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Shopping in Gdańsk - shopping tourism in Gdańsk for beginners

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Shopping tourism is a form of tourism that focuses on shopping at a destination. While traveling, tourists have the opportunity to get to know different places, cultures and traditions, and at the same time make purchases and bring home souvenirs and unique products.

Gdańsk is one of the most popular cities in Poland, which attracts tourists not only with its history and culture, but also with shopping opportunities. In the city there are numerous shopping centers, galleries, markets, shops with traditional souvenirs and boutiques with designer clothes and accessories.

In this article, we will focus on shopping tourism in Gdansk, aiming to help find the best places to shop for first-time tourists. We will look at various aspects of shopping tourism, including how to choose the perfect souvenirs, how to get around the city to save time and money, and how to find unique products that will be a great souvenir from your holiday in Gdansk.

Galeria baltica

The best shopping centers in Gdańsk - a guide to galleries and outlets

  1. Galeria Bałtycka - a very popular shopping center, neither too big nor too small, located in the Wrzeszcz district. It offers over 200 shops, restaurants and service outlets.

  2. Forum Gdańsk - is the newest shopping center in Gdańsk and at the same time the largest in this city, which offers over 220 shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as a cinema. It is located in the center near the old town.

  3. Riviera - is a shopping center in Gdynia, which offers about 250 shops, restaurants and service outlets, as well as a cinema. It is the largest shopping center in the Tri-City.

  4. Klif - is an exclusive shopping center in Gdynia, consisting of about 140 shops and boutiques with luxury brands.

  5. Manhattan - is one of the older shopping centers, located in Wrzeszcz, offering over 60 shops, service outlets and the TigerGym fittenes club.

  6. Madison - is a shopping center in Gdańsk, whose characteristic element is a large amount of stucco in the interior. It offers about 100 shops and boutiques, as well as services. A big advantage is the location in the very center near the railway station.

  7. Designer Outlet Gdansk is a shopping center with over 100 outlet stores that offer clothes, footwear and accessories with discounts from 30 to 70%.

  8. The Matarnia retail park is the largest shopping center in the Tri-City, which combines a furniture and fashion offer. There are over 80 shops and service outlets here, including IKEA, Media Markt

Currently, the best and most complete shopping mall is Forum Gdańsk "also known as Forum Radunia " located on the extension of the royal road, the long market. Thanks to its location in this place, it is within a few minutes' walk from most of the major apartments in the center of Gdańsk.

The Forum is a large facility with most of the most important shops, if you do not find something in this facility, I suggest going to Klif in Gdynia. Klif is a shopping center with a more exclusive character , the shops located in it are mostly premium brands.

ch Madison Gdańsk

Gdańsk markets and fairs - a guide to traditional products and souvenirs

The most important is the St. Dominik Market , is a traditional cultural and commercial event that takes place every year in August in the Old Town of Gdańsk. This fair has been held for over 750 years and is one of the oldest fairs in Poland.

During the fair of St. Dominik Market in the streets of the Old Town in Gdańsk, you can see stands with traditional handicrafts, such as sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, fabrics and many others.

In addition, at the fair you can try various delicacies, such as sweet pastries, sausages, oscypek or beer and other products from further and closer regions..

St. Dominik Fair is also a time for artistic performances, music and various attractions for children and adults. Concerts, theatrical performances and art shows take place during the fair.

St. Dominik Fair is not only an important cultural event, but also an opportunity to learn about the history of the city and its traditions, as well as to buy unique souvenirs and gifts.

ch Matarnia Gdańsk

Another world-famous one is; The winter Christmas market in Gdańsk is a real attraction for tourists and residents of the city. At Targ Drzewny, Długi Targ and around the Neptune Fountain, you can find numerous stalls with handmade Christmas tree decorations, gingerbread cookies, scented candles and other traditional Christmas products.

In addition to shopping, you can also taste regional delicacies and drinks, such as mulled wine, beer with honey or oscypek cheese. At the Christmas market, you can also admire the performances of folk bands and choirs singing Christmas carols.

The atmosphere at the fair is exceptionally magical and warm, which makes it worth coming here with family and friends to spend pleasant moments together and feel the unique atmosphere of Christmas.

An interesting place on the map is also the Market Hall in Gdańsk, a real mecca for gourmets and lovers of traditional products. We will find here many stands offering local delicacies, such as fresh fruit, vegetables or cold cuts. This market is also full of stalls with hand-made souvenirs, which are the perfect gift for loved ones.

The atmosphere in the hall is unique - it is here that various cultures and traditions intersect, which means that when visiting this place, you can move back in time to the 19th century and feel the atmosphere of trade in the former marketplace.

It is one of those places that functions mainly for locals, but it is also worth visiting as a tourist, especially since you do not have to go far because the market hall is a building in the heart of the old town.

stoping center in Gdańsk

Weekend shopping trip - how to organize a short shopping trip to Gdansk

  1. Planning : Before leaving, it is worth planning your purchases to be sure that we will visit the stores that interest us. It's also a good idea to make a list of things you want to buy to avoid buying unnecessary items. It is also worth reading on the Internet in which stores or places we can get the things we are interested in.

  2. Transport : It is important to arrange transportation to and from the airport to your accommodation. It is worth booking a taxi in advance with a sufficiently large luggage compartment or opting for a rental car. There are many companies specializing in airport and hotel transfers in Gdańsk. You can also ask for transport reservations at the hotel where you will be staying.

  3. Luggage : Prepare a large, rigid suitcase to keep your purchases safe during the flight. It is also worth taking a bag or backpack for small purchases.

  4. Finance : Before you go, check the exchange rates and have enough cash or credit cards ready to avoid problems when shopping. In Poland, in the vast majority of places you can pay with a payment card, including the one on your phone, and applications such as Revolut and Wise.

  5. Accommodation : Book your accommodation in a suitable place, preferably in the city center, in the old town or near shopping centers to save time commuting.

  6. Weather : Before you go, check the weather forecast to prepare your wardrobe accordingly. The weather in Poland can be capricious even in summer.

  7. Time : Take advantage of the time you have available to visit as many shops and sights as possible. Pay attention to the opening hours of stores and adjust your shopping plan. For some time, most of Sunday has been non-commercial days, only food and cultural outlets are open during this time, and shops are closed. Exceptions are single Sundays close to Easter and Christmas.

  8. Sightseeing : If you want to explore more than just shopping, take public transport, taxis, or opt for a rental car to explore the area's sites and attractions. The Tri-City is a great place to spend your free time, there are a lot of tourist attractions, monuments and a lot of cultural events. It is worth combining shopping with sightseeing and getting to know the city.



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