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Tropical Island Berlin - Why is it not worth going there?

The vision of a tropical oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a place where, regardless of the vagaries of the weather, you can immerse yourself in eternal summer, sounds tempting. The tropical island outside Berlin, known as Tropical Islands Berlin, promises just that - a unique combination of adventure, relaxation and endless fun under one of the largest indoor roofs in Europe.

At first glance, this gigantic water park seems like a dream come true for any water attractions enthusiast. However, is there true paradise behind the shiny façade or is it a disappointment?

It's worth thinking twice before planning your visit to this tropical utopia. Based on my personal experiences and reviews of other visitors, I will present you the lesser-known side of Tropical Island. Is this place really a worthy travel destination, or is it an overrated attraction that is not worth wasting your time or money on?

Aerial view of Tropical Island Berlin

What is Tropical Island near Berlin?

The Tropical Island near Berlin, also known as Tropical Islands, is a place that attracts the attention of both German residents and tourists from all over the world. Located about 60 kilometers south of Berlin, this huge hall, once a hangar for airships, has been transformed into one of the largest indoor water parks in Europe.

What makes Tropical Island unique is the ability to experience the tropical climate regardless of the weather outside, which makes it a popular tourist destination.

On the Tropical Island near Berlin, visitors can admire one of the largest self-supporting halls in the world, which is so impressive in size that it could accommodate the Statue of Liberty standing or the Eiffel Tower lying down. And in my opinion, don't get me wrong, this is the biggest attraction of this facility.

The hall is a place that can give the impression of being in a different reality, making a visit there an unforgettable experience.

The park offers a variety of water attractions, from the calm South Sea, through exciting slides, to the Lagoon with its attractions. The slides provide different levels of excitement, which is an attraction for braver guests, allowing you to reach speeds of up to 70 km/h.

Apart from the hall itself, which is one of the most interesting attractions of this place, there is one of the largest indoor tropical forests in the world, where you can walk among thousands of plants and trees, creating a unique atmosphere.

For people looking for relaxation and relaxation, the park offers an extensive sauna and SPA area, considered one of the largest in Europe a few years ago. Saunas, steam rooms and beauty treatments are available for guests who want to combine water fun with moments of relaxation.

Tropical Island also offers a variety of accommodation options, from tents to luxury rooms, allowing guests to enjoy the attractions without having to leave the property. Restaurants and bars in the park serve dishes from around the world, adapting their offer to an international clientele.

Regardless of the season, it is eternal summer on Tropical Island. The temperature of around 26°C and high air humidity make it feel like you're in the tropics even in the middle of winter. It's the perfect place for those who want to escape the cold and enjoy summer attractions all year round.

Swimming pools on a tropical island near Berlin

Why is it not worth going to Tropical Island near Berlin?

And now I would like to tell you why, in my subjective opinion, it is not worth going to the Tropical Island near Berlin. However, before I get into specifics, it is worth pointing out that my observations are not only my personal thoughts.

Before writing this article, I carefully compared them with the opinions of other visitors, which can be found on the Internet, such as on, Tripadvisor, or on tourist blogs​​.

The first part of this article is a standard description of a place called a water park near Berlin, I based it on press materials. Not that this description is untrue, nothing like that. 

The only thing is that no one mentions that the description of this tourist attraction is as misleading as the object itself. Normally, Tropical Island's best years are already behind it.

Today, in Poland alone, we have several similar Aquaparks, such as Termy Maltańskie, Santago Park of Poland, or even the Aquapark in Reda. Not to mention such colossuses as SiamPark in Tenerife.

We were passing through this park on our way back from a wedding in Zielona Góra. Let the best summary of what I personally think about this place be this. It's a nice place to get some rest if you live nearby, but to put it mildly, if I came there especially from Gdańsk, I would be very disappointed. 

Seriously, those who read my blog know that I rather praise the attractions I write about. I wanted to raise the topic of the water park near Berlin in the context of the fact that we seriously have nothing to be ashamed of in Poland.

But ok, that was the subjective part. What do others think? Below you will find a summary of several dozen negative opinions that I found on the most popular websites.

And so. A tropical island near Berlin is a place that, at first glance, may seem like a paradise for lovers of water attractions. However, the reality that guests describe is sometimes far from ideal, and here are some examples:

  • Long lines and high prices: One of the most common complaints is the need to wait in long lines when entering the park. Additionally, the prices of both tickets and services inside the facility are high, which means that a visit to Tropical Island may prove to be a significant burden on the budget​​.

  • Cleanliness and service issues: Some visitors complained about the cleanliness standards in the rooms and the attitude of the staff, which was not always friendly and helpful. In some cases, guests experienced unsatisfactory levels of customer service 22_​.

  • Overcrowding and lack of space: Overcrowding of the water park is another problem that negatively affects the comfort of relaxation. The lack of available sun loungers and a general feeling of crowding can significantly reduce the enjoyment of your stay​​.

  • Food and Drink Restrictions: The rules against bringing your own food and drink into the park are frustrating. This forces guests to use expensive catering outlets on the premises, which is an additional expense. Seriously, this is a frequently discussed topic, which actually surprises me a bit, it's like complaining that you can't bring your own drinks to the cinema. 

  • Uncomfortable accommodation: Accommodation issues, such as lack of air conditioning in tents and cabins, may negatively impact the comfort and quality of sleep during your stay. Seriously, I found some opinions that there is no air conditioning in the tents.

View from above of the interior of Tropical-Island Berlin

What's it like with this water park?

It is not by accident that I divided this article into two main parts plus a summary.

In the first half you have a description of the idyll told by the best marketing experts.

In the second part, a collision with the reality of the second half of the 21st century.

But seriously, don't get me wrong, Tropical Island is an interesting place, just like the sometimes a bit seedy water park in Reda.

It's simply a place that today is not worth traveling to no matter how far. And not so long ago it was possible to buy two-day trips to this place.

Even my friends went there by car from the Tri-City a few years ago. Now it's just like the mentioned Aquapark in the roadstead, it is still a nice water park but rather for locals.



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