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Pomerania fun Park Dygowo

Pomerania Fun Park in Dygowo is a place that attracts more and more families every year looking for unforgettable entertainment at the Polish seaside. This unique amusement park offers a wide range of attractions designed for various age groups, ensuring great fun for both children and adults.

From exciting slides, through magical carousels, to interactive games, this amusement park is the perfect place to spend time actively and create unforgettable memories.

Located in the picturesque area of Kołobrzeg, the park is an excellent base for discovering the charms of the Polish coast, combining relaxation on the beach with a family adventure in the world of entertainment. Its unique offer, well-thought-out infrastructure and friendly atmosphere make it a must-see on the map of the region's tourist attractions.


The interior of the Pomerania Fun Park amusement park near Kołobrzeg

Attractions Pomerania Fun Park: What does this fun land offer?

Pomerania Fun Park in Dygowo is a real paradise for entertainment lovers, offering unforgettable experiences for people of all ages. The park has many attractions that will satisfy both adventure seekers and those who want to relax in a magical environment.

  • Magic Carousel - This attraction is the heart of the park for the youngest visitors. Magical fairy tale characters take children to the world of fantasy, where they can feel like the heroes of their favorite stories. The carousel is filled with colorful lights and melodious music, which makes the magic of this place remain in your memory for a long time.

  • Water Slides - For those looking for refreshment and unforgettable emotions, water slides offer both gentle and extreme descents. Spectacular slides provide high levels of adrenaline, and the cool water is a great way to cool down on hot days.

  • Karting Track - Lovers of speed and competition will find their place here. A go-kart track is a great opportunity to challenge your family or friends on a track full of curves. Safe and modern cards allow for exciting fun with a hint of healthy competition.

  • House of Horrors - This dark corner of the park attracts brave people who want to test their limits. By exploring dark corridors full of surprises, visitors can feel a thrill that is difficult to experience elsewhere. The House of Horrors is a mixture of fear, surprise and laughter.

  • Playground - Designed with the youngest in mind, the playground offers a variety of educational and play attractions that stimulate imagination and develop physical activity. Fully safe and adapted to different age groups, the devices ensure children the joy of playing and learning through action.

In addition to these main attractions, the amusement park also offers a rich gastronomic offer, serving local delicacies and children's favorites, rest areas where you can catch your breath between attractions, and souvenir shops that allow you to take a piece of this extraordinary adventure home.

The park makes sure that every visitor finds something for themselves and spends time in a way that will remain in their memory for a long time as a moment full of joy and laughter.

Pomerania Fun Park amusement park plan

Who is Pomerania Fun Park for?

Pomerania Fun Park in Kołobrzeg is an ideal place for families with children, offering attractions adapted to various age groups and providing entertainment all year round. This is the largest amusement park near the sea in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, very popular among visitors to Kołobrzeg and the surrounding towns.

A whole range of attractions is available for children, including numerous carousels, a water world, a mini zoo, a playground with inflatables, as well as attractions for children that are safe and adapted to their age.

The year-round Play Hall with an area of 3,000 square meters offers trampolines, a monkey grove, 8-meter slides, sports fields, ball pools and many other attractions, which makes Pomerania Fun Park a great place to spend time regardless of the weather.

There is also a restaurant in the park with delicious and affordable lunches, which is another big plus for visiting families. After eating, children can continue playing in the indoor playground, which is a great option for spending the whole day in the park.

An additional, very unique attraction is the Viking Village - Trollborg, where children have the opportunity to learn about the life and customs of the Vikings, as well as take part in educational workshops.

The amusement park provides not only entertainment, but also education and unforgettable experiences for the whole family, making it a place worth visiting during your stay in Kołobrzeg or the surrounding area.

Pomerania fun park from a bird's eye view

Practical information: Opening hours, entry ticket prices, directions

When planning a visit to a family amusement park located near Kołobrzeg, it is important to know current information about opening hours, ticket prices and transport options in order to fully enjoy a day full of entertainment.

Opening Hours : The park is open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday, which allows for great flexibility in planning your visit.

Ticket Prices: Ticket prices for admission to Pomerania Fun Park are diverse and tailored to the needs of visitors, with options for individual guests and families.

In the summer season (June 1 - August 27, 2023), prices range from PLN 5 for children up to 80 cm tall, through PLN 59 for children up to 110 cm tall, and up to PLN 105 for a full-price ticket for adults. There are also family tickets and discounts for people with disabilities and seniors.

Outside the summer season, prices may be lower, which is especially attractive for families looking for entertainment in the winter or spring.

Access : Pomerania Fun Park can be reached both by car and by bus. The park has a parking lot for cars and buses, with a one-time fee for the entire day. For those who prefer public transport, there are buses running on the Kołobrzeg - Białogard and Kołobrzeg - Skoczów routes.

The amusement park mentioned in the article is considered by many users to be an attraction worth the ticket price, offering a wide range of attractions for the whole family. With a space that ensures comfort even on days when there are more guests in the park, and with many attractions for both children and adults, the park is the perfect place to spend a day full of fun and adventure.

Before your visit, it is worth checking the official website of Pomerania Fun Park or contacting the park staff directly to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding opening hours, ticket prices and special events.



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