traveling by train while pregnant can be a comfortable and safe experience, but it requires proper preparation. Before you decide to travel, it is important to consult this plan with your pregnancy doctor. The doctor will assess your health and advise whether it is safe for you to travel.

When booking a ticket, pay attention to the choice of seat. It is best to choose seats in compartments with more legroom and close to the toilet. Some carriers, such as PKP Intercity, offer special seats for pregnant women, which provide additional comfort.

Remember to wear comfortable clothes and shoes to avoid leg swelling - sitting for a long time on a train can be tiring, so it is important to feel comfortable.

When packing your luggage, make sure you have the necessary things with you - water, snacks, medicines prescribed by your doctor, as well as a travel pillow for back support. During the journey, try to change your position regularly and take short walks around the carriage to improve your circulation.

Drinking water frequently will prevent dehydration. Also remember about safety - avoid carrying heavy luggage and use the help of other passengers or train staff when you need to place your luggage on the shelf.

Traveling by train during pregnancy is not only an excellent alternative to other means of transport, but also an opportunity to experience relaxation and peace on the way to new adventures. When planning a trip, always take into account your well-being and your doctor's recommendations to make this unique trip a pleasant experience.

Child traveling by train

Traveling by train with a baby can be both exciting and challenging, especially when it is your little one's first trip. In Poland, rail carriers offer various facilities that can make such a trip easier. It is important to properly prepare and plan your trip before leaving, keeping your child's needs and safety in mind.

When planning a trip, it is worth choosing the hours when the child is usually most rested and active, this applies mainly to the youngest children. The length of the trip also matters - if possible, avoid long, tiring routes. Check whether the carrier offers special seats for families with children or play areas, which are increasingly common in modern trains.

When packing, it is worth taking your favorite toys, snacks, drinks and extra clothes in case they get dirty. It is also good to have a small pharmacy kit with basic first aid supplies at hand. Remember to properly protect electronics, such as tablets or video players, which may be helpful during a longer trip.

Children need frequent breaks, so plan regular walks around the wagon. Make sure your toddler is always supervised by an adult, especially during walks and visits to the bathroom. It is important that the child has an ID document with him, especially in the case of older children traveling alone.

Unaccompanied child traveling by train

In Poland, some railway carriers offer assistance services for children traveling alone. The age of a child who can travel unaccompanied varies depending on the carrier, but is usually between 10 and 12 years old.

It is worth carefully checking the conditions of such a trip on the carrier's website to ensure your child's safety and comfort. When using such a service, the child is entrusted to the care of the train staff, who ensure his or her safety during the entire journey.

Traveling by train with a child or traveling with an unaccompanied child requires appropriate preparation and planning. Ensure safety, comfort and entertainment during the trip to make it a pleasant experience for both child and caregiver.

The photograph shows a child traveling by train to Poland

Travel with a bike

Traveling by train with a bicycle is a great option for those who value independence and flexibility during their journeys. Unlike planes or buses, which often have strict rules regarding the size and weight of luggage, trains offer much more freedom in this regard. This is one of the many advantages that attracts lovers of two wheels to choose the railway as a means of transport.

When you decide to travel by train with a bicycle, you have the opportunity to take your own equipment, which is especially important for keen cyclists. Thanks to this, you can continue your cycling adventure both in large cities and in more secluded, picturesque regions of Poland.

Most Polish railway carriers offer the possibility of transporting bicycles. However, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the regulations of a specific carrier in advance, as each carrier may have slightly different rules regarding the transport of bicycles. A special ticket or reservation for a bicycle is often required and special bicycle carriages are available on some trains.

Traveling by train with a bicycle is one of the advantages of choosing this means of transport

Before your trip, make sure your bike is well prepared. Properly secure any moving parts, such as pedals or steering wheel, to avoid damage during transport.

Also remember that the bicycle should be clean so as not to dirty the inside of the train.

Traveling by train with a bicycle around Poland is not only comfort and freedom, but also a great opportunity to combine the love of bicycle trips with the comfort of traveling by train.

This offers a unique opportunity to explore the country from a completely different perspective, giving you the freedom to discover new places both in cities and in less urbanized areas.


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